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How Feeling the Fear but Doing It Anyhow is Best in Discovering Your Inherent Strengths

Updated on March 16, 2020
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Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

Mindfulness to minimize fears and reprogram your mind.

The main reason why so many people don't succeed in life is facing the possibility of succeeding. The reason underneath it all is fear of failure or loss. Avoiding failure can be a real threat to us not becoming who we were destined to be. In life pain is mandatory, but suffering is optional. Special announcement: it is impossible to achieve your dream without incurring losses. Losing face and dealing with embarrassment can be daunting and at the same time paralyzing on our journey to self-actualization.

Settling for less is the core reason people become complacent in life. People simply settle where they are in life because they would rather play it safe than be sorry. We need to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge there are no safe positions in life. In the movie Dead Poets Society the late Robin Williams in the role of a literature professor taught his students a new perspective to help them break out of this limited mindset they had inherited by generations that had attended the same institution. He declared “carpe diem!” This translated from Latin means to “seize the moment.” It declares to live life and trade in being overly cautious for being adventurous.

So why do we feel so compelled to play it safe and not take chances? Not putting ourselves in positions where we could face adversity and not ever having the experience of walking through our fears with our faith alone is not giving us the test to become a living testimony. Fear of change is another major reason they never will reach success in living their dreams. Fear of the unknown, changing habits and conformity are all limiting our abilities to live a super-sized life.

A few inspiring minutes from a truly inspiring success story

Conformity breeds mediocrity

Conformity produces people to not want to rock the boat and just do what everyone else is doing in order to fit in and be "normal". Due to conformity mediocrity has become the norm. The greatest example of this is when we think of the flat earth society. At one point the world was thought to be flat and anyone who questioned this was either thrown in jail or worse, killed. Much to the world's chagrin, the world was not flat and it took one person who risked death to change the world as we know it by being courageous.

People live a life modeled on what they see going on around them. History makers challenged the norm and became examples of men and women whose will was to rail against the law. Well behaved people rarely make history and inspirations like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln have left their mark for generations to come. We were born to bring our own uniqueness and have the potential to make a change in the world. Whatever we are seeking, it's seeking us. Simply stated is that the dream and vision you have in your heart is seeking you to find it. We live our lives in quiet desperation. Pushing down our dreams and accepting our circumstances as they are. Our problem is not aiming high and missing, rather it's we aim too low and hit. So what is the cure for this human condition that cripples us from achieving new heights I ask? Spirit.

What line are you in? You can decide now

Taking risks is necessary for you to live your dreams

Fear, if dealt with spiritually will result in the ability to face any challenge and have the willpower to endure. Being in tune with spirit gives you the strength to overcome anything we encounter in life. The biggest risk in life is to risk nothing. We all have moments of self-doubt, but it is in those trying times that we must be committed to face them by relying on faith and aligning ourselves with spirit. Ask yourself the question "what am I afraid of"? In most cases, the fear of being looked at by friends and family as a failure is the root cause of fear so we tend to live life playing to their expectations for us.

Overcoming your self-doubt and living your dreams at times may cause you to hurt people's feelings. Loved ones that you may have known for years may try and kill your dreams because they don't see it for themselves so they don't see it for you. By chasing your vision you must see it for yourself despite what others may think. This is perhaps one of the greatest acts of courage you may ever make. Raising the standard and declaring that you will be a difference-maker in your family. The first to not be addicted, uneducated, or living in poverty like previous generations. In doing this you will no longer live cursed with the chains that bind you and your spiritual awakening will be the chain-breaker. This is a major step in self-realization.

Mindfulness in choosing what we allow in our spirit

Every day we need to expose ourselves to positive life-affirming messages. There are literally millions of things to read, view, and do to absorb the knowledge we need to reshape our thinking. It is said that “faith comes through hearing and hearing”. Listening to motivational speeches, reading literature that inspires you to think big, and learning to filter real from unreal are all keys for success to manifest itself on your journey. These are habits we need to incorporate into our daily lives if we want to change.

To become something we have never been we have to do something we have never done. Watching the news is something you might want to consider not doing every day. The media wants to keep you sucked in with sensationalism. Violence, murder, and mayhem are oversubscribed by your typical person not knowing that it may be feeding your fears and not your faith. I am not preaching to stay away from being informed, however, I am saying that we need to be more vigilant about what information we are letting into our spirit.

Ask yourself, who is impacting me? Who is in my ear? If you don't reprogram your life, life will program you. This may be hard at first but its results are lasting. I suggest trying it for 90 days. Listen to something positive or read 15 pages of something inspiring. I have practiced this for 18 years and it literally saved my life. You will be amazed by how feeding your mind with good information will change your perception of the world by interrupting the negative conversation within. I will discuss inner dialogue and how to change the conversation and in turn change your world in my featured article on hubpages.

What we own can potentially own us

Loss is another projection of fear that we must learn to control. As human beings we all desire things. We want these things because of the way they will make us feel. This applies to relationships also. We all say when we refer to our significant other or anything in life as “my wife, my boyfriend, my car, etc. “My” equates to something that is yours and only yours. It becomes a possession. No one wants to lose something they own.

The reality is that the things you perceive as yours were never really yours in the first place. Impermanence is the way in which the universe operates. One of the most defining realizations on the path of self-realization is accepting x and y as they are, and not as what you think they should be. This is accepting the reality of the state of be-ing. Once you get this mindset into your spirit and learn to apply it to your life you will be able to live with less panic, stress, and fear.

Step into your greatness by not fearing your own shadow

Accepting that we come from our creator fully loaded to run our race is what empowers us with certainty. Allowing your faith to grow and know that God has the final say, not your circumstances. Adversity reveals a man to himself. All of us are self-made but it is only the successful that are willing to admit it. It is our past victories over challenges that develop our spiritual muscles.

Being mindful and incorporating the notion that all challenges are not there to stop us, rather they are opportunities to help make us grow. Fear stands for false evidence appearing real. Most people walk around terrorizing themselves due to being infected with unpractical and unrealistic mindsets about themselves and the world around them.

In closing, we should acknowledge our fears, and have the courage to walk through them. In due time through practice, you will have the confidence to be the real you which is fearless, anointed and highly favored. Your inner guide will direct you by being aligned with spirit and mind. People with this fearless faith-filled mindset are powerful. As the saying goes "cowards die a thousand deaths, but the valiant taste of death but once." The valiant may be afraid but they feel the fear and do it anyhow. Adversity introduces a person to themselves and in the process their faith will be tested for authenticity. Therefore keep the faith. It will serve you well.

Minimize Fear and Feel Freedom

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2020 Alex Mezulari


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