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One of the Biggest Scams in the Supplement Industry

Updated on November 24, 2015

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It can be really discouraging to read all the claims that supplement companies make about their products, spend a lot of money on them, and spend months at the gym only to find out that you've been fed a bunch of BS! There's not much testing that these products have to go through, and sometimes you have to do the testing yourself, but let me help you avoid one of the biggest scams out there by letting you read the final segment of a very helpful interview I had with Jeff Anderson a while back.

Who's Jeff Anderson? He's a former Master Fitness Trainer for the U.S. Military, a bodybuilding consultant, and the type of guy who practices what he preaches. But enough out of me... Here's how Jeff responded when I asked him what kind of supplements people should avoid at all costs, and why they shouldn't use them...

Avoid These at All Costs!

Well, this one's going to really let down a lot of people, because the most sought after supplement that's out there for people who are really trying to increase lean muscle mass on their body are the testosterone boosters. And these are like the holy grail of supplements...

I mean, you go into the supplement store, and they're the ones that are locked behind the glass. You know, there's like this little spotlight on them, and they're calling out your name. Like, "Come, I'm the shortcut to massive muscle growth", and they're pushed in the magazines like crazy! We all know, if we're training... we're programmed to understand that testosterone equals muscle.

When we look at the steroid mutants that you find in bodybuilding magazines, you know these guys are jacked up on testosterone through steroids and everything. So, we know that this is like a magical elixir, and so testosterone boosting supplements are seen as kind of a shortcut to getting much more muscle mass. The problem with it is that you have think about this logically, because when you're increasing testosterone you are basically screwing around with your endocrine system, and the endocrine system is a very touchy system. It doesn't allow you to just go in there and start screwing around with the chemicals in your body, and just do whatever you want.

And the supplement companies know that if they actually gave you the ingredients, and in the dosage you would need to really boost your testosterone, there would be lawsuits coming in daily to these guys. Because if it actually worked the way that it was supposed to, you could do a lot of damage to your body. Just like somebody who went on steroids without a doctor's oversight, like these pro bodybuilders do. You'd be screwed! I mean, you'd really mess something up.

So, supplement companies know that all the 16 year olds out there that will be popping these things like, hey if one dosage will work then why not double the dosage and I'll have even more muscle? You know, it doesn't even make sense that these things would work, and it's because they don't!

Do Any of Them Work?

Now, a lot of times they do have supplements in them that will work, like tribulus terrestris is a popular testosterone boosting supplement. Does it work? Yeah, studies have shown that it works, but when I've looked at the dosages of the testosterone boosting supplements that are sold out there in retail, in some cases I've found that you'd have to take 6 times the doses they're telling you to take, in order to get the boost that they're promising, or even a fraction of the boost that they're promising, that've been used in trials.

So, while they're telling you, yes ingredients in this supplement have been shown to boost testosterone, they're not giving you the full story. But they're able to charge you an arm and leg for it, because it's that promise of the magic pill. And so, there's this whole mystique that's put around testosterone boosting supplements that allows them to charge more money.

So, I would say that while you can supplement to increase testosterone, there are things that you can do... it's one of the things I cover in my book on how to make your own supplements... It's actually one of the ones you should TOTALLY stay away from, when it comes to the retail versions.

I hope you've learned a lot from this interview with Jeff Anderson, he really knows what he's talking about. And I know that buying supplements can really seem like an unneeded expense sometimes, especially with how much some supplements cost, but if you want to save some cash and get fit, then check out his book, "Homemade Supplement Secrets"!

© 2015 Ben Guinter

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