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Organic Natracare Tampons

Updated on February 15, 2011

Organic tampons are becoming increasingly popular among women who care about the impact of the products that they use on both the environment and their own health. Unlike conventional tampons, organic tampons are made from organically produced cotton, and aren't sprayed with potentially harmful pesticides and other chemicals.

Who Are Natracare?

Natracare is an award-winning company that sells a wide range of ethically-produced personal hygiene products, including tampons and sanitary pads. It was founded in 1989 by Susie Hewson, and offered the first range of certified organic cotton tampons and chlorine-free sanitary pads and liners in the world. Today the range has expanded to include maternity pads, incontinence pads, and baby care products. Natracare is committed to maintaining high ethical standards which promote health and sustainability.

Why Choose Organic Tampons?

Organic tampons are an excellent choice, both for your body, and for the environment. Conventional tampons are made from synthetic materials (commonly viscose and rayon), or from conventional (sprayed) cotton and polypropylene. They are generally bleached with chlorine also. The chemicals used in their manufacture can be very damaging to the environment (particularly pesticides, which release dioxin and other harmful chemicals), and they are difficult to dispose of, as they don't break down naturally. The strings of conventional tampons are often dyed too, sometimes with dyes that are produced using harmful heavy metals. These various chemicals may also, according some claims, also be absorbed by the body, possibly causing harmful longer term effects, as well as allergies in some women. Tampons made from synthetic materials are also prone to shredding, and have the undesirable effect of leaving fibre inside the body.

Organic tampons and sanitary products, in contrast, do not involve the use of harmful chemicals in their manufacture, making them a better choice for those who care about their personal health and the health of the planet. They are also biodegradable, so they break down easily after disposal. By choosing tampons made from organic cotton, you're also making a socially responsible choice; 26% of all of the pesticides used worldwide are used in cotton production, and many cotton workers live in third world countries, and include young children and teenagers. By choosing organic cotton tampons and other products, you can help to make life better for sections of the population who are often exploited in the production of conventional cotton.

The Natracare Range of Organic Tampons

Natracare produces a range of organic tampons in three different sizes – regular, super and super+, so no matter how heavy or light your menstrual flow, you should find a size to suit. You can also choose from applicator and non-applicator versions. Organic natracare tampons are certified by the Soil Association.

Other Organic Hygiene Products From Natracare

Natracare's range of hygiene products isn't limited to tampons. You can also choose from:

  • Ultra Pads (in four sizes – regular, super, super+ and long)
  • Maxi Pads (in three sizes – regular, super and larger)
  • Panty liners for everyday use (ultra thin, tanga, breathable and curved shapes)
  • Organic cotton wipes
  • Maternity pads
  • Nursing pads
  • Organic cotton baby wipes
  • Incontinence pads

Where To Buy Organic Natracare Tampons

Organic tampons from Natracare are available to buy in health food stores and some supermarkets and chemists. For the full range and best prices (especially if you buy in bulk), try buying them online.


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