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Immune System and Virus, Flu, Cold

Updated on April 21, 2020
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I have Dry Eye Syndrome and have tried to figure out what is going on and how to help this syndrome, what can I do, what helps.

It's not who is responsible

That's right - it's NOT who is responsible for the corvid-19 virus - it's you in charge of your health and you can do this by making your immune system very strong!

Staying Healthy and Fighting Virus, Flu and Colds

What to do: Help our immune system to fight the corvid-19 virus, flues and colds, by taking vitamin C and B-complex. The very first time you experience a raspy throat or a start of a sore throat, take 780 mg Echinacea. 90 mg vitamin c and 1 chewy or pill of vitamin B-complex. (this is for adults)

If you have a scratchy throat, make tea and add 1 tablespoon honey along with 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. Cinnamon won't stir in very well, so keep stirring and sip until all gone. (adults and children)

How do we do this? Make sure you have enough vitamin D, A, C and B’s (folate acid, iron, selenium, zinc). This is good boost for everyone. Keeping your immune system healthy and working by taking vitamins do help us to staying healthy. Vitamin C and B need to be replaced every day while, vitamins A and D don’t. If you don’t get them with your food, you need to replace these necessary vitamins through supplements.

Our medical system, CDC and MD’s are victims of pharma-based education where they prescribe and promote manufactured chemicals in the form of prescriptions to cure our symptom. Most MD’s are if-then-prescribe-this, they are taught to be egomaniacs – no solution is recommended - they are taught to treat symptoms.


Our Body's Whole System

A little information on our medical system: Our western system breaks our body into parts, cardiologists, pulmonologists and so on. But, instead of breaking our system up, what if we looked at our body as an engineering system. It ‘transports’ three things: energy, information and matter by processing and conversion of storage.

For example: A Ferrari goes very fast (energy), a Suv moves slower (energy). A Ferrari can’t store much, but a Suv can. Farreri has a high revving engine, a Suv is for long-hauling, each has a different system, same with humans, our body is a whole system working together to perform in perfect harmony.

Our Body's System

Immune System
Immune System | Source

Medical Model Today is not long term

Our western medical does not maintain our bodies for the long term or for cures, it practices wartime medicine. For example: ‘Our body’s damaged so lets get it going so we can get back in battle’. But. if you maintain your body it takes care of itself, give it the right fuel, right nourishment, keep your immune system healthy and you take care of your whole body.

If you don’t get the sunshine you need and eat badly, you create a lot of problems and you will have to get it back into alignment – just as you would do with your auto. Our immune system is a fantastic system and we should keep it healthy and well maintained. If we keep a healthy body, it stays strong and builds immunity. If you are immunocompromised, your body is off-kilter and it will turn on itself and could result in an overreaction because of a weakened and dystunctional ‘immune’ system.

Powerful Immune System
Powerful Immune System | Source

We need to start taking responsibility of our personal health. We are in charge, WE Are the Captain of our Health. Medical professions, DR, nurses, specialists are our 'consultants' - BUT we should be deciding in the end what to do.

Start making decisions on your personalized medicine and let’s start curing the underlying problem instead of treating the ‘symptom’. We need to 'stop' scaring the public about viruses – we have 380 trillion viruses inside ourselves and most are good viruses!

Take the AIDS epidemic – Anthony Fauci said that HIV causes AIDS and created a career on this. HIV DOES not cause AIDS! 70% of Zambia have the HIV virus, but 58% do not have AIDS! Millions of people worldwide test positive for HIV and are not dying. Because you have HIV, does not mean you have AIDS! This is how wrong information gets perpetuated, causes fear, lies and deceit. HIV is only one possible virus in our body.

Don't Fall For The Scare Tactics

Take charge - build up your immunity system by keeping it strong and healthy. This is your responsibility.

If a dystunctional, weakened immune system caused by poor choices and infrastructure because of dirty air, water, food or unhealthy food causes our problem like corvid-19 flu – taking manufactured chemicals from big pharma is not helping us – this is a scare tactic. Strengthening and maintaining a immune system is 'fixing the problem' before anything starts.

The question asked in this current pandemic; "is this really a threat to humanity?"
The answer is 'NO'.

IT's a threat to you and me - so take charge - prepare yourself with the tools your body need to fight this - our immune system is the very best thing we have on our side - keep it strong!

Lets get our immune system in good working order and maintain it like you do your vehicle. Give it the nourishment it needs, make sure it has all the vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis, keep it properly maintained and healthy and it will fight all your battles for you. Just as your vehicle maintained properly will get to where you are going. This does not mean that it will cure every health problem you have, but it will drastically cut down on your health issues.


For those who don’t listen or refuse to believe maintaining a strong immune system is the answer; stay inside, wear the masks, use the antibacterial soap and let the media scare you.

It’s like the mean person telling a little child you have to stay inside or the bogeyman will get you!

They are controlling us with scare tactics

They want to tell you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. The world is being programmed by the media and those who want to use scare tactics using the bogeymen to keep us in line.

Take responsibility for your well being, protect yourself with a strong immune system. This does not necessarily mean you won't get the flu - but it will be a milder case. Let your immune system go to work for you.

Prescription Drugs
Prescription Drugs | Source

Prescription Drugs

How many prescription drugs are you on? About 200,000 people have died directly because of them. It ranks 4th in the causes of deaths. And a good share of these are ‘high blood pressure’ pills, heart disease and medical errors. Have you heard anything about this being a state of emergency or shutting down our economy? Or have you heard about a shutdown because our health system is finding a massive increase in obesity rates of autoimmune disorders?
1.9 million people per year get adverse reactions and require hospitalization from prescription drugs! I haven’t heard this is a pandemic situation either.
Our MD’s are not educated in improving our immune system, they are taught you have-this- I prescribe-this syndrome. Our western health system needs a makeover – that is what we should be concerned and screaming about. A remake of our medical system dealing with 1. strengthening our immune system and 2. treating the cause NOT the symptom, 3. less prescription drugs!

Creating Fear

Creating fear because of the flue and quarantining healthy people and crashing an economy is really a bad thing to do, creating hoarding, isolation, lies, misinformation and WHY? Are we creating a society where we will have police with Gestapo tendencies coming into our home and asking “Are you vacinated?”
Vaccines are NOT the way to go – increasing your immune system is better for you.
Start questioning and demand answers, write letters, call your representatives, senators and governors and demand better health education, better information, curing the cause of disease instead of treating the symptom with deadly chemical prescriptions.


Take Charge

Take charge, strengthen our immune system. We may eat an orange a day or maybe a banana, but that may not be enough, you might have to take a supplement to create a healthy strong immune system, especially if you are older. Because so many foods bought are already prepared, you may not be getting the vitamins and minerals you need, supplements are a good choice. High quality vitamin supplements can help you meet your daily vitamin needs, like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium.
Fight free radical damage with antioxidant vitamins C and E. Support energy metabolism and nervous system function with the vitamin B complex. And don’t forget about the specialized tissue growth and repair properties of vitamins A, D, and K.
Now is the time to: Think, Question and Take Charge and Build up your Immune System.


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