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'Only with the Heart can one see rightly...'

Updated on September 23, 2013

The Little Prince

...What is essential is invisible to the eye'. I read the book ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint Exupery, years ago at a friend’s house. I thought it was a children’s book. That is what I thought until I read it. Even though it is sold as a children’s book and you can buy it in the childrens’ section, this book is really a simple book for adults. I thought then as I do now that this book was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I had ever read. It brought me to tears. I bought it a few years ago for my youngest son and found it again recently during a move. I decided to skim through it and as usual, I became emotional. When I need to learn something, my lessons seem to spring from the simplest of places. This time, it was this book supposedly written for children.

So, this hub is not about this book although the book played a large part in something I learned that was essential but invisible to the eye.

A Soul Perspective

After the Casey Anthony trial, I was as angry as everyone else. I really felt justice failed and I was incensed at the ‘not guilty’ verdict. I never really felt like Casey should be physically harmed but I will be honest and say that I secretly hoped her life would be a living hell. Sorry, confessing my Soul isn’t always pretty.

When I read this excerpt in the book, I realized that I was not seeing the whole picture from a Soul perspective. The Soul world is so much more complex and what seems to be one way to the physical eye is usually perceived quite differently from a higher perspective. Our Souls operate at a level that belies our understanding and even though I know that and I teach it, I don’t always choose to see the Soul point of view.

During my bloodlust and self-righteousness, I refused to see the Soul perspective. I knew it was there but I was too angry to acknowledge it. Every time it would come up I would say ‘so what!’ or ‘I don’t care’…Casey does not deserve a good life after what I think she did. Awww yes, said my Soul….but you do know better.

Our Souls need and desire to learn, learn and learn some more. To the Soul, pain and suffering is what takes it to the next level of consciousness. It almost seems as though there is no other way. Soul’s learn individual lessons and they learn collective lessons as well. These lessons are carefully planned out prior to our being born. Carefully orchestrated with all the bit players volunteering to take part. Yes….they volunteer because there is a lesson in there for them as well.

From a Soul perspective the whole Casey Anthony story is a part of her lesson and I do believe that Caylee and Casey agreed to this prior. We cannot know the Soul plan for Casey, but obviously Caylee played a large part. Perhaps the agreement went as follows: Casey needed to learn a strong lesson in cause and effect, we all have to learn a big lesson in cause and effect in at least one of our lifetimes and this was Casey’s time. Caylee may be a Soul that is very connected and volunteered to come to Earth and be the catalyst of that lesson. To a Soul, this is not a tragedy, to a Soul it is a great act of love to sacrifice oneself in order for another to gain perspective or healing. Caylee may have volunteered to be that little sacrificial lamb for her mother.

Of course, I do not have access to what Casey needed to learn or what part Caylee played but I do feel that what happened was supposed to. If that is true then Caylee is indeed a little angel, a Soul with a great deal of love for her mother, Casey.

So the bottom line is this…what if through this tragedy, something beautiful comes out? Forgiveness is beautiful, mercy even more so. Perhaps this lesson isn’t for Casey alone but for her family and for us…the collective conscious. Who knows?


How was I any Different?

I had to endure some very difficult times in my life that I now believe I chose. If you asked me then, I would have told you in not so nice terms where to put that theory. For many years, I was an angry person. I hated everyone, hated life and I just did not want to be here. Thoughts of suicide were quite common and I would have acted on them if I had the desire for an afterlife. I didn’t even want that. I didn’t want Heaven and I didn’t care if I went to hell, my preference was to cease to exist. I begged for it and prayed for it. I’m thankful no one listened.

In order for my Soul to move forward, I had to suffer through fifteen years of alcoholism that affected my entire family. My children the most. There aren’t many people I talk to about this because as a mother, I am not suppose to have mental illness and I most certainly should not be an alcoholic. I was Casey…partying while my children scrambled to find food in the house to eat. Passing out while they were still awake. Yep, that was me…how could I have ever judged Casey? The only difference between us was that I was lucky that none of my children died. It could have happened. It happens all the time to other women. During one of my drinking episodes, I was on the phone when my youngest was around 15 months old. He decided to ‘stir the soup’ in the bathroom toilet…using my curling iron that was plugged in AND turned on. I heard the toilet slam down and him start crying so I ran to the back of the house and found that a slammed toilet saved his life.

From a Soul perspective, my alcoholism brought me to a place of surrender and eventually consciousness. I’ve learned more in my last 5 years of sobriety than I have my whole life really. My whole outlook on life has changed since alcohol almost killed me. I look back now and I do see, and I wouldn’t change any of it. I believe that the Souls of my sons agreed to come to Earth and walk this journey with me. They had lessons to learn that I could teach them….Soul relationships are very symbiotic.

‘Only with the Heart (Soul) can one see rightly….what is essential is invisible to the eye…’ ok – now I see.


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      Reena j 6 years ago

      hey true! even i have read some pages in this but left. I will find it again to complete...