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Only time will tell the tale of yesterday.

Updated on September 14, 2016

Only time will tell the tale of yesterday.

Only time will tell the tale of yesterday.

We used to be friends.Now the thought of you makes me sick in the pit of my gut.I spent so much time with you.I shared all my secrets with your over time.We even shared our last smoke when push came to shove.

You would flirt with my girl, it would tear me apart.I really loved her, you knew that. She was just full of dirty games.As things unfolded, I thought we would be boys (gees) all the days of our life.

Yet when I smile with you now, the laughter is rotten, trust has been misplaced.What happened to us.We were ment to be gees till it is our time to go to heaven.Yet nothings lasts forever.

Distance separates absolutely.

You used to live in my heart, you still do, yet with every thought of you my peace of mind rots, slowly decaying, our love has died.

They say never let girls get in between two childhood friends, that friendship is timeless.

Yet you slept with my girl. behind my back it hurts.

I could never forgive you, you have disobeyed our truth.I was a fool to spend all my time with you, thinking you had my best interests at heart.Will I ever trust or love again?Would it be foolish to seek companionship I am only human.

Nothing is cast in stone, even memories fade.Perhaps life will drift.Opportunities may pass us by.Our dreams may shatter.Our deeds will be forgotten.Our memory may not live for ever.Yet the life force and our soul, left foot prints on this earth, you lived to tell another day.



Eat good.



Learn from your mistakes.

Live your life to the fullest.Regret robs us of our peace of mind and sensors our happiness.Build a future.Be content with the present reality. Strategise and go for your wildest dreams, bring them to earth.

God's Poet Nkosi

Young Black Dillinger

Lucifers Angel

Uncle Nathi


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