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Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy

Updated on July 1, 2013

For most women pregnancy is a time of contentment and of indulging oneself. Whether a little more ice cream every night or an along awaited trip before this new little person comes along. Some women even enjoy watching their bodies change and most often that feeling of excitement grows while watching your baby bump get bigger…and let’s not forget the first time you feel your little occupant move…that is pure joy. So while all these changes are going on it still takes awhile to find out the sex of the baby and since everyone has a 50/50 chance of being right when they guess, why not have some more fun with it and indulge yourself in some of those old wives tales that claim to be able to predict what your baby may be or if it will have a full head of hair and so on…so let’s begin…the top 25 old wives tales about pregnancy.

1. The Curse of the Craving- If anyone denies a pregnant woman of her craving that person will get a sty in their eye. (Wicked, wish I would have known this one!)

2. Heartburn- we have all heard this one, if you have a lot of heartburn when pregnant this means your baby is going to have a nice head of hair when it is born. ( Now this one I have experienced and happen to believe it)

3. The Ugly Baby- this is crazy, if a pregnant woman sees something ugly during pregnancy then she will have an ugly baby. ( I saw plenty of ugly and my kids are beautiful!)

4. Baby’s Heart Rate- if it is above 140 bpm then it is supposed to be a girl, below 140 bpm then it is supposed to be a boy. ( If that was the case then my girl should have been a boy)

5. No Baths- this old wives tale says pregnant women should not take baths because the bathwater may seep into the baby bringing bacteria. (Total bull!)

6. Full Moon- this one I about half believe, it is said that the full moon will make you go into labor and deliver.

7.The Ring Test- we have all heard of this one, you take your wedding band and dangle it from a string over your belly and if it swings in a circle it is a boy back and forth it is a girl. (Again so wrong, it did the opposite for both my kids)

8. Where’s Your Belly- this one is correct for me on both counts, I carried high with a round belly with my daughter and low with a smaller belly with my son.

9. Evens and Odds- If you take the age of the mother and the year of conception and add them together, if you get an odd number, it’s a boy, even it’s a girl. (Yes for both of mine on that one, took me a bit to think back that far though!)

10. The Blemish Test- If you get acne during pregnancy it is thought you are having a girl as you are getting all those extra girl hormones. (None for me thanks!)

11. What You Crave- if you crave a lot of sweets then it is a girl, a craving for salty items signifies a boy. (What does kfc mashed potatoes signify?)

12. Garlic Test- if you eat garlic during pregnancy and it seeps out your pores, your having a boy if it doesn’t then it’s a girl. (Never tried this one, someone let me know!)

13. Crazy Eye- pull down the skin under the left eye and if in the white part of the eye you can see either a “V” or what looks like branches it’s a girl!

14. Crazy Legs- if your legs stay smooth and in shape your having a girl, if they get big and cottage cheesy then it’s a boy. ( In this case I should have had 2 boys then! Ha!)

15. Happy or Moody?- If you are very moody during your pregnancy it is said it is the extra girl hormones, if you are happy and content then there is a little penis inside there. (Sorry I was laughing too hard about this one to try to think about it)

16. The Bread Indicator- If you prefer the ends of the bread your having a boy, the middle of the bread your having a girl. (I don’t eat a lot of bread so not sure about this one)

17. Graceful Clutz- If you are clutzy your entire pregnancy then it’s a boy, if you are all pose and grace it’s a girl.

18. Handy Dandy Test- ask a pregnant woman to show you her hands if she shows them palms up it’s a girl, palms down a boy. (This one interest me, someone try it and let me know)

19. The Fat Daddy Test- If the new daddy loses weight it is a boy, but if he gains it, it is a girl. (If this was the case then I would have had 2 girls)

20. The Dreaded Morning Sickness- if all is smooth and content then it’s a boy, if you are sick everyday it’s a girl. (True for me!)

21. How’s Your Feet?- cold feet during pregnancy is a sign of a boy, if your feet stay the same it’s a girl. (Mine stayed the same for both)

22. Hairy Legs?- if the hair on your legs slows its growing time then you are having a girl, if it speeds up it’s a boy. (Who sees there legs when they are pregnant?)

23. Baby Names- if you are very specific about a certain name then it ups the possibility that the sex of the baby will be what you wish. (Not true for me at all, I was thinking up boys names up until 2 weeks before my daughter was born)

24. The Pee Test- if your pee is bright yellow then chances are it is a boy, if it is dull or pale it is a girl. ( I cannot remember what it was that long ago, it could have been green for all I remember)

Last but not least….25. The Booby Test- if your nipple area has gotten darker then it is a boy, if it stays the same it is a girl.

I hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as I enjoyed writing it, it also reminded me of being pregnant and how glad I am that I will never have to go through that again!

Extra- Increase in headaches is supposed to signify a boy- wonder if that is foretelling…

Did/Do you have any of these signs?

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    • JesadaB profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Home!

      Thanks so much summerberrie! I enjoyed writing it!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting hub you have here!


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