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Best Omron Pedometers

Updated on April 2, 2009


A pedometer is a great device to have if you're trying to get fit and become more active. They come in many shapes and sizes, and are produced by a number of differing brands, but when it comes to buying the best devices to monitor your health and manage your improvements, you'll want to make sure that you get top of the line equipment, that at the same time doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

The Omron pedometers are probably one of the best brand of pedometers that you can purchase, as the step counter has an accuracy of about +/- 5%. Personally, I like them because they aren't ugly, and I know that's pretty silly, but if you're going to be carrying something around, you want it to be at least a little bit appealing to the eyes.

Below I've included four of the best Omron pedometers and their features, as well as a quick list of difference. They have so much in common that at a glance, it may be hard to determine the difference.

Omron HJ-112 Digital Premium Pedometer

The Omron HJ-112 uses dual sensor technology, which makes is one of the more advanced pocket pedometers on the market. And, since it's pocket-sized, you can throw it in your purse or back pocket, as well as attach it to your belt, in order to find out how much you walk each day while performing regular duties at work, home, and in-between. You

The HJ-112 measures your steps, as well as your aerobic steps and minutes. You also measure your calorie consumption and your distance traveled during your workout.

The LCD display is large and easy to read. There is a separate display for the aerobic steps and minutes when walking more than 10 continuous minutes.

You can even view your 7 day history. It resets automatically at midnight, so that it's ready for the next day. And, yes you can use the HJ-112 as an accurate clock.

Omron gives you a one year warranty on the HJ-112, which is pretty good for a pedometer, especially one of this quality.

The HJ-112 does run on batteries, as most pedometers do, but you can get really good usage out of one battery. Typically, if you walk 10,000 steps a day, the HJ-112 will have a battery life of about 6 months.

Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer

The Omron HJ-720ITC is probably one of the better pedometers that you can purchase if you want to keep a close eye on how much you walk and exercise. Because the HJ-720ITC can be attached to your belt or thrown in your purse or pocket, it's not that hard to forget, making it easier to monitor your steps, aerobic steps, calories burned, and distance walked.

The large display screen will show you the current time, as well as your aerobic steps and minutes when having walked over 10 continuous minutes. You can also see a 7 day history of how much you have walked, and a 42 day history is also saved on the memory so that you can upload it to your computer using the health management software that is included.

The health management software is compatible with Windows 2000 or XP; it keeps track of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress.

The HJ-720ITC is powered by a replaceable lithium battery that will need to be replaced about once every 6 months if walked 10,000 steps a day.

Omron HJ-150 Hip Pedometer

The HJ-150 hip pedometer measures your steps alone. It is a great motivational tool to help you measure how much you've walked, and it's a great device for beginners and, well, anyone else who wants to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The HJ-150 clips onto your belt and will measure how many steps you've taken throughout the day. It must be positioned accurately in order to properly measure your steps- horizontal to the ground.

The device will save your steps for up to 7 days before it fully resets, but it will reset each day at midnight so that you can read a days worth of steps at a time. If anything, you can use the HJ-150 for a clock, as there is an easy-to-read time display.

The HJ-150 is powered by a lithium battery that will need to be replaced about once a year when walking about 10,000 steps a day.

Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer

The Omron HJ-151 is similar to the HJ-150. The main difference tht you'll find is that the the HJ-151 measures steps, moderate steps and minutes, calories burned, and distance.

The HJ-1151 clips onto your belt, but only reads properly if its positioned accurately- horizontal to the ground.

The Omron pedometer will reset its internal step counter each day at midnight, so that it is ready to count your steps when you wake up. And, like the others t will save its history for up to 7 days (a week's worth of exercising and steps).

The pedometer includes an easy-to-read clock, and lasts about a year when walking about 10,000 steps a day.

Differences Between the Omron Pedometers


  • battery life of 6 months at 10,000 steps a day
  • measures steps, aerobic steps and minutes, calories burned, and distance
  • 7 day history


  • battery life of 6 months at 10,000 steps a day
  • measures steps, aerobic steps and minutes, calories burned, and distance
  • 7 day display and 42 day history
  • includes health management software


  • battery life of 12 months at 10,000 steps a day
  • measures steps
  • 7 day history


  • battery life of 12 months at 10,000 steps a day
  • measures steps, moderate steps and minutes, calories burned, and distance
  • 7 day history


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      9 years ago

      Great piece of work dear...

      must took lot of time to gather this material.


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