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A Vision for Humanity in Living Wholeness

Updated on July 31, 2013

Video - Our Vision for Humanity in Living Wholeness

Crack the egg and fly. Let go of the shell and spread your wings. You are timeless, borderless, boundless.

The seven circles present the egg of life, the material of undeveloped opportunity. It is you who will shape it.

A Personal Note

by Gary Smith

This summer marks the completion for me of one year in Germany (from here we move back to the States.) One of the highlights has been little or no sunlight in Deutschland. Long cold, grey, drizzly skies have encouraged me to look within for new discovery.

It also helps that the furthest I came with the language is to be able to order a brot (bread) in the bakery. I am not able to participate in conversations here, neither can understand a word of what people are saying as we pass on the cobblestone walkways. That has prevented my being drawn out by everyday chit-chat.

The entire year was a grand experience in letting go. I shed untold kilos of attached emotional baggage and old fixed ideas, and am left with a progressively clearer view of who I am and what is important to me.

Another benefit is the heightened empathy I feel for Kati, my life partner, who came to America in 2000 with her boy friend and two teenaged sons on a spiritual quest guided by her intuition.

When she and I met, her vocabulary in English was as small as mine still is in Deutsch. At the time, I had little sensitivity or understanding for how she felt about being in a foreign country, with no rights of a citizen, and not able to express herself to me.

Our story of meeting is told in the 'Is Destiny Real?' hub. When we walked together the first time, on a misty night, she groped for words and what came out was, 'I am from another star, and am looking for people of the same kind.'

Which brings me to the focus of this hub — first titled, 'We are looking for people of the same kind.'

Yet at the root is another search, which I have realized in the past year in my experience. It is the search for completion, an on-going process of yielding to natural design, expanding awareness and feeling whole.

The second title was 'How to Participate in the Process of Your Own Self-Completion.'

This is my observation, that human beings are on a quest, knowingly or not, to complete the missing link in themselves. Ego, rather than being an enemy, is an aspect of the incomplete self.

Answers in a recent question thread unearthed some illuminating insights. There I asked, “What are the root causes of the hunger for attention, approval and/or acknowledgment?

As John Connor wrote in his answer, “.... most babies and toddlers exist in this very environment; that would be one of a hunger for attention, approval and/or acknowledgment. We all were in this stage and perhaps not all have moved completely beyond this stage.”

Neediness for acknowledgment is just one aspect of the incomplete human. And the quest for self-completion is the noblest I can imagine. What greater gift can anyone give themselves and the world than to be whole?

After completing the video and looking again at this article, Kati and I realized that the title and content did not belong together. So we joyfully renamed it again, as it presents 'Our Vision for Humanity in Living Wholeness.'

I have to come to see that throughout the process of living wholeness, whatever I do is done with quality of attention, free from pressure or expectations. Living wholeness means love in action, being curious, making self-inquiry, allowing unconditional communication, giving freely, letting work be my play.

Photo is by Emanate Presence.
Photo is by Emanate Presence.
"Wanderer above the Sea of Fog" by Caspar David Friedrich
"Wanderer above the Sea of Fog" by Caspar David Friedrich
Three photos are by Emanate Presence. Photo of dolphin and girl are 'source unknown.'
Three photos are by Emanate Presence. Photo of dolphin and girl are 'source unknown.'
Photo is by Emanate Presence.
Photo is by Emanate Presence.
Bodhi Leaf Photo
Bodhi Leaf Photo | Source
Found on
Found on
Artist is unknown.
Artist is unknown.

The Role of Science and Technology in the Process of Self- Development

by Kati Smith

Are science and technology truly the main focus for human advancement and health?

Day-to-day life shows evidence that with advancements in science, the stress and anxiety level of humans increases simultaneously. Health is declining and ignorance and denial butters our daily bread. Imbalances in the human mind cause developmental stagnation.

Basic needs like food, shelter and social interaction are available to many. Yet people are often unhappy, depressed and live with the outcome of violent behavior toward themselves or others.

What hinders humans from lasting happiness and health? What are the causes for our enslaving dependency and destructive behavior? Is fear, nurtured by an incomplete perception of life, the driving force that alienates us from what we are by nature?

Fear, constantly re-created by our emotional infant trauma of utter dependency on a seemingly unstable environment, helps keep these behavioral addictions and aspects of low self-worth alive.

Self-worth is never experienced as long as humans lack intimate relationship with themselves. This incomplete experience of life creates further poor social relations.

How can we stop the self-destruction and develop in our own conscious process of completion?

When we allow our polarized perspectives to mature into union, natural intelligence rises as we balance in equilibrium.

In that state of inner peace, man can develop all dormant potential that lies within the human design and outgrow the constricting stress that covers up the fear of facing projected insecurity.

We have to know what we are made of — as our environment, life quality and overall well-being reflects upon that level of awareness.

From Survive to Thrive

There are many concepts on how we can live life to survive. Survival is only the beginning of our journey. Coming into equilibrium means we have united and integrated the discomforts of negativity and darkness.

To release the burden that comes with emptiness and despair we have to experience the center within ourselves.

Coming in tune with the greater existence, we each start to express authentically and gain unobstructed sight. In the stillness of inner peace or equilibrium, wisdom unfolds effortlessly and intuition leads into wholeness.

In a world of living wholeness, the systems of hierarchy and money dissolve as individuals act on self-worth. All ignorance, exploitation and slavery that comes with a fear based value system dissolves by unblocking natural intelligence.

Equilibrium is not a constant, but more a fluid river, a dynamic that nurtures the art of how to think. Those thoughts bear the fruits of understanding that all life is sacred and we equal one another in the core of all diverse design.


Presented by Emanate Presence


Attach to Nothing - Drums of Yoga - Bill Webb


An Egg A Day

"Wanderer above the Sea of Fog"

by Caspar David Friedrich

Biodiversity Collage

Three photos and collage by Emanate Presence

Photo of dolphin and girl by source unknown

Bodhi Leaf Photo

Photo from

Buddha photo

Photo by

Artwork - Painting Rainbow

Artist Unknown

Permission is requested and attribution made whenever possible. In the event of any questions, please contact Emanate Presence.


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