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Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Updated on May 10, 2012

Avoid Negative Thoughts

How do we find the right words to comfort someone who constantly brings trouble to themselves? I find myself stressed out by simply talking to them. Negative thoughts weaken people’s minds. Sharing these thoughts with others only spread the drama. Why they think by involving others, they bring an end to their own problems is more than I’ll ever know. I ask myself to stay clear of them. But it is not easy. They call you or visit you with no respect to ever thinking the time spent is yours at all. They enjoy talking about other people in not too good of conversation and expect you to agree with them. I always try my best to see both sides. Gossip starts with such encounters. Nothing good becomes of it.

Negative people care for only themselves. They beg to differ, but the proof is clear. Why would anyone whine, if not for sympathy? The “Poor is me” plea gets old very fast. Complainers have their own group, their own reasoning and what seems like no problem at all to most people will bother them. I truly believe God is testing me when He brings these sorry souls to interrupt my positive thoughts. So with this in mind I pray for them. I tell them to pray and let the problem go. If they take the advice I’m sure it will help. Many will not take advice from others. Spiritual advice seems like a sermon they don’t want to hear. And maybe not being a regular church attendee or expert on ruthless people gives me the right to think they would listen to me to begin with. But they certainly are welcome to find advice elsewhere with my blessings.

Think Positive

On a positive note, people come from all walks of life and most are not here to bring our high spirited impressions of life plunging to an all time low. Encouraging words give us the boost we need to keep our heads held high. Feeling equal to our peers is very important. Hurtful words can forever put an indentation in the minds of the receiver. Overcoming low self-esteem will take a lot of positive thinking to keep it from ruining our lives. Confidence with one’s self needs negative thoughts vanished from their present. I’ve spent years trying to overcome a low self-esteem and have finally come to grips with it. I no longer let negative people ruin my confidence in myself. By admitting the problem was stopping me from ever reaching goals I had set for myself was the first and most important step to recovery.

People we surround ourselves with play a big part in how we feel about ourselves. It could be a sibling or even a spouse putting negative thoughts in our minds. The closer you are to someone the most likely you are to let them control your thinking. If we have it drilled into our heads we are stupid, ugly or less than normal. We will believe it. The sad thing about this is most of us are not any of the things we have been told we are. Many children grow up hearing such things from their own parents, teachers and other adults who don’t realize what they have implanted in these young minds. I wish people would think before they speak. By giving kids reason to think negative of themselves gives bullies a place to practice their wicked ways. Depression won’t have to be part of their adult lives either if positive thinking is taught at the beginning.


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    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 5 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Thank-you, Dream on. Your comments mean a lot to me.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      I loved your hub.I too was surrounded by many negative family members and friends who believed the same way.Unfortunately at a young age you have little control and less power.Years later the damage is done.It takes a strong will and lots of practice to break the bad habits of others that have been passed on to you.The best advice is trying to stay clear of them and find others who are more like you.You have found that alot sooner than me.I thought I could make them believe in being positive and they could change.Once again you were so right when they bring you down and you start to think like them.I positively loved this rated up up and away.

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 5 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Thank you, LeaghJanell. We do have the power to control our own self worth if we only try.

    • LeaghJanell profile image

      LeaghJanell 5 years ago from Fairfield, Iowa

      Excellent points made in your article!

      Overcoming low self worth is an extreme accomplishment. It takes strength of will and purpose as well as focused right thinking and perception. People like Louise Hay, who wrote You Can Heal Your Life, healed herself of cervical cancer through emotional release and a strong affirmation practice. The point- low self worth drains our life force, which can make us sick. Negative thinking supports low self worth which promotes negative thinking. It's good all of us have the ability to uplift one another.

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 5 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Sadly, some of my closest family are like this. It makes you want to stay away from them. Thank you louisquezada and Bedbugabscond for your comments on this topic.

    • Bedbugabscond profile image

      Melody Trent 5 years ago from United States

      I agree with you fully. We really need to be aware of who we surround ourselves with. If you surround yourself with people who have toxic emotions, then it will bring you down. It is hard to distance yourself from people you care about, but you have to save your own sanity. Then, maybe, just maybe, you can give them opportunities to be a part of your life if they are willing to choose a more positive attitude.

    • louisquezada profile image

      louisquezada 5 years ago

      Thank you for this great article. I was very bless by it!