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Stop Pain with no drugs - Help!

Updated on August 15, 2015

Journey to relief

I will make this hub short and sweet. Hopefully helpful to you. Since I've found these magic products, I just have to share.

Ever got up in the morning and find your neck locked in an awkward position? It's no fun and you are highly inconvenienced. I have found a quick solution for you if it's just a muscular spasm or inflammation.

Ever walked and sprained your ankle? You could swear the floor was even!

Ever bent over and felt the sharpest pain? Sometimes shooting down your leg. Do see a doctor if you hear a snap!

Thought you could lift that weight and ended up spraining your wrist or bicep or any part of your arm? :)

Or even dreading getting up in the morning because your knees hurt so bad? Besides relieving the pain, you should start a regime to heal them. That's a topic for another day.

Well that's the general idea.

The quick help product is magnesium chloride spray. It works like magic. It's not harmful and you don't have to overload your liver by swallowing a bunch of pills that don't work most of the time. Besides relieving pain and inflammation there are testimonies that it lowers blood pressure as well. I have shared this product with many friends and family members and even my clients and have received many positive feedbacks. It's such a simple solution that I just had to share with more people. If you can get it at your local health shop, do get one and have it around your home.

Otherwise I recommend this for convenience:

or this:

if you want economical. Just a do-it-yourself.

Recipe to dissolve it is 1:1 ie 1 cup water to 1 cup salt.

Or any measuring utensils you might prefer.

Discount coupon $5 0r $10 when you click on link above at checkout for first time purchase.

If you have chronic pains, I suggest a longer term solution. I found this product in my search to stabilize my hormonal system and to relief my vertigo. It's the Biomat!

Far infrared has deep tissue healing properties.FIR's useful properties were discovered by NASA to help the astronauts while they were in space. As it has deep penetration properties, muscles, lymph glands, joints and nerves are rejuvenated and restored when toxins in deep tissues and joints are removed. Immune system is enhanced and diseases are slowly reversed. How fast toxins are removed is dependent on how long it's been accumulating.

Negative ions are quickly depleted in our modern environment of pollution and electrical gadgets. Unfortunately for us the higher the level of negative ions in our living environment the better is our health. Thus our failing health. Negative ions helps purify our blood and revive our cells. Our immune system is enhanced and our autonomic nervous system is balanced. As our bodies heal, pain is relieved.

Biomat is your very own personal negative ions and far infrared oasis.

Your home thermotherapy.

Heal while you sleep.

I think it's a brilliant product and concept.

Personal Testimony:

After using the Biomat for 3 days my lower back problem was gone!The extra bonus was the cellulite at both my thighs are significantly improved - 60% gone after 1 month. Looks like the mat is helping the lymphatic system to drain the stored waste (which is what cellulite is). Also within a month the pain and tightness on my right hip disappeared. It was nagging me for 8 months. To add to all these, my sinus (a lifetime chronic condition) has vastly improved,-95%. It was such a relief to me to be able to breathe through both my nostrils and to have the early morning stuffiness and dripping gone within 2 weeks. I look forward to giving you more positive feedback.

As this hub is not about the "whys" of pain, I will not elaborate, but in short, it's your body's alarm that something is wrong. Could be a short term event or a lifetime of bad choices or environmental factors which should be looked into quickly.

If you do get any relief do drop me a line and let me know.

Thank you for reading and good health to you!


Sit on it. Sleep on it. Your personal oasis of health. Far Infra Red and Negative Ions from amethyst and tourmaline.
Sit on it. Sleep on it. Your personal oasis of health. Far Infra Red and Negative Ions from amethyst and tourmaline.


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