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Past Life Regression as a Healing Tool

Updated on February 9, 2013
SaraGardner profile image

Sara lives in Finland creating a new lifestyle after stage 3 cancer, and is now researching alternative approaches to recovery from trauma

Sara Gardner Healer
Sara Gardner Healer | Source

The Wisdom Of Experience

To truly know and accept something is easier if we have experienced it because then we know it in its totality. Much of the time we learn concepts and know them intellectually on a mental level, however, the human energy field is made up of more than just the mental level so to fully embody a truth we experience and know it on all levels.

This leads to greater understanding, perception and compassion. Then it is from this place of greater understanding and compassion that we more readily see the perfection of all existence and from that 'knowing' we achieve greater inner peace and tranquility. We no longer struggle to change the world around us because we can see the perfection of it all. The world hasn't changed but it doesn't affect us like it did before. Tthis is the state known as 'enlightenment' or the Buddha mind.

Sara Gardner Healer
Sara Gardner Healer | Source

Expanded Awareness in Daily Life

For example: I can just treat the angry woman screaming abuse at me as just another rude person and walk away feeling unjustly violated, or perhaps even join in with her and start shouting abuse back.

Yet, if I had an expanded awareness of the situation I might know that she has been under a lot of strain recently, family members dying, house moves, young children, money worries etc. and that particular morning she just reached critical mass and snapped and I just happened to be standing in front of her when she went.

How differently would I treat her then? How much easier it is to have compassion for someone when we understand why they are reacting as they are. How much easier it is to then do something useful and constructive when we have understood and felt compassion.

We can choose to walk away but send her loving thoughts of compassion in our mind. We can choose to wait around until her anger is spent and then offer to get her a cup of tea, a hug, someone to talk to etc.

In this way the all too easy chain reaction of rudeness and anger is broken rather than heading off once more to travel the globe. It takes effort to stay still and quiet in order to be able to notice the deeper aspects of life and all its experiences which is why, unfortunately, we tend to take the much easier and quicker route of blame apportioning and judgement. It’s much easier to label folk as terrorists than take the time to imagine what might be creating their pain and suffering.

Of course it’s much easier for me to imagine a woman under stress from a death of a loved one and the pressure of bringing up children with money worries because I too have lived that experience, I know right down to every cell in my body and every stretched emotion and thought just how intense that feels. So it’s an easy step for me to put myself in her place and see her angry outburst as a necessary outlet for tension, without which she would be heading into extremely dangerous and dark places. But there may be many other situations in which I don’t have my own life experiences to fall back on…..but I may have past life experiences.

Sara Gardner Healing & Blessing
Sara Gardner Healing & Blessing | Source

What Are The Benefits?

Past life regression is a great tool for coming to that place of understanding and compassion. We have experienced many lifetimes and the memory of them is stored within our body. Going into a past life with the aid of a healer allows the recipient to fully experience and reignite memories of past events that will 'show' them something that is significant in their current lifetime.

This technique remembers the experience from a total body point of view as opposed to a one level intellectualisation. Past lives also cycle between the two views that we would call 'victim' and 'perpetrator' giving us experience of both to bring us closer to realising that there is no right or wrong but there are just many aspects to all life.

For Personal Growth

As a healer I have taught myself via expanded awareness to allow my past life memories to be present, whilst at the same time I have built a strong physical and grounded presence which prevents me from being pulled into them subconsciously.

In this way I enhanced my ability for understanding and compassion, so much so that I reached the point of recognition that we are all beautiful souls regardless of the surface image that we may portray. When we react violently to something we are in pain. My “enemy” that wishes to cause me pain is already in deep pain and suffering. The person who walks into a school and shoots people; how much pain is that human being in that they felt this was the only thing left for them to do?

Healing Circle!
Healing Circle! | Source

When Is Past Life Regression Appropriate?

Generally, someone may come along for a healing with a particular problem, perhaps a physical symptom which would appear to be random or a life situation which seems to constantly repeat itself.

The body has an innate healing ability, it will always return to a state of balance with old energy moving along the path of least resistance in order to return once more to the natural flow of Universal energy. In practical terms this means that if a healing is best served by remembering a past life experience then that will be where the healing will go.

One time I was going to do an Inner Child Healing with a guest. But as I began I was persistently slapped in the side of the head by my angels chanting past life, past life. So I switched to a past life healing and of course it was perfect, showing and reminding my guest of experiences and memories which were very relevant and helpful to their current situation.

Sara Gardner Healing Session
Sara Gardner Healing Session | Source

Past Life Regression Healing Session

Somebody had a present day stalker, an ex who couldn't let go and oscillated between being nasty and threatening to sending gifts and trying to get back into a relationship. This had been going on for over 3 years and she had tried many ways to deal with the issue, talking, shouting, ignoring, police, solicitors etc. but it persisted.

During a past life regression she found herself as a twisted old crone watching young lovers and muttering hateful thoughts. She could see/remember how she had once been a young beautiful woman in love with what she felt was her one true love but it wasn't to be as he had told her one day that he didn't feel the same.

The man was being honest and letting the girl go to find someone who would love her back but the young girl had been unable to accept this and had grown bitter and twisted over the years, filling herself with poison until she literally became physically ugly and twisted but she still wouldn't let go of her hurt and she died in that state.

The full experience cannot be shown here adequately in words because it was a full body experience to the recipient. The facts of her world didn't change but the recipient was able to see the cycle of life turning, she knew that there was nothing she could do to change how her stalker felt, he had made his choice just like she had done as the old crone in her previous life.

Maybe one day her stalker would change his mind and make a different choice but she didn't need to be part of his experience anymore. She rarely sees the guy now although he still lives quite close and if she does it no longer has any effect on her. The unwanted communications have stopped.

She eventually realised that she was locked into a power struggle, he was hurt and wanted to humiliate and hurt her back whilst she was desperately trying to deal with her guilt and her own fear of humiliation. When the power struggle became so clear she was able to see her real choices, to stay in the power struggle with this man and continue trying to be the winner, or to let him have his last laugh whilst she walked away to freedom. She chose freedom.

This is what past life experiences give us, the peace of mind that comes from seeing all sides of the coin and experiencing them as just life time experiences, no drama, no ego trips just experiences.

Virtual Reality Experiences

It has been likened to choosing a virtual reality that you would like to experience to shed some light on a particular issue currently holding you back in life. You slip on a virtual reality suit and dive into the experience, knowing that somebody is holding you safely and lovingly to guide you to the significant events and then to bring you back to full understanding.

When we can view an issue from both sides it can bring us peace and that is one of the healing qualities of past life regression, as we have often already lived a life doing exactly what it is that we feel is being done to us.

Angels & Broomsticks!
Angels & Broomsticks! | Source

Are These Past Life Memories Real?

For some people this is the most important question. In my healing work I recognise that we can hold much more information, a more expanded awareness when we use symbology and so it is quite likely that our individual past life experiences which we recall are our own interpretation of a certain energy source but having said that everything which we “see” in our current lives is our own unique interpretation of a certain energy!

For me it’s not important to “prove” my past lives, I’m more interested in using the experiences I’ve gained to enhance my current life in ways which are important to me i.e. a peaceful, harmonious, joyful life being me.


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