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Overcoming Stress Naturally and Enjoying More of Life

Updated on February 3, 2020
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I'm a passionate freelance writer with an interest in health and wellness. I love art, interior decor, video games and all things beautiful!

Take a moment to just breathe!
Take a moment to just breathe! | Source

Don’t let stress get the better of you - It’s time to relax and unwind

Everybody is living a fast-paced life, rushing to work and getting the kids ready for school. Not stopping to catch a breath, we rush off to the next responsibility and the next errand and life just become exhausting and stressful.

Being happy gives us a sense of fulfilment that one cannot explain in words. True happiness is felt deep within the core of our very being. But not everyone feels happy all the time and that’s normal.

How can I cope with the daily stress of life?

Sometimes our busy lifestyles make it hard to cope and add anxiety and fear into what already seems a brutal mix of emotions.

Here’s how to cope and start enjoying happiness and the little things in life.

1. Stop for a moment and take it all in

It’s easy to see how the rush of life can take away the beautiful moments experienced every day. If we try to just pause for a moment and take it all in, it will start to have a positive impact going forward.

2. Take deeper breaths

You’ve heard of breathing exercises and that it is a good way to calm down. Again, the rush of life doesn’t allow us to take deep, full breaths, instead we take shorter ones that often relates to feelings of stress.

Science and medical research have proven that slow deep breaths lower stress levels in the body. It is a “natural” stress reliever. May I add that this is great news because drugs can have devastating effects when taken long-term.

Naturally, with deep breathing, you’ll begin to feel calmer and better.

3. Meditate everyday

Meditating is another effective way to deal with many things. It helps to cope better with stress, and it even helps the body to heal. Emotional stress can take a toll and can cause various other health concerns.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel ill and yet you don’t have the flu? Stress could cause you to go into a state of worry and anxiety which leads to this negative effect.

Making time to meditate is not only a healing process but it will also help you to focus better and have a positive outlook on life. Mindful meditation also makes you aware of your actions when dealing with situations.

4. Living in the now

“Living in the now” is an expression often heard in the 21st Century, but this is exactly what we all could do with. We ought to live in the now and focus on positive things.

Do you have a goal that you’d like to achieve? Working on your goals is a step towards achieving them. Also bear in mind that very few things happen overnight and sometimes it takes time to reach your goals. This brings us to the next point - taking it one step at a time.

5. Live each day as it comes

As the saying also goes “live one day at a time” this is exactly what you need to help reduce stress in your life.

Do you notice how deadlines and moving fast adds so much pressure in your life? This often leads to anxiety and feeling of stress and even depression in some people. Sure planning ahead will help, but try to avoid exerting extra pressure on yourself. In a word, be realistic with the planning and set enough time aside to execute them.

6. Simplify your days

Try a “to-do list”.

To-do lists are not just for office spaces and work in general. Instead, you can compile your daily or weekly to-do list to help you take care of things as they fall into place each day. Be realistic with the amount of time you give yourself to complete each task.

7. Exercise more often

Did you know that when you exercise, you allow your body to release hormones that help you to relax?

Exercising involves engaging muscles including the heart. The endorphins released during the process of exercise helps you to feel energised and happier. Not only will exercising improve your mood and reduce stress but also helps to improve sleep.

8. Eat your favourite snack - in moderation

Eating also releases endorphins which is why we often feel happier while eating. This is also why some people tend to “stress eat” because it helps them to feel better. While this can be done unknowingly, the science is there.

When it comes to eating your favourite snack, go ahead and do so. Bear in mind though that eating in moderation is very important. Also, if you deprive yourself of your favourite snacks, it can lead to binge eating which will result in unwanted weight gain.

Nature is a source of healing
Nature is a source of healing | Source

9. Spend more time in nature

Nature is one of the most amazing sources of natural healing. The body reacts positively to nature and this helps to reduce stress levels and inflammation. I will elaborate on this in the last point.

Take in the refreshing smell of the ocean, or have a walk in one of the many conservatory forests. Enjoy a swim, or simply take in the morning sun on your skin. These natural elements are all amazingly great for natural wellness.

10. Walk barefoot on sand and grass

There is research that suggests nature may help reduce inflammation when we interact with it.

For example; walking barefoot on the beach sand for a few minutes a day or you can also walk barefoot on natural grass. Doing this will help your body to reduce inflammation and thus help to manage chronic illness symptoms and pain.

11. Tap into aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to enjoy pleasant aromas from naturally sourced oils. This is often possible through the use of essential oils.

When diffused into the air or used topically with a carrier oil, you can enjoy the soothing benefits that come with each essential oil. Each one has unique properties that may include being antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, energising and some act as a natural analgesic (pain reliever).

12. Reduce the sugar and caffeine

Sometimes it doesn’t cross our mind how much of what we eat plays a role in the way we feel. Too much sugary foods, drinks, alcohol and caffeine are huge culprits when it comes to feeling blue.

These ingredients can seem to have a “pick me up” effect for a moment but have negative side effects. Too much caffeine, sugar and or alcohol can make it hard to fall asleep, can cause feelings of agitation, and it can result in dehydration.

Conclusion to overcoming stress naturally

Enjoying nature and all the benefits that it has to offer for your health and wellness is very important. It is also a great way to be happier and cope better with difficult situations at work and in life.

Natural stress relievers are also better than prescription and OTC medication which can have long-term effects and dependence.

Have you considered natural ways to help overcome stress?

Meditate everyday
Meditate everyday | Source

© 2020 Nancy Amon


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