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Old Wives Gender Prediction

Updated on October 20, 2014

What am I having?

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting time of your life and finding out if you're having a boy or a girl can be the most anticipated question you've ever asked yourself!

Some people wait until birth to find out while others are ready to know as soon as they get pregnant. Do I buy pink stuff? Or blue stuff? What theme will I use for my baby shower? Planning ahead can benefit you in the long run, but just remember, the only way to tell for sure what gender your child is is simply when you're holding them in your arms!

Time of Conception

Whoever was the aggressor during the time of conception, well, you can expect to have the opposite of their gender!

If your husband/boyfriend/fiancé was the most aggressive, according to this old wives tale, you could be looking to buy pink!

Feeling Moody?

One old wives tale states that if you're feeling particularly cranky, you can expect to have a girl. Us women tend to be overflowing in womanly hormones during pregnancy, add a little girl inside you and supposedly that doubles your hormones.

Do you like Bread?

If you're craving the butt of the loaf of bread, it's a boy!

Craving the soft middle? Girl!

Having Dreams of your Unborn Baby?

We sometimes believe that our dreams are our subconscious telling us something that we're otherwise unaware of.

Most often, you'll find yourself having vivid dreams of what your child will look like, and sometimes, what gender they will be. Sound familiar?

Do you Sleep on your Left side? Or your Right side?

One old wives tales goes that if you prefer to sleep on your left side, it's a boy!

If you sleep on your right side, it's a girl!

Is Dad gaining weight?

Stories go that if your significant other is gaining weight, it's a girl.

What's your Toddler doing?

If a young boy could care less about you being pregnant, it's a boy. Boys often don't like to compete!

If he has a sudden interest in you, you can expect a girl!

Breast size!

If your right breast is larger than the left, you can expect a boy.

If your left breast is larger ... Girl!

Any morning sickness?

This is one of the more popular ones.

If you aren't having any morning sickness, you could be having a boy.

If you're truly sick, you could be having a girl!

(I, myself, have 1 girl and 2 boys ...I wasn't sick one time during all three of my pregnancies so I question this one the most!)

Baking Soda Gender Prediction Test

Craving protein?

One old wives tale states that if you're craving meat and cheese, you can look forward to welcoming a boy.

Sexy legs? Fat legs?

If you're maintaining your pre-pregnancy, gorgeous, sexy legs, you can more than likely expect a girl.

If you're gaining a lot of weight in your legs, look to buy blue stuff!

Chinese Gender Chart

There are multiple places to predict your pregnancy using the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart. It claims to have a success rate of 90%. Personally, I've used it three times and it's always been spot on for me!

It will predict the gender based on your Chinese lunar age (NOT your real age, people often get these confused) at the time you conceived and the Chinese lunar month (NOT your average month) in which you conceived, as well.

Feeling ugly?

So the tale goes, our daughters will steal their mother's beauty. If you feel like your beauty has just flown out the window, you can expect a girl.

If you're actually feeling more beautiful than before you started growing a person, you can expect a boy!

Super Clumsy? Or a Graceful Swan?

If you're floating gracefully around the room, you might be having a girl.

Falling over imaginary objects? Boy!

Do this one without even thinking!

Quick! Put your hands out in front of you!

Are your palms up? Girl!

Are your palms down? Boy!

Necklace Gender Prediction

Have someone around you take a necklace and hold it over your hand.

Does it swing in a circle? Girl!

Does it swing back and forth? Boy!

Areolas looking Darker?

If they have darkened, you can most often expect a boy.

If they're lighter and/or haven't really changed, shoot for a girl!

Hairy Legs?

If you find your hair growing at speeds unknown to mankind, you might be having a boy!


While this is usually a common sign of pregnancy in general, if you've had a significant increase in them then you could possibly be having a boy.

Your Baby's Heart Rate

You're more than likely seeing the doctor quite a bit. Next time you go, make sure to write down what your baby's BPM is registering at. One old wive's tale says that if it's above 140 BPM then you could possibly be having a girl. If it's usually under 140 BPM then you might be having a boy!

Carrying High? Or Low?

They say that if your belly is high, big, and round, you're having a girl!

If you have a smaller, low belly then you might be having a boy!

The Ring Test

This is the exact opposite of the necklace test.

Tie a string to your wedding ring and have someone hang it over your belly. Preferably someone who isn't wanting a specific gender since our mind has a tendency to make us do things without our knowledge. You don't want Dad accidentally making it go in a circle because he wants a boy!

If it swings back and forth - Girl!

If it swings in a circle - Boy!

Is your Face changing?

If your face has suddenly gotten a lot more full and round, it can sometimes signify that you're having a girl.

If your face is longer and narrow, expect a boy!

The Key Test

Do this one without thinking!

Go find a key and pick it up!

Don't continue until you've picked up the key.

Now, did you pick it up by the narrow part that is inserted into locks? Girl!

Did you pick it up by the top of the key, the area that you normally hold when inserting a key into a lock? Boy!

Did you pick it up in the middle of it? Twins! I hope you wanted to hear that!

The Drano Test

Have someone else mix the contents that way you aren't exposed to unnecessary chemicals during the process.

Combine and tablespoon of Drano with a tablespoon of urine and if the mixture turns blue, it's a boy. If the mixture turns green, it's a girl!


It's said that if you've gotten an increase in acne, due to the extra hormones growing inside of you, you could be expecting a girl.

If you haven't noticed that acne is an issue, you may be having a boy!

The Eye Test

When pulling the skin down under your left eye, if you notice a V shape of veins on your eyeball then you are having a girl.

If you don't see anything at all (or no V in general), you can expect a boy.

Previous Children?

If your last child's first word was "mama", you can expect a girl.

If your last child's first word was "dada", you can expect a boy.

Want to Have a Girl?

One old wive's tale specifically states that if your put a pair of scissors along with a wooden spoon under your bed and a pink bow under your pillow, you'll be destined to have a little girl!

Baby Names

The tale goes that if you just absolutely can't focus on boy names and are picking out girl names instead, you're going to have a girl. And vice versa!

Nose getting big?

If you feel like your nose has grown significantly larger and wider, you could be having a boy!

Has your urine changed?

If you've noticed that your urine is dull and yellow, you could be having a girl.

If it's turned bright yellow, expect a boy!

Dry Hands

If you can't manage to keep your hands moisturized enough, you could very well be having a boy!

Cold Feet?

Have your feet gotten colder now that you're pregnant? This could be a sign that you're having a boy.

If they've stayed relatively the same, then expect a girl.

Gut Feeling?

Sometimes, as mothers, we just know.

I predicted all three of my pregnancies just based off of my own gut feeling. Others don't have much luck, though. If you have the strong urge to one gender over the other, you could very well be correct.

What do you think you're having?

See results

While the old wives tale can be fun, they aren't always accurate.

Add up all of the ones listed above and you could end up with a significantly higher amount for a boy than for a girl. Or it could be the other way around! Don't go buying blue or pink stuff just yet, though. You never know if it's just coincidence! Needless to say, it's still fun!

And congratulations on expecting a new baby!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

— The Hunger Games

© 2014 Ash Ryan


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