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Overcome Exercise Embarrassment And Stop Feeling Too Embarrassed To Excerise

Updated on June 19, 2013

People Are Looking At Me

You may just be paranoid or you could be right. Exercising can make you stand out. So if you are going past people or exercising near them then they are probably going to spend some time watching you. I know I sometimes stare at people for a little while because they are exercising. People looking at you is not always a bad thing. When I was at university hundreds of people saw me running including most of the people in my residence.

If you don't want to stand out in front of a crowd then exercise where everyone else is exercising or exercise alone. At the gym or in a group outside some people are still going to be looking at you but they will most likely be more focused on themselves and in some cases they will be wondering why you are watching them.

I Suck At Exercise

Performance anxiety is a common problem. When you are not very good at an exercise you probably do not want other people to see you perform poorly. It can feel like other people are judging you and some of them probably are but you can not improve if you do not try. Practice and you should gradually become a lot better at it. People that exercise regularly know this and the people that don't are not qualified to judge your performance.

There is not really any reason to worry about how well you will do because you can improve. Just focus on doing your best. If you are worried about a particular person you can always tell them you are not very good at it yet because you have not had a lot of practice. People will not expect you to be good at something you have not been practicing.

I Am Fat

Being overweight is a good reason to exercise. Exercise can burn a lot of calories. So it is an effective way to get rid of fat. However being overweight is sometimes used as an reason not to exercise. You want to exercise to get rid of the fat but exercising is not pretty when your fat. Most people do not want to see an obese or fat person exercising. So you avoid the embarrassment by not exercising.

On the other hand some people that were extremely overweight have lost over 100 pounds by exercising. You should not let the fact that you are overweight stop you from losing the weight.

I Gained Weight

Sometimes after losing fat you may gain some or all of it back. Then you don't want other people to notice because you are embarrassed. However it happens to a lot of people. Go back to your diet and exercise and get rid of the extra fat. It is better to get back to work than to worry about it. If you were sticking with your diet and exercise routine and gained weight than try changing your routine.

Gaining weight is not always bad. Exercising can increase your muscle weight. People don't see your weight anyway. To see how much fat you have you can see how much you can grab or measure the circumference of your belly, arms, legs etc.

The Exercise Looks Silly

There are some exercises like shadow boxing, jumping rope, power walking and yoga that may seem silly. You may not want other people to see you but hiding is not always the answer. It is helpful to think about other people that do these exercises. I associate yoga with attractive healthy people. Some of the poses put you into awkward and often unattractive positions but it works. Boxers jump rope and shadow box. So there is nothing wrong with a guy jumping rope. Punching the air may seem silly but it is a good cardio exercise for your arms.

Someone may see you doing the silly looking exercise but a lot more people will see the results.


People Are Laughing At Me

There are lots of bullies out there. People may make fun of you for lots of different reasons. They might do it to make themselves feel better or to prevent people from picking on them. It could also be an attempt to show off in front of their friends or they might be really bored. Consider the source and the context. You can ignore them, exercise in a new location, change your schedule or use them for motivation.

If you stick with the exercise and let them witness your gradual transformation you will have the last laugh.

Sweat And Redness

While exercising you can become drenched in sweat. Some people find it embarrassing but it is natural and healthy. Sweating is good for you. You can use a towel or cloth to wipe the sweat off your skin and off the floor. It does get into your clothes. So do not wear more clothes than you need and wear ones that do not show the sweat if possible. If you want you can see how the clothes look when they are wet before you exercise in them but most likely you will change your clothes anyway.

Exercise can cause your face to turn red. It makes you look a little weird and anyone that sees your face will notice. Naturally most people do not want other people to see their red faces. However it temporary and not a big deal. When you exercise don't just stop. Slow down and do some light exercise before stopping then drink some cool water. You could also use a wet cloth, take a shower or go for a swim. It will reduce the time your face is red. The sooner your body cools down the sooner your face will return to normal.

Annoying Exercise Noise

Exercising inside can make a lot of noise. It can annoy other people and may even annoy yourself. The first thing you should probably do is to see if you are actually bothering anyone. Figure out how far the sound carries. If it is not going to bother anyone you can stop worrying about it. If it is going to bother people you can exercise when those people are not around, do different exercises or exercise somewhere else.

Shadow boxing, weightlifting and body weight exercises do not make much noise. If you are in a basement you can do cardio exercises like jumping rope and running on the spot without very much noise. You could also go to a gym or just exercise outside. Doing cardio exercises outside is not going to make enough noise to bother anyone.

People running a marathon
People running a marathon | Source

Focus On Yourself

Exercise can improve your looks and your health. Stop worrying about what the other people will think of you. It is your life and your body. If you want to exercise then exercise. Some people may think I am weird for walking up and down the beach a lot but while they are sitting or laying down I am getting exercise and improving my body. I am not going to let the possibility of strangers having a bad opinion of me stop me from exercising.

If you are overweight and out of shape you have a good reason to exercise. There are some people that may think or say bad things about you but that should not stop you. Think about the future and what your body could be like. I know it is a lot easier to say than do but try not to let other people prevent you from having the body you want.


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