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Pain Depression Origins

Updated on November 28, 2011
Pain alleviation allows you to maintain mobility, enjoy nature while also getting the daily exercise in.
Pain alleviation allows you to maintain mobility, enjoy nature while also getting the daily exercise in.

Unexplained Pain Disorder and Depression Diagnosis

Unexplained pain disorder diagnosis is commonly & medically transcribed "characteristic of fibromyalgia pain." The worse thing about unexplained pain is the depression it causes, due to not knowing where the pain disorder originates and how to effectively alleviate, or remove it. So we seek any medical help to resolve our pain disorder including being treated with strong "mental health" prescription drugs.

In this case, instead of pychosomatic (mind-to-body) pain connection; a reversal of "not medically substantiated cause..." Neurological soft tissue damage creates the opposite pain pathology. In which physical pain can cause great depression effecting mental health. This my friends is much harder for medical specialist to diagnose and agree upon an actual cause of a particular pain disorder. And in many cases, unexplained physical pain disorders receive a fibromyalgia, or neuropathic, etc., pain label which is the protocol for authorization of prescription drugs. This however is good for the pharmaceutical companies and horrible for many pain patients.

In otherwords, it's much easier "in many cases, not all" for physicians to prescribe psycotropic drugs for mental health conditions believed to be the cause of physical pain (mind-body neurological pathology connection). But when unsubstantiated physical pain becomes chronic... Much pain depression occurs from the body-mind connection pathology. This in turn causes depression of the mind originating from the body.

For many that suffer from physical pain, they find no pain relief from a mental health pain pathology solution, because the pain is "real" physical pain. If this undiagnosed physical problem continues on too long without the necessary medical intervention; a mental health ill-health condition begins to surface, then "can cause" psychosomatic problem as well. This is because the physical pain origin has not been identified.

This is a whole different ballgame for which our HMO's don't handle well. I know this from personal experience. I know our medical community has the technology to provide appropriate diagnosis in many pain disorder cases. However, pain specialist disagree all to often and always seem to subjectively diagnose, label and prescribe mental health medications that are not effective and potentially cause further harm to patients. Once given a "labeled" diagnosis through subjectivity makes it very hard for some patience to receive further relative and timely referals; and other necessary medical help.

If you feel your pain problem originates from the physical body, don't give up on finding pain alleviation solutions. Also, if you have not done so, ask your treating physician, neurologist, or immunologist to refer you to a physiatrist. Physiatrists are really good at troubleshooting pain patient problems, because this is their specialty. Good luck, and I wish you many pain free days to follow.


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    • woodamarc profile image

      Marc Woodard 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Dean, Great Input. Thanks for your keen insight!

    • profile image

      Dean 6 years ago

      Pain - Brain connection becomes cyclical... Pain disturbs sleep - sleep effects body AND brain... pain gets worse - sleep gets worse ad nauseum ad infinitum!

      There is some interesting aspects in the brain itself regarding stuck processing... the pain signal coninues to loop or resonate in the brain... brains that do this also will loop or 'stick' on anxious or depressive thoughts... meaning that brains susceptible to chronic pain are also more at risk for depression, anxiety etc...

      very difficult for doctors to sort out...

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Interesting hub!