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On Health and healing

Updated on October 26, 2009

Eat fruit, lots of it.

If you can't pronounce the names of the ingredients, DON'T EAT IT!

This hub will go through the basics of why we as a society have so much obesity, disease, and depression.

How did we get so unhealthy? Well it goes back to the Nixon days when we as a nation started to pay farmers NOT to grow food. Subsodies of mono-cultures led to increases in certain crops. I won't bore you anymore with politics. I'll write a hub on that soon I promise.

Palisade high school beats Glenwood High School in football. Bear with me. There is a reason this happened. You see, Palisade (the small town in western Colorado) is surrounded and entrenched as a matter of fact by fruit trees. It is well known for it's peaches and other orchards. In short, these boys eat fruit- and lots of it. When they beat my hometown heroes, the Glenwood Demons, They were charged with a lot of fall fruit energy. Good sustainable long-lasting energy. Do I even need to mention the highly accessible B, C, A vitamins and Niacin that they got from their fresh fruit? I've not lived in Palisade, but I've been there a time or two(hundred). One does not leave there without first sampling the daily harvest at the various fruit stands along highway 6.

You see, they have tapped into what our hunter-gatherer ancestors had-the freshness of the fall fruit harvest. You see, you don't mess with healthy young lads who just had a bowl of same-day-fresh peach cobbler that their moms just made them before the game for "good luck." The moms know that their boys are just a little bit stronger if they eat they're fruits and veggies.

As opposed to the Glenwood Springs kids (whom I love but I shakingheadedly watch them eat their Cheetos before the game) that may or may not have had the 2,000 mg of daily vitamin C, or the other vitamins they need either. When they were gasping in the fourth quarter, do you wonder why? If you do, you should read some Dr. Andrew Weil books. I read them, and I learned a lot, but it also confirmed to me many things I was told throughout my life, read in other books, and or suspected to be true. 

Why are we still having this debate? I don't know. Maybe it is because the marketing machine on TV, and everywhere else is still trying to convince people to shop in the middle of the grocery store. The meat, bread, and produce departments are the only ones you need. (You know, the back of the store, and the sides.) If you shop in the middle of the store, you probably have a respectable pharmaceutical bill too don't you? I don't. I can't remember the last "Dr. drug" bill I had. I eat something fresh from the produce department EVERY DAY. PERIOD! And so does my child. 

Is it still news that this fruit or that vegetable prevents cancer? If you have cancer you don't have a radiation deficiency. You are in need of some other replenishing food. If you have AIDS you don't have an AZT deficiency. You just got scurvy. (You need vitamins.) It's an old disease the drug companies put a new name on so they can get you to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars until the drugs they give you finally kill you. I care not about the virus, but how the immune system handles it. Did you know that if you are HIV positive you are 1/30 as likely to die of AIDS in Canada? You are also 1/30 as likely to be given the highly toxic AIDS drugs. Do you think this is a coincidence? Don't believe me. You have Google too! Try it sometime. And when you stumble across a website that tells AIDS patients to buy their drugs, ask the questions "qi bono?" (Latin for "Who gets paid?")

Our modern diets are so lacking in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You can't throw a rock blindfolded without hitting a convenience store that sells salt, sugar and fat. That may also be the reason why you can't throw a rock in an elementary school playground without hitting a fat kid. When I was in elementary school, there was only a couple, and they weren't all that fat.

I take my kid grocery shopping with me. I have to drag her kicking and screaming past the Cocoa-Puffs, and the Lucky Charms. It only started when she started at kindergarten. Those marketing bastards are so good at what they do, that even the children who don't watch Saturday morning cartoons (like mine) end up nagging for the salt, sugar and fat. They have the kids who watch the cartoons teasing the ones who don't because they don't have "Lunchables" or some other crap that makes you fat and sick as a dog. Nowadays the ones who don't watch the cartoons and nag their parents to death get teased in school until they nag their parents into it just the same.

Now they have dozens of vaccines for our children to take, all of which contain mercury, aluminum, and who knows what else. Glaxo wouldn't tell me what all they strong-armed the school into forcing the pediatric doctor to stick into my kid's butt.  They do it through attendance. That's how they do it. If you don't have the (24) vaccines on record they send the kid home. If the kid stays home (because they made you take her home because of missing vaccine records) you are arrested for truancy. You tell them they are required to provide you with a waiver form (so you can't sue the school if your kid gets small pox) and they look at you like you are a domestic terrorist. I'm sorry, I'd like my child not to develop autism. I have an autistic member of my family. For privacy reasons, I won't go into detail. I can tell you that the kid will be in kindergarten until he is what normal kids would be considered a legal adult.

Do you think there is a coincidence between vaccines and autism? The Amish don't believe in vaccines and therefore don't vaccinate their children. Ask any Amish person if they have ever even met an autistic child. I did, and the answer was "What's autistic?" Tell this to a doctor. It should shut them up. They know vaccines cause autism and many other diseases but the drug company sponsored AMA will have them stripped of any medical practice if they speak out. Are you a doctor? If so, do you care to debate me on this issue? I'm not citing any references here, but I have them ready. Fight me on this! PLEASE doctor, FIGHT ME! You won't, unless the drug cartel owns you too, then you have to. It's your job.

Do we deserve to be so sick? Yes. As a culture we have celebrated salt, sugar, fat, drugs, laziness, video games, stupidity, and many other asinine things I care not to mention.  We ALL know what is destroying our health, but eating the crap just the same, letting our kids play video games 3 hours a day, listening to Merck and Phiser owned doctors, driving 2 blocks to 7/11, etc, etc....


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    • Portamenteff profile image

      Portamenteff 8 years ago from Western Colorado, USA

      Thank you girlpower.

    • girlpower profile image

      girlpower 8 years ago from eugene oregon

      I remember when in the seventies i became a vegetarian how many people tried to discount its benefits, i grew most of my own food, i did eat unfertile eggs from down the road and cheese, and the amount of flack i got from most of my relatives, made me realize how my path would be turned away from such people who believed that we had to eat the way that they did. I spend most of my life since then walking my own path. Politically, nutritionally, spritually, as a loner, until i moved to eugene oregon where a mass of people from somewhere else, mostly from the midwest live in a small town with a belief system like mine, where creativity and loving the earth and loving ourselves, was what we choose. As you can see alot of the hippy generations values are coming of age, enironmentalism, equality, and the organic movement is now becoming a huge industry. Many food manufacturers are being forced to change their ingredients, whole grains, organic products, its the only thing that made them change, because they had to. Grassroots efforts of which in the past were made fun of is now being accepted by more and more people. Put your money where your mouth is, means just that. We are now a power to be reckoned with. Earth friendly is finally being given the credibility that for so many years was scoffed. Babyboomers are coming of age, we are the tax base for this society so we do have the chance to put into motion a whole new earth, evolved and peace driven. This is an exciting time to be alive. Great post on foods and the stay out of the middle isles at the store, you are absolutely correct, nice presentation.