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Oxygen Kills cancer cells

Updated on February 26, 2014

Oxygenated trees


Breathe in Oxygen

Breathe Deeply with Oxygen

As I walked through a canopy of tree-lined elm and oak trees, I felt and took in a deep breath and felt instantly a profound difference in the air I inhaled. In thinking about what I just said and what I was feeling internally, I could feel the difference in the air around me where the trees were stationed, I felt more pure Oxygen than if I had walked a path that had no trees.

Trees generate oxygen and they are what fill the earth with breathable air from the forests of the earth. You could say we are living and breathing animals that are living in a world within worlds, and the smallest micro-organism is the dendrites within our bodies that are living cellular trees within our electromagnetic world, the body.

The walk stimulated my senses, my muscles, and it also stimulated molecular cells and my lungs to get the needed Oxygenated blood to breathe, as well as, the breath to my lungs. Not only was I getting exercise but I was getting vitamins D and C from the sun that people need every day. The sun sustains us and gives us natural vitamins by way of sunlight.

Walking is just one of the exercises that can help your body generate all of the cells and functions of our body as a whole that fight bacteria, toxins, muscle enablers, and attacks everything that disables the body’s ability to be healthy. Swimming is another way of getting sunlight from the sun and exercises as a therapy to not reinjure your body if you were injured.

The Oxygen therapy exercises has many different benefits and also forms and produces Oxygenated blood flows that travel through our bloodstream through open valves, at a rate of 225 miles per hour. The heart is the mega-producer of Oxygen that has four distinctive valves producing Oxygen-rich blood from the aorta; it is a primary vital organ. Our bodies are truly amazing and disciplined machines that pump Oxygen-rich blood, vitamins, minerals, and a variety of nutrients into the bloodstream. The Oxygen-rich blood flows in and out of the liver where it functions to disburse E-cells, hepatic cells, and metabolic cells.

The liver produces glucose, amino acids (proteins) and stores the vitamins and minerals to be disbursed through our bodies. It is the producer of cholesterol levels also.

So when we think of exercise even a short stroll through a tree-lined trail, we generate energy, and vital Oxygen-rich blood to reach all of our body.

Walking is one of the easiest and most valuable forms of exercise to obtain not only exercise, but to get sun and vitamin D and C. Plenty of sleep is also a benefit that sustains our bodies and regenerates the muscles, and our entire system to heal and be healthy while we sleep.

What better way than the natural elements and trees to get oxygen that is released into the air. Walking in a forest of trees provides more oxygen than we need, but it sustains us.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 4 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Good article. It made me think. I've always been confused on this issue. Why then do people take "anti-oxidants?" And many have speculated that oxygen rich blood (i.e. Lance Armstrong's) helps spread cancer cells. I'm going to start researching.