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Our Homeland Security is Middleaged!

Updated on May 7, 2009

The following quotes came from the woman that is suppossed to be protecting us from terrorists, illegals entering the country with drugs etc..., huricanes and disasters.... whoa...wait a minute...does a dealy virus rank as a possible disaster or not??? Anyway take a look at these quotes.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that "dealing with the swine flu virus will be "a marathon, not a sprint" and individual citizens have a responsibility to help. They will not even allpw the border guards to wear masks because "it might offend the illegals crossing the border (or anyone else). I say, "Everything they do is a damn marathon" and our interest is not a priority here anymore.
Napolitano repeated the administration's position that "passive surveillance" (giving out broshure at the border) of U.S. land and sea ports was sufficient for now, saying that closing borders "has not been merited by the facts." She definitely does not belong in Homy Security!

Why is it every country in the world has pretty much has shut down their borders, but us? I will tell you why. The Obama staff, including Obama, wants enough people getting sick, or dying, that we drop to our knees and beg their majesties for health care.

Just like flying the one of White House 747s over New York City at early morning rush hour, that our know all, do nothing wrong, president "had no knowledge of" (he is either the most naive or stupidest president we have ever had or he lying through his teeth like everything else he says) saying it was a photo op. Excuse me but who was taking the pictures. Was it the jet pilot behind him in the take down position flying with one hand and shooting pictures with the other or was someone standing on the statue of liberty. Ah, if they were, the statue would not be in the picture. Get the picture. There was no photo shoot, just another lie. They want us scared half to death so we come crawling to them for healthcare. Can't you see that or not.

Give me your thoughts. How many have to die before they do their job!!!


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    • profile image

      issues veritas 8 years ago

      Homeland security should have been involved in the Air Force One photo shoot scenario. In any case, it was a defense issue that was not thought out properly. The terrorists could have taken advantage of the panic that the photo shoot stirred up. As it was the 911 operators from the few conversations that I heard, either didn't know about the photo shoot or didn't know what to do with the calls.

      As for the swine flu, the borders should be monitored more closely to prevent sick people from crossing it. In the past, the CDC has not been all that it is supposed to be, and now it doesn't seem to be any different.