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Physical Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Updated on September 20, 2012

Vegan Diet Physical Benefits

There are some great physical benefits of being a vegan. A vegan diet not only has nutritional benefits and helps in disease prevention, it also makes your body stronger and much more energetic. Here are some amazing physical benefits of consuming a vegan diet.

WEIGHT LOSS - Beginning a vegan diet generally comes with some weight loss (healthy weight loss) since most unhealthy foods are eliminated.

ENERGY - Vegans traditionally have a much higher energy level than non-vegans.

- There are several studies with results showing that a vegan diet leads to a lower BMI, usually indicating a healthy weight and less fat on a body.

HEALTHY SKIN - The nuts and veggies that vegans consume play a big role in healthy skin. Many people say that after switching to a vegan diet, they are amazed at how clear and radiant their skin is.

LONGER LIFE - People that follow a vegan lifestyle seem to live an average of six years longer.

BAD BREATH - Vegans rarely have bad breath and even wake up in the morning without morning breath. ( I love this!)

HAIR - Vegans have stronger, healthier hair with more body and shine.

PMS - By consuming a vegan diet women have substantially less PMS symptoms, if any at all. By eliminating dairy I, like most women haven't suffered from cramps, backache or any other symptom associated with PMS in years.

NAILS - Nails are said to be a sign of overall health and vegans have stronger, healthier nails.

MIGRAINES - It is proven that switching to a vegan diet cures migraines...enough said!

ALLERGIES - When you eliminate dairy, meat and eggs, most allergy symptoms are cured. Vegans have fewer runny noses and congestion problems. Many allergies that I always believed and was told that was due to dust, pollen and some animals completely disappeared when I made the vegan transition.


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