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Organic Aloe Vera the Heart Diet and STRESS Part VII

Updated on March 1, 2009

Do you know that stress can lead to an overgrowth of a yeast called Candida Albicans?

Today I want to talk about one of the major health conditions associated with the long term STRESS on your immune system. You see, when your immune system is stressed, over a long period of time, it often permits an internal overgrowth of the common yeast-like fungus Candida Albicans.

When that overgrowth gets out of hand, not only are you going to experience the symptoms of your STRESS, your body's going to encounter symptoms such as exhaustion, irritability and mood swings just to name a few. We will discuss many more of these symptoms later on …but first, lets find out exactly what this thing called Candida Albicans is all about.

Let's be a bit more specific, Candida Albicans is a yeast that is found and lives in your intestinal tract and is the culprit that cause the all to common vaginal yeast infection in women, diaper rash and thrush in babies and the more common finger and toenail fungus.

Lets back up for a minute. You see, although we call Candida Albicans the bad bacteria...just so you know, Candida isn't all-bad, in fact, it's normal to have a certain amount of this Candida in your intestinal tract. In fact, it's healthy and there is a need for it. But, as I said earlier, when the balance gets out of hand, that's when the problems begin.

Believe it or not, your intestinal tract needs a blend, a mix, and a ratio, of intestinal flora to maintain a healthy environment …somewhere in the ratio of 80% good bacteria known as acidophilus and bifidus with about 20% of the bad bacteria known as Candida Albicans.

However, when the bad bacteria "Candida Albicans" take over and begin to multiply, the balance or the ratio gets switched around and then you end up with 80% of the bad bacteria and 20% of the good bacteria. Just the opposite of what it's supposed to be. Not Good!!!

Seriously, put some thought into this...when this happens, your whole body gets out of whack. You need to understand this.

Candida Albicans, the yeast bacteria is a real live organism. It lives inside you …inside your body. Its main purpose is to survive. And to survive, it must reproduce. And to reproduce, it must eat. And when it eats, it must eliminate its waste. And where do you think it eliminates its waste?

You got it...inside you!!! And that's where the trouble begins. These yeast cells produce over 75 know "toxins", poisons, that poison your body every minute of you life.

Did you know that Candida Albicans can multiply itself every 20 minutes?

In doing so, these toxins, these poisons, contaminate the tissues and destroys your immune system, weakens your kidneys, bladder, lungs, liver and your whole intestinal system...including your heart, brain and central nervous system.

Once your intestinal tract is out of whack, out of balance and the Candida begins multiplying and spreading to other parts of your body, it seems to just take over and becomes a permanent part of all the intestinal organs.

By the way...Candida multiplies itself every 20 minutes!!!

Is it any wonder then why so many people are experiencing these conditions caused by this yeast bacteria;

Chronic Fatigue, allergies, join pain, chest pain, sinus, rashes, exhaustion, poor memory, puffy eyes, bad breath, hyperactivity, gas/bloating, mood swings, irritability, lethargy, ulcers, can't sleep, aches/pains, constipation, diarrhea, dry skin, itchy skin, food craving, depression, body fungus, heart burn, thrush, vaginal yeast infections, IBS, fibromyalgia and many, many more.

Today's tip.... If you experience any of these is on the way, always supplement your diet with a high quality vitamin (VitaXtreme), a quality enzyme (ProEnzyme) and a super antioxidant (Complex-50 plus) with my usual recommendation of plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two-four ounces of Organic Aloe Vera Juice (best tasting aloe vera juice on the market) every day.

And by all means, know your supplier.

We welcome your comments!

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    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      pylos26 ..thank you for coming by and for your comment. I am glad you feel you are getting information out of my hubs. There is so much to say about this bacteria that one does not know what to say first. But stay around and we can communicate. It is always good to learn from each other.

      Again ...thanks for stopping by and please come by again best to your health!

    • pylos26 profile image


      10 years ago from America

      hi GJ...i've been reading your hubs and i feel i have a degree in bacterium...seriously... i enjoy reading them and await more...pylos26

    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      AEvans ...thank you for you special comment on this subject. My partner and I have been in the nutrition business for a combination of over 30 years and we have taught this subject ..Candida Albicans educate the everyday individual about their health and how to just listen to their body ...especially when it is crying out for help ...there are signs.

      We have had nurses in our audience and they start out not being sure of what I was saying and then a light goes on and they can see how nutrition can help. They know the problem, but some do not have a clue about the food that feeds this bacteria ...then we enlighten them and they agree that this could be the case.

      As a whole, people do not look at their bodies and break it down. They only look at the surface ...until it is too late and then they run to the doctor and say please fix it and yes, sometimes they get a quick fix with out knowing the down the road results.

      Our only hope is to help people realize that there is help and actually they can help themselves. There is no reason why anyone can't help their self stay healthy. Even if you are on government support, you can buy good food and stop eating the junk!!!

      Please stop by again AEvans ...I welcome your comments best to your health and success!!!

    • AEvans profile image


      10 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Hi!!! I am so glad that you are writing articles and provide clarity and understanding on these topics. As although I am a nurse it is refreshing to have someone write and provide information outside of the medical field that is truth. I do believe in natural medicines although that is not what we provide and Aloe Vera does work in many ways. Great Article!!

    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Thanks chaser4 ..know what you mean ..our smile face looks pretty sick ..and believe me Candida Albican overgrowth can make you feel very much like that sad face. Please stop by again ....My best to your health!

    • chaser4 profile image


      10 years ago

      Hey gjcody....your right on the mark again. Sometimes I look like that little picture at the top of your hub! Yuk!!


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