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P90X Program Review

Updated on March 19, 2010

What Is P90X?

Seeing I love fitness and I am currently doing the P90X program I wanted to do a review so people who read this can know all about this program from an actual consumer.

P90X is an extreme home fitness program created by celebrity trainer Tony Horton.  If followed correctly will totally transform a person's body in 90 days.  This program is for people who are already somewhat fit and can pass the fitness test that is laid out in the fitness guide that comes with the program.   What you can expect from P90X is to get into the best shape of your life, improve flexibility, coordination and expand your knowledge of smart eating.  It is designed for every type of person and different styles of exercises are included.  So what I mean is if you cannot do pull ups, then you can use a resistance band until you have enough strength to do pull ups.  P90X is continually challenging the body's muscles for new growth. This called "muscle confusion" and helps avoid the "plateau" that people usually face with an exercise or weight loss program.  Tony Horton has put this program together with a big variety of different moves. 

If you take a look at you will find thousands of testimonies of real people who have completed P90x and are totally ripped!  It's amazing the results that people are getting.

What you get with P90X.

After purchase of P90X you will receive; a 100 page fitness guide, 113 page nutrition plan and 12 workout dvd's.

Fitness Guide:  This guide will prepare you for an extreme home fitness program.  It contains the fit test, to see if you are ready for this and a workout overview.  It teaches about how to avoid injury and the three different routines to the work outs.  The three routines have three different phase to them.  The first routine is called the Classic.  The second routine is called doubles and the third is called Lean.  All three are geared to give you the specific results that you are looking for.  I am currently doing the Lean routine so I can build lean muscle mass and burn ton's of fat. 

Nutrition Plan: The nutrition plan is very similar the the fitness guide is the sense that it has three different plans and phases to them.  The three plans are, the portion approach, the meal plan approach and the quick option approach.  All three are for people with different lifestyles and who need a different daily calories intake.  I am doing the meal plan approach and my Husband and I love it.  The recipes are so good.  I can honestly say that we are eating some of the best meals that we have ever had. This book takes all the guess work out of eating and is very well though out.

The work outs: Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X, Yoga X, Kenpo X, Cardio X, Legs and Back, Shoulders and Arms, Stretch X, Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Back and Biceps and Plyometrics.  All of these work outs are about 50 minutes in length and give a really good butt kicking.  They are really fun, and Tony Horton is hilarious!  He really encourages, and also makes sure that you take brakes if you need them.  You can definitely go at your own pace with this program. 

What I Think Of P90X.

I love it!  I am so happy that Tony Horton created it.  P90X is challenging me to become the most fit I have ever been and getting me into a healthy lifestyle.  I look forward to my daily work outs.  I am currently on day 16 and have already lost ten pounds.  The routines are hard sometimes and I have to make sure that I eat enough calories in a day to make sure that I have enough energy for the next work out.  The eating plan is awesome.  I have to eat all day long and I can not even eat as much as they recommend.  I am not hungry at all.  It is great to know that I will have lasting results because it is changing my eating habits instead of just being a "diet".

This program is bringing out the athlete in me that I had lost because of bad lifestyle choices.  It is also giving me more stamina and confidence.  I love the variety of the work outs and the order that they are in.  It is simply genius!  My favorite work out is on Sundays which is one hour of stretching.  It takes all the muscle soreness away and get's my body ready for the week ahead.  I can't wait until day 90 to see the results and know that I have accomplished yet another thing in life.  A big thumbs up to Tony Horton and P90X!

Pros & Cons


  • Get into complete shape in 90 days.
  • Complete nutrition plan.
  • Complete exercise plan.
  • Variety of exercises that target every muscle.
  • "Muscle confusion" for fast results.
  • Tony Horton is an excellent trainer and keeps you going.
  • Give's you the "Bring It" attitude.
  • If followed properly the program will give you loads of energy.


  • You have to purchase a chin up bar.
  • You need a variety of weights or resistant bands
  • Protein powder and extra supplements is recommended to give the body what it needs.
  • You need 50-60 minutes a day to exercise.
  • It can be hard to complete the work outs the first couple weeks.
  • If you do not eat enough you can get very low an energy. 
  • Not good for people who have knee, wrist or spinal cord injuries.

Have you done P90X or was this review helpful? Leave me a comment.

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