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Passing Energy in the world

Updated on February 21, 2013

What is Energy

Spiritual World  Original Pastel on Board  by Jane Forrest Artist  2009
Spiritual World Original Pastel on Board by Jane Forrest Artist 2009

Can you feel energy?

Energy can be felt by your body becoming very hot in one area or cold. Often tingling sensations fill the different parts of the body. Most people will talk about "Feeling" peace, contentment, love as someone is working on them. The curious one is in sending energy across the world!

In Reiki we call this distance healing. Usually the person being sent the Reiki will be notified when healing is taking place. However this is not necessary. The practitioner can send healing with the help of one of the techniques she / he will have learned and been attuned to. Then the practitioner will hold a photograph or details about the person perhaps on a piece of paper and sit with this in their hands while sending the Reiki by using intention. In your mind you can also imagine using the hand positions and placing them on or above the body which help some people send the energy by imagining give a treatment (distance healing) to the person.

Spiritual Healing can also be administered in a similar fashion except the healer will usually be able to be drawn to the area in need of healing and may use intention to heal that area. In Reiki the practitioner allows the Reiki healing to go to where it is needed most.

Some people take direction from their Guides.

Chakras are energy centres inside the body and when worked on can help release and cleanse them thus bringing balance into the body mind and spiritual well being.

Mostly healers work on 7 chakras but there are many many chakras in the body and above and below the body.

Often Spiritual healers will work on the outer layers of the body known as the Aura and they cleanse the auric field which includes areas like the emotion part of the body the physical and mental areas.

Some people believe the energies are the same, coming from a higher source of energy (spirit, God, Higher Power, Angels etc. Others believe the energies are different. Some people like to have readings like Tarot, Angels or Spirit Guides. Some people like to have messages from Mediums and usually go to a Spiritual Church or for a private reading.   The services at the spiritual church usually take the form of an opening prayer to God (often referred to as Father or spirit) and address about the philosophy of the church, followed by hymns, a short meditation or healing space where one's thoughts are put out to others or those in need and the thoughts are put out to everyone who has their name placed in the healing books around the churches in the world.    Then there is usually an hour of the medium connecting with spirit and giving the congregation messages about their loved ones.   After a few more hymns, there is a closing prayer, which ends the service.

Intention is the strongest force in the Universe just now. When you know what you want and put that thought into action it can be very interesting what happens. If you decide you are going to have a rubbish day then the chances are that is what you get, however, if you decide that it's going to be positive and productive ..................

Therefore when I decide to have the same intention as someone I'm treating (when it is a positive intention) that can be very powerful. You are not deciding for the person, just adding to a positive thought. It can move mountains.

If our intention is to be healthier for example we could decide to drink more water. Water is a major factor in moving towards good health. It also helps to keep away sugar addiction. If you drink a lot of water you will not become de-hydrated and therefore will not have cravings.

When hydrated you eat healthy and drink water instead of craving sugar or sparkling drinks. You will also feel less stressed because you are not setting off addictions.

What do I feel when I'm healing

Usually for me (although this varies for each practitioner) I mainly feel heat. When I feel this I know I need to stay longer at this area until I feel it is time to move on. I have felt areas that were cold and have treated the same way. Also when you move your hands around the body (off the body and above) you can feel tingling which also indicates where an area of the body may need a bit more time for the Reiki to go into.

Sometimes if there is a struggle going on in the clients head (anxiety) or disturbed thinking you feel pulled to stay there longer than anywhere else and if this is the case that's what I do.

Although there are specific hand positions learned during your Reiki training most practitioners use their own intuition to decide where to stay longer because you simply may just feel "pulled" to stay in that area. This is when Reiki is at it's best. We always must remember that REIKI IS THE HEALER - not the practitioner.

We are simply channels for the Reiki to go through, from source to the practitioner to the client and it goes around in the circle really because the practitioner is getting the Reiki also, and is charged up in a way while the healing is taking place.

Where does peace come from

I believe that peace comes from the work we do on ourselves. If we are prepared to stop doing the things we have always done, or beginning to try new things, great things can happen. Fear holds us back in a lot of ways, but just attempting to something a little differently can move us towards a new way of living and attracting more peaceful situations into our lives. When you live in stress it can be difficult to move out of, it becomes like a drug, and we don't want to let it go.

Peace therefore becomes like the enemy, although that's what we crave, sometimes it's imposible to maintain it.

Meditation can be one door which we can walk through, and turning off the telly can be another. Addictions also hold us back from peace, as do the energy struggles, as we give away our energy by the bag load.


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