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Oxygen Producing Foods

Updated on July 31, 2015

Oxygen bubbles

A dentrite is a living cell tree within a cell.
A dentrite is a living cell tree within a cell. | Source

Oxygen Producing Foods

Oxygen Producing Foods

Eating the right foods is important to any regime including the production of more Oxygen through your bloodstream and throughout your body with the billions of cells. Our bodies are a liquid electromagnetic field of cells that explode like atoms when the neurons are activated and move into action to feed every part of the body. Food activates neurons that function as channels to our brains and back to the parts of the bodies that need it most. So when we eat our food it flows to the stomach where it is broken down into separate nutrients, minerals, vitamins, anti-bodies, and cells (red and white).

  • Different foods especially raw green vegetables are high oxygen producers. Red chili is also a stimulant in waking up your cells, so is cayenne pepper, it spices it up, to wake up your cells. Green leafy vegetables are the best activators in increasing Oxygen levels in the bloodstream and red blood cells increase in the body producing oxygen to vital parts of the body. The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends fish like salmon and whole wheat breads that are iron-rich.

These are natural food remedies that heal our bodies. Fruits are also on the list of foods that produce higher oxygen levels like blueberries, oranges, and blue and purple fruits.

Have any of you noticed sometimes your body craves what is good for you like nutrients and when you eat certain foods your energy, stamina, and whole body feels great, it is responding to good foods. Vitamins are stimulated and produced in the body too. However, supplementing the body with vitamins is an added bonus to heal and maintain a healthy well oxygenated body with the minerals and vitamins it needs.

In addition to food you will need plenty of water to flush and hydrate your body of at least 8 8oz. glasses per day.

The blood stream acts like a flowing river to every part of your system. It flows in and out of the vital organs like the heart that pumps it to different parts of the body, the liver that further breaks it down with the proper nutrients to different parts of the body. If the flow of the bloodstream is blocked or interrupted, then your body will lack nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Stimulating the blood stream with chili or cayenne pepper helps unblock those arteries.

Some people have invested in food processors or bullet processors to take in all nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables, so the body will absorb the nutrients quicker. It is a smart investment and a way to healthy eating to promote Oxygen in the body. Remember Oxygen kills cancerous cells, according to Dr. David Dyer, Cellfood (2000) Feedback Books.


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    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 2 years ago from LA

      Very good information!