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Open Letter to the Find Me Group - My Rebuttal

Updated on July 9, 2017
Sunshine625 profile image

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Fact: The Find Me Group Did Not Find Randy Bilyeu

To Find Me (Jerry Kelly Snyder); Your organization helps to find missing people. You are in close contact with families who are on an emotional roller coaster. They are concerned, confused, feel helpless and all they want is to find their missing loved one.

This is a huge responsibility you chose to take on. I commend you. But then again I do not. Why? Because I have recently learned that you claim your algorithm assisted in finding a missing person even though it did not.

I am writing to you to correct the assumptions which are contained in the attached article. First of all, you did not find Randy Bilyeu. Your predictions were way off base. With that being said let's move on to the false claims you are sharing with others.

Someone in your organization supplied information to the author of the recent article that claims that the Find Me Group found Randy...

Now that I have shared your tall tales with my readers I will state the facts. Why am I doing this? Because while Randy Bilyeu was found, unfortunately there will be many more missing people and I refuse to allow families to place trust in an organization that might not be up to par.

You claim you sent your predictions to the Santa Fe PD in late July. Yet, on August 29th you were still asking the name of the lead detective. Common sense would be to send your predictions to Search and Rescue, but they never received them. Neither did the family.

Regardless...Randy was found on July 12th.What purpose did your algorithm serve in late July? That would have been after the fact. This creates reasonable doubt.

You did send your AI predictions of the location in late March. These were received by Santa Fe PD who forwarded them to NM Search and Rescue.

Those predictions were thoroughly examined and the closest of the 13 presumed predictions were more than 1/2 mile downstream. A 1/2 mile may be good for calling in a nuclear strike, but not when the object you are looking for is only 6 feet tall. Especially when there were no clues to pin point any particular location.You might assume that prediction was close, but I beg to differ.

Let's Continue With the Facts...

  • You were never on my team of searchers. I, Linda Bilyeu, never contacted you. I never spoke to you. I never emailed you. I formed the team of searchers and Jerry "Kelly" Snyder was not on my list of contacts. You did have contact with Randy's sister, but you never had boots on the ground for me.
  • I know for a fact that on August 29th you were still pleading for the "find" coordinates. Really? You claimed that your MIST program nailed the would you know that when you didn't have the "find" coordinates?
  • The closest coordinates to where Randy's remains were found was 2/10's of a mile on a cliff. This area was only accessible from the east mesa, not from the river. This prediction was not remotely possible.
  • The article states: "The area was searched more than once." The actual location was under water, so boots on the ground was not doable. The surrounding areas were searched more than once, but the find area was unsearchable terrain.
  • Fact: We got lucky with someone being at the right place at the right time. And that someone had nothing to do with you. That someone was a subcontractor for the Army Corp of Engineers who was there for their once a year visit. These were the people who found Randy. If they had not been in the area and the water level had not been low, it could have been another year before Randy was found. They deserve the recognition that you so blatantly are attempting to achieve.

So, let me set the record straight. I do not care about your success rate. This is not a damn game.

You took on the responsibility of assisting distressed families find their missing loved ones.

Do you really think we care about your statistics unless they are factual?

Do you really think we care about stroking your ego?

It's morally wrong to take advantage of grieving families to prove a point. If you can't handle the fire then step the heck away from the kitchen. I advise against using vulnerable families for your benefit.

I do appreciate the effort you are making in order to help find the missing. I'm sure you have good intentions, just not so sure about your method of operation which may be lacking.

It's extremely traumatic for families to not know the whereabouts of their loved ones. It's heart wrenching agony. The more assistance they have the better outcome they may have. So I do wish you luck with your endeavor. All I ask is that you do not ask for credit unless credit is due.

I wrote a program that will give me the winning lottery numbers, of course after the numbers have been drawn.

- B.R.

Find Me's Rebuttal...

We advised everyone of our policies procedures and established protocols. As you stated, we provided the authorities locations and circumstances surrounding where Randy might be found. Our information is accurate in most cases within a 1/2 mile to 2 mile radius and in some cases the exact location. In Randy’s case our information was accurate within a 1/2 mile according to your account of a potential of xxx square miles of territory. We were not provided details or clues to suggest that we look north, south, east or west.

Our information provided to the authorities stated that Randy was deceased and in the river caught under or on the surface of the water by debris. With qualified/certified cadaver canine support, a 1/2 mile radius is easy to locate someone if we are that close to the victim. We offered our search and rescue professionals, cadaver canine support and our airplane to the authorities, but they respectfully declined stating they would be capable of handling it on their own.

My Rebuttal...

I am confused as to the additional resources you offered. The family was never made aware of those resources that we definitely could have used, actually those resources were the main reason that you were contacted for assistance. If the authorities were contacted we would have known, yet we never received this information from them either.

Regarding the 1/2 to 2 mile radius...are you basing your find on a scatter-gun approach?

Let's see you provided 13 predictions...
6 of those predictions were out of a 2 mile radius.
6 of those predictions were within a 2 mile radius.
The last prediction was in an unsearchable area.

You had a 50% chance of having a correct prediction. Those odds were definitely in your favor.

But, in a nutshell...Randy was not found based on your algorithm. And, yes, I do have the find coordinates.

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© 2016 Linda Bilyeu


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    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      3 years ago from SW England

      I've never heard of this but any body which makes false claims needs to be exposed. You've made clear and concise statements backed up with facts.

      It's despicable that people can make such statements when they haven't done a job properly, especially when worried relatives, vulnerable people, are relying on them for any information.

      Well done for sharing this with people who might well be thinking of using this 'shower'. Definitely not to be recommended! I hope your article has saved others from such bad treatment.

      My heart goes out to you and others in such a position. It must have been the most terrible thing.


    • Sunshine625 profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Bilyeu 

      4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Hi Scott, You and I among many others know for a fact that Find Me's program had absolutely nothing to do with finding Randy. They have been quiet since I confronted their false information, they might think that I am just going to go away and forget their false accusations but you and I know differently. Thank YOU for your part in the search for Randy.

    • profile image

      Scott Richards 

      4 years ago

      Linda me being one of the search volunteers the half mile he talks about in my opinion is not close enough nor would a 1/4 mile. The terrain out there and with all the places a person could have ended up would make it still hard to find them. If the area was some place like a field or in a forrest being with in two miles of the person that kind of system might work unless the person is under water. I feel like you do when it comes to them saying there program helped find Randy. If I remember right there where dogs used in near the area he was found, that is where dogs could be used. Again with that terrain I don't believe dogs could have been used in the whole area. It could have put the dogs along with there handles in danger, a lot of the area was hard enough for searchers with a out having to worrying about a search dog to. They should be ashamed of what they have said when it comes to finding Randy and write an apology to you and the rest of the family.

    • Sunshine625 profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Bilyeu 

      4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Djj, the Find Me Group has no idea where the remains were located so they have no idea if they were close and with their scattergun method of 13 predictions along the river and giving themselves 1/2 to 2 miles of claiming they were correct, their credibility is about as bogus as the Fenn hunt.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      What a mess. If they were wrong we never would of heard of them, but now that they are "close" they have to tell the world!!! Another Forrest Fenn wagon rider.

    • Sunshine625 profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Bilyeu 

      4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Per Find Me's post on Facebook..

      Find Me Linda Bilyeu again we are very saddened that you feel the need to go on this attack. Our hearts are breaking for Randy's family that asked for us to consult on his case.Your careless comments are hurting them greatly in their time of grief. We respectfully ask that if you feel you have information the police do not on this case that you share it with them. To harbour information in an active investigation is obstruction of justice. We work in cooperation with the police department handling the cases we consult on. The police department as well as Randy's family has verified everything we have stated. As per the police department handling Randy's case you have never been given the coordinates unless you are stating the police department has a leak. We know this is an emotional time for you, but legally you are not the next of kin and were not involved in this case. The coordinates have not been released at this time. We are a very transparent organization as we are a registered 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit.

      My response....Transparent is an understatement and allow me to add a bit clueless too. This is not an attack, all we are doing to righting a wrong which is now bordering on harassment on your part. Here is a refresher course...I am the one who called in the missing person report. I was the reporting party for NMSAR. I was the one who organized the searchers which by the way, Find Me never had boots on the ground. I am the one who was actively working with ALL members of the family and agencies and you have now proven that you have no idea what you are talking about.

      If you need verification you could refer to Kathy, Carissa and Michelle...Randy's sister and his daughters.

      Find Me then deleted all the previous comments on their Facebook page.

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 

      4 years ago from Taos, NM

      Bottom Line, Find Me, you did not find Randy Bilyeu. An Army Corp of Engineer found his body. The engineer did not consult you as to where to find Randy. He found Randy by simply running upon the body by being in the right place and the right time. Find Me was not in the right place at the right time and so you have no claim to have found Randy. The rest of us see through your lies and deceit and your claims are false. Nothing can change that and no amount of responses will change that.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Find Me Group....I don't understand what is behind your motive excluding Linda from the Bilyeu family? You talk as if Linda is an outsider? This alone should be enough for people to run away from your business. This shows a huge lack of compassion on your part, considering you are a group that is supposed to be out to help people. Is this how you want the world to view you? Deplorable.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      4 years ago from Carson City

      Find me~~Pray tell, just exactly how do you intend to hope for a resolution when you start out with a full-fledged, blatant LIE

      You MOST CERTAINLY DID state word for word that it was "Your sister-in-law Kathy who reached out to us....NOT YOU."

      I corrected you by informing you that Kathy contacted you at LINDA'S REQUEST. Are you stupid...or do you think everyone else is?? You don't need to answer that. We read well, amongst the other talents we do well.

      After beginning your note of BS with a blatant lie, you will excuse me if I didn't bother to read the remainder of your lies & contrived comments. It doesn't matter whether you are associated with the "OTHER anonymous," Truth Matters. You're both anonymous & clueless.

      Take a warning from Two Crows.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I am a seeker of truth and justice. If there is one thing in this world I hate to see is unfair treatment and people being taken advantage of. Unfortunately we live times that people are desperate in body mind and soul and have become gullible and want to believe. People have the need to believe others right now what with all the unrest in the world and many times end up falling for untruths. And you are taking advantage of people in these situations! If you honestly did find Randy out there on the Rio Grande, why do these articles tell me that an Army Corps of Engineer person found him? Are you telling me that the media is lying to me along with this Engineer as well? Not that the media is not inclined to lie at times, but what would the gain be for the media to lie in this situation? You on the other hand do have something to gain by lying and that is promotion of your business. Do yourselves a favor and don't taint your history. This will follow you all through your business dealings. Become huge through honesty. Go out there and truly find missing people. If you feel the news media is stealing your thunder, take this matter up with them. Don't harm the Bilyeu family with this drama.

    • Find Me Group profile image

      Find Me Group 

      4 years ago

      Hello again to Linda and Linda's friends. This will be our final response. Hopefully a resolution will come about that will satisfy all parties.

      In response to your response.

      1. We did not say one way or another about her reaching out to us per your request. It's incredibly misleading to suggest we did.

      As for who told us not to bother showing up, you would have to ask either Kathy or Kelly.

      2. As previously mentioned, water isn't an issue for our K9 unit. You have said various things about the GPS coordinates. To be honest, we are not even sure you have them. This isn't a challenge to your credibility. We assume you do, but don't actually know that. We do know that both we and Kathy have asked for them, and the police have not released them to his next of kin yet. As for the half mile radius claim, we are going on what was reported to the investigative journalist although the specific GPS coordinates were not given to him either. Perhaps you are right in that MIST (as opposed to some, most, or all individual reports) was way off. It is incredibly easy to prove it by simply releasing the GPS coordinates you say you have.

      3. This actually doesn't even contradict what we said. Again, it's a heat map that's produced from the points. It's not expected for a missing person to actually be at any of the points themselves. The points themselves may be scattered or concentrated. You might think we are just telling you nonsense, but again, as mentioned earlier any mathematician or statistician--not just the ones at the university that works with us on MIST-- can explain it to you who have no stake in this topic and are not interested in deceiving you in any way.

      4. Again, you are mistaking the separate points for the heat map.

      5. Done. And our response is in #2 as well.

      6. Done, also see our #2.

      We wish you well, Linda. We will continue communicating with Kathy.

      P.S. I want to emphasize what TruthMattersMost mentioned above. That person is not a part of Find Me, and her or his views do not reflect ours.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      4 years ago from Carson City

      Find Me (individual) Unfortunate you were not privy to the FACT that Randy's sister contacted you BASED UPON LINDA'S REQUEST. Thus it was her involvement and request, just as the entire search was planned and orchestrated by her. Obviously you don't know nearly what you falsely THINK you know. Too bad, because your long comment was a waste of your time since it's clear you have no idea what you're talking about. All the statements you have made are "errors" from beginning to end. Nice try.

      Truth Matters.....What a joke. You wouldn't know truth if it jumped up and hit you in your ignorant mouth. You most assuredly would not know a woman of Linda's intelligence, tenacity, dedication and honesty. You aren't worthy to even speak her name. You have "WOWED" yourself into a corner of stupidity & embarrassment. Best thing you can do is remain silent. You've succeeded in proving how clueless you are.

    • Sunshine625 profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Bilyeu 

      4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Fame? I am confused as to where the "fame" enters the picture?

      I have invested 8 months of my life, beginning on January 13th, into this case and to have a group waltz right in after the fact and attempt to gain the spotlight in order to gain donations is unacceptable! I am not the type of person to sit back and not speak up. So, in a nutshell if you don't know me I strongly suggest you don't judge me.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wow! As a person who worked really hard on this case (though not with Find Me directly, but close enough to know how their algorythm works and how it came into play in this case), it is really sad to see this mans' Ex-wife using his death for fame. Trying to be this "truth teller", when you are in fact lying in this article. Have you absolutely NO standards as to how low you are willing to go for a buck? I mean WOW. I worked HOURS for free, and I see this. You must be the most evil, selfish and just all around soulless person I have ever had the misfortune to come across. Poor man that had people like you there. Now I get why he had to look for treasure to be happy.

    • Sunshine625 profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Bilyeu 

      4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Find Me Group,

      1. Kathy Leibold (not Liebold) contacted you in hopes of receiving assistance. She did so per my request as I was already overwhelmed with my position as Search Manager for the mission.

      I have no idea what you are referring to per this comment, "The local search team there told us, “No thanks. We have it covered.” Who was this search team? At that point I was in charge of arranging searches. New Mexico Search and Rescue was never contacted, you would think they would have been since they are the "search team" of New Mexico. So that comment is confusing.

      2. Your reference of 1/2 mile to 2 miles is a wide area when the majority of the area is water, the Rio Grande. You have no idea if your information is correct since you do not have the coordinates. Once again, when you do receive the coordinates you will need to retract your data because you are incorrect. Once again, I will not release the coordinates until the case is closed. I will not jeopardize the investigation just to appease your curiosity. If the authorities decide to give you the coordinates that is their choice, but I will not be the one who could possibly corrupt the investigation.

      3. Based on assumption. But there is a high probability you would not have found Randy Bilyeu due to the 13 predictions that you submitted since they were off course.

      4. So you take credit even though credit wasn't warranted. A person being at the right place at the right time is yours for the picking? I beg to differ. You might as well accept credit for each missing person that is found. Scattergun Effect.

      5. See response #2.

      6. Impossible since the media reports never revealed the location of the find area, since the media did not have the exact location or a close vicinity, just a rough estimate. How Mr Krywko, a journalist from Warsaw Poland was able to pinpoint the location of Randy is quite interesting. He must be a psychic!!

      7. See response #2.

      Have a great day.

    • Find Me Group profile image

      Find Me Group 

      4 years ago

      Hello Linda,

      As his ex-wife long before he went missing, we can’t begin to understand your frustration, pain and dissatisfaction with the entire process of locating a missing adult. It is the very reason Kelly Snyder founded and created the Find Me Group 14 years ago. We do the best we can with the tools available to us and we do all of this free of charge to the families and law enforcement, all on a volunteer basis. We do everything we can to help families who find themselves in this terrible situation, when their loved one goes missing. A few items that you either directly said or indirectly alluded to need to be addressed, however:

      1. We do not go after cases. Either law enforcement or a family member of a loved one has to come to us to ask for our free-of-charge help. In Randy’s case it was his loving sister Kathy Liebold who reached out to us, not you. We immediately offered our airplane, search & rescue K9-unit, and the rest of our team to physically come and work on the ground to find him. The local search team there told us, “No thanks. We have it covered.” They told us that months ago.

      2. We consequently worked the case remotely, using our members to provide GPS coordinates of where the missing person might be. Our predictive analytics program looks at all of these assorted dots on a map by the members and then created a heat map of where the missing person would likely be. Our information is accurate in most cases within a 1/2 mile to 2 mile radius and in some cases the exact location. In Randy’s case our information was accurate within a 1/2 mile according to your own account of a potential hundreds square miles of territory. Keep in mind were our search dogs allowed to be on the ground, they only need to be within a mile radius of a person’s whereabouts to find their location. It doesn’t matter if they are on land or in water. Since there were literally hundreds of square miles where he could have been, narrowing it down to a half square mile is obviously a success. It saves incredible time and man power whenever we can shrink a search area down nearly 400 times for cases we work.

      3. We were most certainly not provided details or clues to suggest that we look north, south, east or west. Our information provided to the authorities stated that Randy was deceased and in the river caught under or on the surface of the water by debris. Again, with qualified/certified cadaver canine support we offered, a 1/2 mile radius is easy to locate someone if we are that close to the victim. That is to say, that if we were on the ground, combined with our analytics program, we would have found him months ago.

      4. We do not and have never claimed to locate someone that we personally have not physically searched for and found. However, if they are physically found by someone else in that region where we pinpointed them to likely be found before they are found that is a successful prediction.

      5. The article written by Jacek Krywko was intended to identify our scientific approach to locating missing individuals, specifically Randy, and we were in fact within our predicted scientific location protocol. To this date we have not been provided the exact GPS coordinates where Randy was found, only that he was found within the radius we told them he would be in months ago. This, despite ex-DEA officer Kelly Snyder himself requesting this information from authorities and Randy’s sister Kathy doing the same as well. Kathy has been exceptional with her responses to our requests and we are confident she will be able to provide these coordinates upon receipt from the authorities.

      6. The investigative journalist Mr. Krywko came up with the location of Randy on his own and it is based on what he learned from media reports that were all confirmed.

      7. If you, Linda, have the specific GPS coordinates (you’ve somewhat hinted that you have, according to your claim of working so close on this case) not just the general vicinity, then both we at Find Me and Randy’s sister Kathy ask that you share them with us so we can use that data for our predictive analytics software to solve and potentially even prevent more cases in the future. Sadly, this is not the only missing person case we have been ask to work on.

      Again, we do everything we can to help and our heart goes out to you, his family and friends on your loss of your ex-husband Randy.

      Respectfully yours,

      Find Me

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Way to go, Linda! I am proud to call you my friend. The world needs more honesty, truth, and personal accountability.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      It's important to resist claiming success that is not one's own, especially when emotions and lives are at stake. I'm glad you set the record straight.

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 

      4 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      The truth stands on its own...

      ...thank you for being a truth sayer and a role model of decency throughout this ordeal, dear Linda. Love, MM

    • Laurinzo Scott profile image

      LJ Scott 

      4 years ago from Phoenix, Az.

      I can't believe that there are people who so blatantly exploit such serious and trying times for people... I commend you for calling them out

    • mckbirdbks profile image


      4 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

      Hello Linda. Worms are to be expected. It is sad that this trying episode cannot come to a peaceful conclusion. You have fought two epic battles, back to back, and deserve a long period of recuperation and celebration.

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 

      4 years ago from Taos, NM

      Wow, Linda! What an excellent article! It is great that you are keeping these people's feet to the fire about the truth of your situation. Goodness, how many hoaxer's are out there?

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      4 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Good for you, Linda. False claims for publicity and unearned accolades should not be tolerated. You did the right thing posting this so other grieving families are not taken advantage of.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      4 years ago from Carson City

      My my....I am disappointed whenever I learn of this sort of contrived publicity. It is quite a disappointing state of affairs, Linda, when individuals will go to extremes and blatant fabrications in an effort to somehow squirm their way into the undeserved limelight. The obvious questions becomes, "Just How LOW can you go??"

      You are seriously to be commended for stepping up with facts and truth! Liars, phonies & every sort of fraudulent practices should always be exposed. The only right and just thing to do is to speak up and inform the public of the shady activities and fabricated stories of some groups and individuals who are low enough to believe they can steal thunder and recognition that belongs elsewhere!

      Bravo Ms. Bilyeu...Good for you! Thank you for your honesty. The world needs more people of your high moral values!!


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