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Organic Yoga Clothing – Why Bamboo is a Good Choice

Updated on August 24, 2016

Organic Yoga Clothing – Why Bamboo is a Good Choice

There are a lot of different types of active wear and yoga clothing out there today. How does one decide whether to use cotton or bamboo active wear? And once you do decide, there are so many companies out there that offer both, how can you choose just one?

I’m here to break down why bamboo clothing is the way to go. You can choose which company to go with once you decide on the fabric, since every company has different designs anyway. I just want to let you know that clothing made from bamboo is a much better option than clothing made from cotton.

Bamboo Clothing Benefits

- Soft and Smooth – Customers say that this is comparable to silk or cashmere clothing. The bamboo fibers have a rounded surface which help bamboo clothing to be very comfy.

- Odor-Resistant - Great for people with skin allergies. Bamboo clothing is easy to care for and stays fresher and lasts longer than cotton clothing.

- Absorbs Moisture – When you start sweating, the bamboo will help to absorb the moisture from your skin. This will help you keep a little dryer and comfier while working out.

- Keeps Cool – One of the bamboo qualities is that it is a material that is very breathable. People feel cooler while wearing bamboo during the summer months. However, in the colder months, bamboo has a great insulating layer that helps to keep you warmer.

- Blocks Sun-Rays – Bamboo fabric blocks about 98 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This yoga clothing can help save your skin from cancer.

- Antibacterial – Bamboo naturally contains an antimicrobial agent. This agent inhibits bacteria and fungus to grow in the clothing. This keeps the bamboo yoga clothing smelling cleaner and lasting longer than other fabrics.

- Organic Bamboo – The bamboo plant is one of the fastest growing plants on the earth. Since it grows so easily in an organic process, there is no need for extra dangerous pesticides that can cause damage to the soil.

- Oxygen – Bamboo plants only require rain fall to fill its natural needs. You can compare that to cotton which is one of the biggest uses for irrigation water. Bamboo converts more CO2 into oxygen then forest trees of the same size.

In conclusion, bamboo clothing is much softer and keeps you cooler than cotton clothing. This organic yoga clothing made from bamboo is much better for the environment too. It’s a clear choice and you won’t regret it once you try out anything made from bamboo especially the active wear. Whether you are doing yoga, working out or any other type of exercise, bamboo is the perfect fabric to use for all occasions, you won’t be disappointed.


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