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Oral B Vs Sonicare-Which one is better?

Updated on May 20, 2016

Oral b and Sonicare, these two are the favorite brand of a power toothbrush. Both of them are trying to improve their toothbrush to get hold of major part of the market. Oral b triumph is the most popular among the oral b electric toothbrushes. Oral b Triumph 9900 was the newer version of most popular oral b professional care smart series 5000 rechargeable toothbrush. Sonicare launched their one of the most advanced power electric toothbrush- flex care.

We'll compare here oral b 5000 vs. philips Sonicare Flex care.

Both oral b and Sonicare have almost equal cleaning ability. The oscillatory movement of oral b brush head and vibrating of Sonicare helps to break off plaque and ensures better cleaning than ordinary electric toothbrush or even manual brushing because oral b brush head oscillates 40000 strokes/min and Sonicare a 30000/minute. This frequency is impossible with manual brushing. So definitely Rechargeable electric toothbrush is superior.

Naturally the question comes now about whether this oscillation rate can damage teeth & gums or not. No, no injury or teeth and gums. How? These power toothbrushes have a pressure sensor. These will give an alarm if you brush too hard indicating pressure should be reduced. Oral b triumph even slows down its oscillation & pulsation with hard pressure. If pressure is harmful, it stops oscillation & pulsation. This is where oral b is superior. Sonicare also helps gum protection by a different mode known as "Sensitive" mode. By this mode, sonicare tries to take more care of your gums.

About cleaning and removing plaque, sonicare flexcare is superior to oral b rechargeable toothbrush. With the three brushing mode, Sonicare beats oral b and even Sonicare elite power toothbrushes.

Now come to the comparison of outlook. Sonicare brush heads are a little bit larger. Oral b brush bristles have a color which fades away with time indicating the need of changing brush head. It's recommended to change brush head every three months. On the other hand Sonicare, flex cars has UV sanitizer for the brush heads to kill the remaining bacteria. This feature may cause a little bit troublesome as you'll need to keep the brush head in the sanitizer every time by disconnecting it from the brash handle. You can also avoid using this feature. Thorough washing is almost sufficient.

Brush handle of oral b is smaller than Sonicare. Both adult and child can easily use the oral b electric toothbrush.

Oral b has a smart guide which is equipped with the wireless remote display which shows visual alert for a Pressure sensor, brush head change alert, visual guide for brushing four quadrants, time tracking. This feature helps a person to follow the easy instruction that means user-friendly.

Sonicare price is a little bit higher than oral b due to its UV sanitizer. You can also buy without UV sanitizer. Replacement heads are also more costly for Sonicare than oral b power toothbrush.

Both have good battery life. One charge can brush almost for a week with twice a day brushing routine. Both of them have a travel bag for carrying while traveling with traveling charger. Both of them have two years warranty.

Overall, both the rechargeable toothbrushes are excellent. But oral b is suitable for a family with kids as it's easy for a child to use due to it's smaller size and visual guide. It also has gum protecting pressure sensor. But Sonicare is a durable better plaque removing rechargeable toothbrush. Choose the better one for you.

Which electric rechargeable toobrush you like most?

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    • drsohel profile image

      drsohel 4 years ago from Dhaka, BD

      Shawna, I agree with you. But I'm not as lucky as you to receive such products for free.

    • profile image

      Shawna 4 years ago

      I personally think that you must use both to make that decision. I have both, however I have the Philips Diamond Clean. It's a bit more pricey but worth it. I was lucky to receive both brushes free from product reps. :)

    • drsohel profile image

      drsohel 5 years ago from Dhaka, BD

      Peters, Thanks, happy to hear that it helped you.

      Robert, thanks

      James, Yes, I've also seen such reports and you'll find opposite one too. However, it's my personal experience. Thanks for asking.

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      How did you conclude that flexcare did better job to remove plaque

      since I'd seen opposite results on a paper?

    • profile image

      Ken 5 years ago

      My dentist recommends the Oral B 5000 and a friend recommends the Sonicare Flexcare. This review helps with clarification.


    • profile image

      Robert 5 years ago

      Thanks for this great review. It confirmed what I already read in german on another review:

      So I'll be going for the Philips Brush

    • profile image

      Peters 5 years ago

      Dr Sohel, Thank you for this great review. This is exactly what I needed to decide between the two, Peters