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Updated on May 25, 2012
sharing hospital beds
sharing hospital beds

Health has always been an issue here in the Philippines. Being a part of the medical industry, I have witnessed how our health system is struggling when it comes to modernization.

In the public hospital setting, how often do you see patients lying on the corridors? How often do you see a patient sharing the same hospital beds?

In the US, this will never happen.


You see it everyday.

Due to the sudden inflation of our population, our health is at risk and this is one area that all of us take for granted. This is a country where the health system is not established enough and usually ignored. Being in the 3rd world may be a factor but it is never an excuse not to provide quality health assistance.

If you want to get the QUALITY health assistance, you should admit yourself in a PRIVATE HOSPITAL. But this requires a certain amount as an assurance that you will not leave the premises without clearing up your account and social classes are observed too. If they see you looking like rags and dreadful, you are IGNORED. But if you are fully dressed up with all your jewelries on, they’d provide immediate FIRST AID.

Seeing this picture, do you think it’s fair enough that only the rich are given priority? People say that everything is fair to all,


this is not what we SEE.

two patients in one bed
two patients in one bed


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