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Organic Aloe Vera the Heart Diet and STRESS Part V

Updated on September 1, 2008

How about the Gulf Coast for STRESS!!

As we talk about stress, diet and the heart, there are many contributors to this thing we call stress. Lets take a little time and look at some of the major affects and events that cause individuals to adapt.

Listed, are a few major stress examples:

  • Death of spouse or partner
  • Marital separation, divorce
  • Personal illness and disease
  • Loss of job
  • Retirement
  • Pregnancy
  • Financial problems
  • Personal achievement
  • School
  • Negative work environment
  • Social activities
  • Vacations and of course holidays.

If you experience any of the above examples and haven't been able to adapt to the demands, without a doubt, you're likely going to experience the physical and mental affects of the stress associated with these major stress examples.

Consequently, stress is a real live entity. It's here to stay. How you cope with the stress at hand depends on whether it will be damaging or not. If you find the stress becoming long term, here are some ways to manage and take control of your stress before it gets out of hand….

  • Identify your problem.
  • Improve your time-management.
  • Avoid procrastination.
  • Talk about your problem.
  • Share your problem with a close friend.
  • Talk with your partner or the people at the source of the problem when you feel the tension building.
  • Try to relax, regroup, and take some personal time every day to rest.
  • Close your eyes and relax your body.
  • Think happy thoughts.
  • Clear your mind.
  • Exercise, take a walk, try a different kind of exercise and develop an exercise routine that you’ll like and enjoy. Make it fun.
  • When you become overwhelmed and frustrated, just stop, walk away from your task for a while and rest your body. You'll be amazed with the outcome.
  • Avoid to many unexpected changes, plan your work and work your plan to ensure that major life changes don't occur simultaneously. Remember, you're in charge of your own life. You’re in charge of your own health. Step up to the plate, be responsible …take charge!!
  • Prepare your list of priorities each day; gain control of your workload to prevent all those frustrations.
  • Set realistic goals. Don't overload yourself. Remember, as Toby sez, "Your not as good as you once was".

Adding a word about stress and nutrition, whenever your body is under prolonged stress, different organs and systems though out your body can be affected, causing your immune system to be weakened... thus reducing your body's defense system the ability to resist infection.

For this reason, I always recommend that you supplement your diet with high quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes, super antioxidants and of course, plenty of clean fresh filtered water with two-four ounces of Organic Aloe Vera every day …but don’t forget …get the “best tasting aloe vera juice!”

As always, know your supplier.

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