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6 Ways To Pamper Yourself For Health

Updated on November 13, 2017
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Toni has experienced the spiritual and paranormal; which led into research and believes energy & frequencies are at the heart of everything.

Pampering is Alternative Healing

Alternative healing, through pampering your body, mind and spirit may heal the body and mind without the use of prescription medications or any conventional treatment techniques. It is also known as homeopathy, and can be in different forms. These can include acupuncture, meditation, natural healing and many others. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing your eating habits, doing the right type of exercise, and so on that can improve the general wellness of the body.

These healing methods have been used for hundreds of years to manage different ailments; from depression to cancer, and all other diseases/illnesses. What makes them different and in many cases more successful than the typical treatments is that they don't just treat one specific part of the body, they treat the body as a whole. This goes beyond the physical and the mind, but also include the spirit.

Alternative healing is also different from conventional medicine in that it is completely natural and no drug is required. Although herbal supplements may be involved, these are natural and have no side effects unlike conventional medicine where some drug side effects are worse than the disease. Some of these drugs adverse effect won't even manifest until much later.

Is alternative healing successful? Simply ask the individual who was diagnosed with cancer that have no hope of a cure, that opted for alternative healing method focus and are still alive today without the cancer again. You can also ask the individual who suffered from depression or emotional issues and used alternative healing options to overcome this issues and now living a productive life.

Many people turn to the alternative healing options as a final resort. Whether it is on the grounds that the conventional medications failed to help their conditions or on the grounds that they just can't bear the cost. There are some people whose first option is alternative healing method because of the fears that go along with conventional medical practices.

However, you decide to incorporate alternative healing to the degree that you are comfortable. Nevertheless, pampering is good for you. It's healthy and healing of the body, mind and spirit of your life.

Six Ways To Pamper For Health

You are sick. Your back hurts. You are feeling overworked. Alternative medicine or Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), is now universally accepted. Alternative medicine is no longer a mystical method pulled from the ancient manuscripts of long-dead yogis and Eastern lore. It is here, it works and more and more people are turning to it to cure what ails them. In fact, they have turned to alternative healing like yoga or homeopathy, not as a replacement but as a supplement. Cheaper, less invasive and with far less side-effects than traditional Western medicine, alternative medicine works - and pampering yourself is healthy.

1. Meditation is one of the oldest and more popular healing methods. It is well known for releasing stress and a whole host of other symptoms. Meditation will no doubt continue to factor into the healing process. Pamper yourself by creating a meditation sanctuary just for you.

2. Yoga is also another well-known practice. Over 5000 years old, yoga consists of dozens upon dozens of postures and breathing exercises that would make your average man or woman wince. Yoga helps to lower blood-pressure, regulate heart-rate, control diabetes and of course improve flexibility which is easier said than done for many of us.

3. Massage therapy is probably the most widespread of all the alternative treatments available. From the yoga-like Thai massage that pushes your body to its limits, stretching and pushing you places you might never have reached otherwise, to the muscle-kneading strokes of the Swedish massage, massage therapy is another fast growing alternative medicine trend. Surprisingly, massage can also be used to cure symptoms of obesity, insomnia and depression as well as the more common muscle aches, blood flow, flexibility issues and the most well known; stress.

4. Reiki which was discovered by Mikao Usui of Japan in 1922, Reiki is an ancient Tibetan energy healing therapy used to restore balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems. Much like meditation, massage and yoga, Reiki is used to relieve stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders, migraines and headaches among other things. By placing the hands lightly upon the recipient, the practitioner can transfer healing energies that reduce the aforementioned symptoms.

Light the Incense

Sandalwood has a very sweet woody scent helping promote relaxation and spiritual harmony.

5. Aromatherapy is a treasure in a world filled with unpleasant and nostril-clogging aromas that leave you feeling dizzy. Aromatherapy is a treatment that involves fine-smelling extracts and oils which are surely welcome. Often used in conjunction with other alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage and reflexology, this treatment is as close to traditional pampering as you can get and we all deserve a little of that from time to time. Whether you have allergies, depression, headaches or insomnia, an hour spent inhaling the heady scents of lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, tee tree, peppermint, chamomile, everlasting, thyme and tarragon can soon leave you drifting in blissful relaxation.

Discover Ayurveda

6. Ayurveda (the science of life) is a traditional Hindu system of medicine over 5000 years old. This particular alternative treatment consists more of a package than one single technique and could become more of a lifestyle to people choosing to use it to better their health. Considered to be quite safe, Ayurveda utilizes dieting practices, meditation, breathing exercises, herbal remedies and massage among other things to maintain the balance of the bodily system.

By realigning the mind, body and spirit, it is believed that illness can be eradicated from the body. Whilst not a replacement, is fast becoming something you can use to complement traditional medicine. If ever there was time when you could safely dip your toe into the unknown deep that is alternative medicine, and not fear being labeled a hippy or strange; that time is now.

The Simplest Remedies May Be The Most Effective

A good example of that is a person always stressed out, whether it is from overworking or family issues. Since they are usually in an aggressive state, they come down with ulcers, or fall sick easily. There are simple and straightforward methods to treat this and other symptoms that lead to medical problems. You don't need to spend a lot of money at the day spa. It's basically about getting into a more relaxed mind state. It is about taking things slow, setting time aside for yourself, and figuring out how to replenish and energize to do things in a healthy, productive way. It is about building up your immune system - not tearing it down. It is about feeling healthy and being at your peak. Don't you just love the idea that pampering yourself is a priority?

Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies

Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies
Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

"Vibrational Energy" by Richard Gerber is a wonderful book for anyone interested in therapies that work with energy. There are countless success stories with short summaries at the end of each chapter. The reader will learn new methods of treating spiritual and physical diseases. Reading this book will give you a different perspective of what you think is reality. Highly recommended by its readers


Pamper Yourself


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      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Meditation n yoga are the cheapest way to pamper myself