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One Dozen Healing Techniques that are Relatives of Massage

Updated on August 29, 2010

Massage therapy is a popular form of both relaxation and healing. Many of the people who get massage therapy end up taking an interest in other types of healing techniques as well. For example, some people take an interest in energy healing arts such as Reiki. Others take an interest in common day spa treatments like colon hydrotherapy. This article takes a look at twelve different types of healing techniques that may be of interest to people who enjoy getting healing and relaxing massages.

1.     Biomagnetic Touch Healing. The physical experience of this healing technique is subtle. The person who is doing the healing uses a two-finger touch to press lightly on different spots of the receiver’s body. The touch is very light. There is no rubbing, pressing or moving the body. The idea behind this type of healing is that the body knows how to heal itself. The healer simply directs the body’s attention to itself to encourage self-healing. This technique is also known by the trademarked name Bio-Touch.

2.     Breath Therapy. Did you know that there are many different ways to breathe? There are deep breaths and shallow breaths. There are rapid breaths and prolonged breaths. Breath therapy uses different types of breathing to draw your attention into your own body. It encourages both emotional and physical healing. It is interesting because it can be done alone, with a healer or in a room full of people who are practicing with you.

3.     Colon Hydrotherapy. The belief behind this therapeutic treatment is that the colon gets blocked with nasty stuff and needs to be cleaned out to purify and detoxify the body. Filtered water is cycled through the colon in a day spa setting to clean it out. Reported benefits include increased immune system, reduced fatigue and general improved wellbeing. This is also known as colon cleansing or getting a colonic.

4.     Hellerwork Structural Integration. This healing technique actually incorporates massage. In fact, it can use a very intense type of soft tissue massage. It also uses stretching, movement and self-awareness psychology to provide a holistic approach to healing. The underlying belief of Hellerwork is that the human body is innately healthy and that people need to simply tune into that health in order to feel it. This is not a one-time therapy but instead is done in a series like counseling is with typical treatments lasting for eleven sessions.

5.     Hydrotherapy. Many physical activities are easier to do when the body is immersed in water. The body itself may experience healing simply by being immersed and relaxed in water. This may be done with either hot or cold water. Common examples include Jacuzzi baths, sweating and cooling hydrotherapy and limb-only water immersion for healing.

6.     Jin Shin Do Acupressure. The name of this healing technique sounds like a martial arts form for a reason. Many of the physical actions done it in are taken from martial arts. Jin Shin Do also uses yoga postures, pressure point massage and Taoist philosophy to offer whole-body healing to the people who practice it. The goal of this healing technique is to rebalance the energy of the body and release chronic tension.

7.     Magnet Therapy. This refers to the use and manipulation of magnetic fields for healing. It can be as simple as wearing a magnetic bracelet. It can also be a much more involved healing process with multiple magnets applied with a practitioner. This type of alternative healing is not considered scientifically sound but nevertheless a number of people report feeling benefits from it.

8.     Ortho-Bionomy. This type of therapy combines holistic healing and massage with in-office and at-home exercise. It is based on the idea that the body can balance and correct itself through proper stimulation of the muscles and joints. By correcting your skeletal structure, you heal your whole life.

9.     Polarity Therapy. The main focus of this type of therapy is the manipulation of the electromagnetic fields around the body in order to promote healing. This is done with a combination of stretching and pressure point massage. It is a holistic healing technique that also uses meditation, psychological therapy, nutritional changes and exercise in conjunction with the electromagnetic fields. The goal of this healing is to balance the energy in the body so that yin and yang are in sync.

10. Reiki. If you can imagine a massage where you aren’t actually touched but the energy field around your body is rubbed then you can imagine the experience of Reiki. In some cases, there is direct contact with the body as well. In either case, the goal is for the healer to share positive energy from the universe with the patient in order to experience total healing.

11. Therapeutic Touch. This type of healing is similar to Reiki in that it doesn’t rely on the touch of the body but the manipulation of energy around the body. The purpose of this type of healing is to increase energy flow in the body. The underlying belief is that health problems are caused by blocked energy.

12. Zero Balancing. This is another energy healing therapy. The belief here is that a soft pressure placed on the foundation joints of the body can help to improve energy flow. The goal is to connect the energy of the mind and the body so that they are in harmony. When they are properly balanced, you will feel healthy.


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  • LeslieAdrienne profile image

    Leslie A. Shields 7 years ago from Georgia

    Great information....Thanks

  • SteveoMc profile image

    SteveoMc 7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

    Wow, I never even heard of some of these. A couple of themn sound like quackery, but if it helps someone, who am I to disapprove. Thanks for the enlightening hub.

  • vrbmft profile image

    Vernon Bradley 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California

    Thanks for the very clear and informative breakdown. I am very interested in body energy and do my best to work with my own and provide others with healing energy in whatever way I can send it to them. I experiment a lot. Nothing wild or intrusive. Sometimes a simple touch or affirmation. I'm interested in Reiki. Beein on the receiving end and have also had good experiences with an energy healer.

    Thanks again for the informative information