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Top Selling Lampe Berger Essential Oil Malaysia

Updated on October 18, 2011

Top 3 Selling Lampe Berger Essential Oil Malaysia

Lampe Berger Eucalyptus Essential Oil Malaysia
Most popular among all because of it's natural smell and benefits, it would greatly help relieves asthmatic..

Lampe Berger Apple Essential Oil Malaysia
Sweet and harmony, inviting appetite, i like to put this in my bedroom especially during romantic time :-) because it give you the feeling of happiness and harmony...

Lampe Berger Lavender Essential Oil Malaysia
Depends on individual, if you like lavender, no doubts your best choice, it help improves sleep, release stress, can even use for bathing and massage, 1 thing for caution, using it, you might forget to wake up the next day...zzZZz...

Others Best Selling Lampe Berger Essential Oil Malaysia

Lampe Berger Peppermint Essential Oil Malaysia
People who like mint, thats your choice, mint is very refreshing, imagine using Darlie toothpaste, wooo...:-) Excellent choice for relieving headaches

Lampe Berger Green Tea Essential Oil Malaysia
Excatly like drinking a cup of green tea at your favourite Japanese restaurant, hows the feeling? If you like green tea, you know the great benefits Green Tea has.

Lampe Berger Oceane Essential Oil Malaysia
It has a mixture of rosemary, mint flavour & lavender, pure and nice. Excellent to use at your study room, training room & office. It will greatly help to improve focus and memory especially if you use it frequently...

Lampe Berger Citronnelle Essential Oil Malaysia A mixture of eucalyptus, basi and orange seeds extracts. Very natural and nice smell. I remember indian mamak use citronnelle a lot for their curry recipe. It helps smoothes the respiratory system and relieve headache..

Lampe Berger Sandalwood Essential Oil Malaysia
Though many people would not like the frangrance of sandalwood very much but their do like the spiritual effects that sandalwood brings...It's not to use in your home but your office and business environment, some believe it brings lucks and positive energy to your business..What do you think?

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