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Gwyneth Paltrow Does Oil Pulling

Updated on December 5, 2014

Oil Pulling Keeps Gwyneth Paltrow Healthy

Have you heard that Gwyneth Paltrow has been using oil pulling as part of her beauty routine? That’s right; this ancient Ayurveda technique reportedly has given Gwyneth stronger gums and teeth. Since teeth plaque is not soluble with water, the lipids end up dissolving in the fat or oil you swish around your mouth. Thus, you get healthier gums and teeth. This is also the overall reason why oil works for your overall mouth health. For the most part, you can use olive oil or coconut oil but Gwyneth uses sesame oil. As a matter of fact, any oil works.

Natural and Harmless

Aside from Gwyneth, Shailene Woodley also uses this technique and swears by it. New York City cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg claims that this is one of the most harmless natural remedies with no side effect. Doing this first thing every morning will be sure to produce results. Swish oil in your mouth and distract yourself by doing something else. For this reason, no matter how you feel about oil pulling, there really is no risk to trying it. In other words you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In Us Weekly, Lowenberg adds that since your body toxins are soluble to fat, they tend to bind to the oil and when you spit, they are removed. In your plaque-infested mouth, it makes sense that this would be reduced. For one thing, bad breath disappears. The fact is that bad bacteria are what cause bad breath. With oil pulling, bad breath all but disappears. While you get fresh breath for about ten minutes with mouthwash, with oil pulling you get fresher breath for a longer period of time, since it addresses the cause and not the symptoms. When you follow your morning regimen with a tongue scraper, you get a cleaner tongue as well.

The first time the term “oil pulling” was mentioned, visions of oil rigs and huge deep water drillings for oil pipes came to mind. Upon further reading and research, this proved farthest from the initial idea, as it had nothing to do with the black gold or oil that we use for machines and transportations. Neither is it the different kinds of cooking oil and the process by which it is made. It is in fact related to health and well-being which claims to have curative results beneficial for all of us.

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling has been in existence for over five to ten thousand years from the ancient Ayurvedric practice of oil pulling or oil swishing in the Indian term as kavala graha or snigda gandoosha meaning held in the mouth. It isclaimed as the oldest form of health care in the world. The earlier generations used oil pulling for maintaining and restoring overall health and a curing remedy to treat the gum, mouth and teeth problem. Known as Kavala Gandusha or Kavala Graha in the Charaka Samhita, an Ayurvedic text, the simple act of swishing oil in the mouth or oral cavity can cure almost 30 diseases and target the lungs, liver, brain, etc. In 1992, Dr. F. Karach, presented a research paper and has since then revived the age old practice for modern times. The study shows a direct success result on the difficult to treat chronic blood disorders, rheumatic and arthritic disease, chronic intestinal disease, Nierenbe and heart complaints, neurological problems and liver diseases as well as the common headaches, bronchitis, thrombosis, gynecological illness, etc.

Kavala Graham

Known as Kavala Graham in Ayurvedic medicine, oil pulling is recommended by practitioners of Ayurveda is has been used throughout the centuries to treat many conditions. Reportedly, oil pulling draws toxins out of your blood as it activates mouth enzymes. This practice is done best before eating your first meal of the day and must always be accomplished on a stomach that is empty. For more folks, if you find that the first time you do oil pulling, that twenty minutes is too long, then it is better to cut the time to ten minutes at a time. In other words, you can do oil pulling for ten minutes before spitting out the oil and then for another ten minutes. This way, you will get used to swishing the oil around your mouth as you do it daily.

If you are from China, India or Europe you would have most likely heard of oil pulling already due to the fact that in these countries, it has been an alternative method of detoxification. On the other hand, if you have not heard of oil pulling but are interested in it, then one thing you need to know about it is that it happens to be a very powerful practice of healing with many health benefits offered. The body gets extremely detoxified when you do oil pulling. Later, you might notice that you will lose weight if you need to or you will gain weight if needed. In other words, your body gets restored to its natural state of good health.

The Tooth Connection

One would wonder how oil pulling can have an effect to the other parts of the body, when the physical act involves the absorptionof what we put in our mouth falls into the digestive system. But without us knowing or not really paying attention, oral hygiene and maintenance play a significant role in our overall health.

Many of us are guilty of the neglected oral checkup which we tend to stretch until the very last moment, unless we find ourselves suffering from a toothache or a nagging pain in the gums. Only then would we ask for an emergency appointment with the dentist because the pain becomes excruciating and chewing the food is close to impossible. At this point, the said tooth is sitting on a swollen gum that is pinkish red and can even cause a part of the outside lower cheek to get bigger. The dentist will then inform you to take a pill that will bring down the inflammation and only then can they take a look at how bad the condition of the tooth is after a day has passed or when the tooth has normalized.

But these are the telltale signs of germ decay or inflammation in the mouth.The bacteria in the mouth create plaque or a biofilm on the teeth which end up sticking to the surface of the tooth. Since the roots of the tooth extend way below the jawbone and the cavities, the immunity becomes compromised and weakens since this is part of the body’s defense system. Each root of a tooth has an assigned internal organ that is exposed to the attacks of harmful bacteria. This can cause infection and lead to chronic disorders of the body. In fact, in a recent World Health Organization statistical report, studies have shown that viruses, harmful bacteria and toxins are released in the blood stream through the gums and mouth from the dental plaque’s disease spots.

Oil Pulling and Health

There must be a reason why the ancient Indians who practiced oil pulling believed in its health maintenance and restoration. They believed the oil carries with it natural vitamins and minerals that marks the tissue and mucosal area of the mouth, and absorbs into the mucous membranes. Meanwhile the mixture of oil and saliva pulls out the toxins from the gums and the plaque from the teeth which is removed from the body once the liquid is expelled. Simply put, poisons that linger in the body such as the ones circulating in the tissue lining of the mouth or the tongue are forced out, reducing inflammation in the body. These poisons that come from food sprayed with fertilizers and pesticides, the air with breath where carbon dioxide is always present, and water that is treated with ammonia and chlorine are some of the everyday poisons we introduce to our bodies.

The one thing that sets this therapy apart is the use of oil which is medium that acts as a cleansing factor for the harmful bacteria since the fat of the oil is an emulsifier. Oils such as sesame and coconut contain a higher dosage of fatty acids which are a perfect match to take out the body toxins which are considered lipophilic or opposite of water soluble. The pesticides and fertilizers that were sprayed in the vegetables that you bought the grocery or market are absorbed in the body and stay deposited in the fatty areas of our body. It is quite difficult to extract and stay in the water section of the body. By introducing oil into the mouth, detoxification increases because of the activated lymphatic flow of in the mouth area. The act of pulling or suction activates the thymus gland or what is known as the awakener of vital energy while the mouth’s acupuncture points are stimulated.

There is then a balance of bacteria or microflora which acts to restore cells, tissues and organs so that regeneration can take place.

Oil Pulling Method

Step One: The very first thing when you wake up before putting anything in your mouth, is to pour a tablespoon of oil straight into the mouth without swallowing its contents.

While sesame oil is the more popular Asian choice because it has the properties of anti-viral and anti- inflammatory and has been proven to directly attach the S. mutan germ in the saliva and the plaque. Butother oils such as sunflower, olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil can all be used depending on your preference. If you are particular with taste, then it is advisable to experiment and see what you can tolerate.

For many, this is a difficult task to perform since a newly awakened personwhose brain is still inactive and practically asleep, does not really look forward to stuffing the mouth with a thick oily substance.

Step Two:While the oil is in your mouth, slowly relax the jaw muscles when you start to gentlyswish the oil by moving it around the mouth and the teeth like a mouthwash. The movement is a push and pulls sequence wherein you pull to gather the oil into the center of the mouth then push the oil through the teeth with the aid of your tongue fora fifteen to twenty minute routine.

Be careful not to gargle or tilt the head and more importantly do not swallow any liquid. While the swishing goes on, the texture of the oil lessens in density and thickness as this mixes with your saliva, thereby making the liquid watery.

Once the oil has saturated with the toxins in your mouth, you may notice the oil to have turned into a thinner, whitish and milky consistency which you will have to spit out after 20 minutes.

Be ready for this new task and accept that it will be a bit uneasy. Introducing this new routine in your wake up morning ritual can be tedious and will tempt you to skip all together. But as you get used to it, it becomes easier.

Step Three: At the end of the twenty minutes oil pulling, you will need to spit out all remnants in your mouth and never swallow the contents.

Mix warm water with normal table salt (iodized or rock salt) to rinse off the remaining oil. Using salt is an antimicrobial measure to soothe any inflammation and flush out toxins left in the mouth but not everyone has to follow the warm salt solution if they are not used to it or have to rush back to work.

It is important to recognize that toxins, bacteria and mucus which are all present in the liquid have to be expelled. If at the middle of the oil puling session, there is a need to swallow, immediately spit out all contents and repeat the process again. We do not want the expelled toxins to be pushed back into our system right?

A word of reminder that when you do spit, you have the option to spit on a paper towel or tissue then throw in the trash can or in a disposable container. Never spit out in the sink or in the shower as the oil has a tendency to clog the drainage pipes.

Best Time to Schedule Oil Pulling

There is no strict rule as to how many times a week a person should do oil pulling. Some do it every morning as part of the ritual, but since it is detoxifies the body, there must be a break in between to allow the body to rest.

However, the optimum time to do oil pulling is first thing when you wake up in the morning. At this time your whole system is fresh from rest, it has undergone the whole rejuvenating and digestive process.

Imagine how the body will welcome the cleansing action of oil pulling before you even feed it any liquid or solid food? It is then rid of any unwanted poisons that clog up the fatty corners of our bodies, then is forced to rewind or jumpstart itself but this time without the heavy grime of toxins. The whole system works efficiently like a well- oiled machine ready to last a whole day ahead.

However, if you find it is not possible to do the first thing morning ritual and have to rush to a busy morning, then you must prepare yourself and schedule the proper time to do the oil pulling. First thing is to ensure the time to do this- after three to four hours of last food and liquid intake. Better yet, the time you will do the oil pulling is when you have an empty stomach to ensure the food is fully digested. Secondly, be mindful of the time that you will do the oil pulling. No disturbances such as phone calls or immediate meetings that will require you to talk or do anything verbal for the next twenty minutes. Of course you could pass the time by email or texting or watching a show, but nothing to do with talking. Thirdly, choose a place where you can be private that the swishing sound will not bother anybody and you will not feel embarrassed to do the facial movements of the oil pulling. At least you won’t feel conscious when your jaw and lips form patterns that are best kept in private rather than offer it as a private show to those around you. If you can handle staying inside a public toilet cubicle then well and good. But a private place would be a more relaxed and better option.

At times, it becomes tempting to skip the whole process, but bear in mind that once you start and keep at it; there are instant results after the third or fourth time. The most obvious is the changing of teeth color to a more white shade as compared to before. As explained earlier, the oil ends up pulling the bacteria from the tooth but also acts as a buffer or protects the tooth from any harmful bacteria latching on. The tooth color lightens up because plaque cannot coat the outer part of the tooth. But that’s only the first of many changes that will be noticed. As the oil pulling becomes frequent, one will notice an improved and stronger body that is less prone to the usual headaches, hyperacidity and allergic reactions.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

There are many benefits to oil pulling but top of that list is the fact that it is an easy, inexpensive and effective therapy to keeping yourself healthy. A spoonful of oil will not cost more than a vitamin pill or liquid.

The elimination of toxins or poisons allows the body to function properly. Since it aids in the strengthening of the immune system, then there is less occurrence to diseases and sicknesses. It is able to stimulate the different systems in the body, primarily the digestive, circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems due to the production of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, pain killer chemicals that have curative elements. In the long term aspect, there is a more balanced state of physical and psychological makeup of the person.

Many reported cases that after repeating the therapy show an obvious improved whiter teeth appearance. Maybe it has to do with harmful bacterial that is pulled by the oil, but even the gums and jaws seem to be in better shape. More importantly, there is less chance of bad breath while dryness that happens in the throat, mouth and lips are addressed. Gum disease such as gingivitis is cured and rarely happens again.

The simple headaches and migraine are given relief. Possibly because when toxins are reduced, there is better oxygen circulation in the body. Respiratory conditions such as sinus congestion, bronchitis, and the common cold are reduced. The same goes for allergies both skin and nasal as well as eczema conditions show improved results.

Beneficial to women who suffer a monthly post menstrual syndrome, oil pulling has shown effective correction of hormonal imbalances. As for the mid-life situation for both men and women, it somehow tackles the moodiness factor and puts back the person on their own center. Even the sleeping problem of insomnia is said to be lessened.

For the more serious case of arthritis, the easy movement of joints lessens the pain that inflammation brings. For a person who can barely move without having to suffer tight joints and pain in the arthritic area, this is a very welcome therapy. What would be different is that this therapy is not heavily medicated with pain management or relaxants.

Internally, the hyper acidity and other gastro enteritis issues have been lessened. This is a big deal for those who are most of the time cringing because of an uneasy stomach. Whereas the kidney function is dependent on the person’s diet and related sickness, the oil pulling is able to support normal kidney function. The claim is oil helps in restructuring the cellular base and pushes the normal and proper function of internal organs.

Tried and Tested

While we get pulled into a life filled with stress, pressures and deadlines, we tend to neglect the very thing that makes all the hard work possible. Our bodies have been subjected to so much unconscious abuse, whether we are aware of it or not. Sleeping late with shorter hours, eating food that is processed or laced with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, drinking water that has a high dosage of chlorine to kill airborne bacteria, breathing the air that is filled with pollution and high levels CO2 and keeping up with the busy schedule that makes exercise hour difficult to achieve. These are just a few of the beatings we unknowingly allow our bodies to be exposed to yet sometimes we have no choice.

The oil pulling therapy allows a simple yet possible solution to rid the bodies of the acquired poisons mentioned above. It is a natural and easy way to reconnect with yourself and challenge you to do good with your body. It only asks for twenty minutes of your day to respect your body and reject the toxins that are inside. It is our way to give back what our physical bodies have allowed us to do this whole time.

Ten Thousand years ago, the earlier generation knew that modernization will have a strong tendency to demand more from their bodies. That why, it is precious to go back to basics and keep an open mind to this ancient practice.

How far are we really willing to keep our bodies in top shape so we can perform better, function faster, think clearer, and be an overall healthy person in general.

So start somewhere and make a conscious decision to do right by your own body. Learn to pamper and give it a positive push towards natural healing and health maintenance.


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    • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Scandinavia

      I do it occasionaly-but I would like to do it everyday,perhaps now is the time. Thanks for stopping by.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Wish this was introduced to me earlier. I've had extremely bad gums, and it's not because I did not brush my teeth. Since I started oil pulling, I can feel the health improvement in my mouth. Thanks for this thorough explanation. Voted Up and Useful.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      This is the most thorough explanation I have found of what this is and how to do it. Voted up and more.


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