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Online Naturopath

Updated on April 8, 2010

There has been a huge movement in medicene towards naturopathy and herbalism, couple this with probably one of the greatest technololical advances which is the internet - and the logical marriage is the online naturopath. It must be said that an online consultation is no replacement for a face to face consultation. Having said that you can save some serious money by consulting an online naturopath, other benefits are saving time, or just plain old convenience.

So what does a naturopath do anyway - a naturopath looks at your wellbeing and health issues and then treats the whole person using natural medecines and herbal remedies. These natural medecines and herbal remedies are used to treat the cause and the symptoms of your ailment but also promote the body's own imunity to heal itself.

Unlike modern western medecine that can heal a health issue but it then goes and causes another problem instead. One simple example being that when my mother took her doctors advice to take asprin to lower blood pressure she started passing blood after three to four months of taking asprin everyday. It turns out that the asprin was lowering her blood pressure but it was also eating away the lining of her stomach and intestines creating sores that bled into her digestive system. When I took my mother to hospital she shared a ward with 5 other women that had exactly the same problem. What madness are we doing to ourselves when a simple asprin when overused can do such damage when the alternative is herbal and natural remedies that gently treat an ailment but not cause damage to any other parts of our bodies systems. I am not knocking modern western medicene - in fact if I broke a bone in my leg then the hospital is my first port of call but to promote your wellbeing and improve your bodies ability to heal itself then be proactive and consult an online naturopath or better still see a real live, flesh and blood, 3D naturopath.


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    • Robee Kann profile image

      Robee Kann 7 years ago

      Thanks for the read Itfawkes

    • ltfawkes profile image

      ltfawkes 7 years ago from NE Ohio

      Very interesting, Robee. Thanks.