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Overwhelmed/ My Experience

Updated on February 22, 2018
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Monica, Majoring in Psychology has turned her interest in studying the human mind/behaviors of all people from all social aspects of life...

Overwhelmed/ My Personal Experience

Many people experience feelings that can make your problems feel bigger than what you are able to handle as an individual. Overwhelming feelings can occur from extending ourselves beyond our own individual abilities and capabilities.

When this happens we tend to feel as though we are alone in these situations, but in reality our attention is so consumed by the burdens that we begin to feel like we are drowning in some type of quick sand. Signs of feeling overwhelmed can be both felt physically and psychologically.

By ignoring these signs we can actually cause greater health problems that can start causing uncomfortable situations such as headaches, stress, migraines as well as Psychological problems such as panic attacks, depression, and even times of wanting to spend more and more time alone. Also, feelings of losing control, and having no way out.

What I have always been told is, “Monica you fail to continue to learn from previous life situations.” (No wonder when neglected nothing changes!) Which is true! I tend to forget that life is something that can only be taken one day at a time. Yesterday is gone there is nothing that I can do to change it now?? But there is something I can do, (doesn’t have to be big) but it can be a small thing that can get done today that can help. So take pride in it, you did it!

As we continue to accomplish our daily task whatever it may be we can start to realize that we are forming some coping skills that can make us stronger and better equipped for future situations that will arise in life as we live it. I do understand that these are small things we can do to help ourselves. I also understand that life has a way of presenting itself with overwhelming situations that can and should be taken to a higher level of care such as counsel or wisdom and ideas from friends or family we trust. Friends can be a great resource to have when going through difficult times.

Feeling overwhelmed can be different for everyone some can be mild to moderate to unmanageable to severe. In these situations it is always good to know and have friends and family to help support you during difficult times of crisis: especially, those that may require psychological or psychiatric care. Never feel like you are alone, and never feel any shame in seeing a therapist of some kind. They are only there to help you carry the load by giving you alternative ways of dealing with overwhelming situations and getting you back on track to enjoying life as it ought to be lived and enjoyed.

“Life was never promised to be free of misfortunes, but life has been given a world of opportunities on how to cope and rely on each other for moment’s and memories that can be carried on and cherished through one another as gift’s to be passed on from one generation to the next.” Quote by Monica S. Ortega

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  • monicaortegamon profile image

    monicaortegamon 6 years ago from Ontario, california

    Thank you, It is a very hard subject to write about considering that this is my life and the experiences there on...

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    Website Examiner 6 years ago

    This is well-written, with a very personable and patient educational tone. This gives your readers a chance to relate, and gradually get into the specifics of your article. I know that the topic is not pleasant. Still, from a writing perspective, well done!