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Pattern Exercising

Updated on June 22, 2010
Exercising As A Way Of Life
Exercising As A Way Of Life

Pattern Exercise of Choice

Which exercise would you prefer to do in short sets, about 3 - 5 times a day?

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Teach Your Body To Be Healthy On Its Own

Go ahead, buy those expensive contraptions off of infomercials, join fancy gyms for ludicrous money--as for me?  I plan on teaching my body to stay healthy gradually and more permanently.

Now, let me write my disclaimer that I am not knocking gyms, exercise equipment, or diets.  In fact, I think those are all still necessary or at least a good value added to our lives, but what Pattern Exercising emphasizes is teaching, or tricking, your body into staying healthy with a little effort every day.

Before our fancy technology (I love technology, seriously) mankind was forced to use their own bodies to get the job done.  Every day, a farmer would go out to the field and dig, pluck, lift, push, and squat to just tend his crops.  His daily "workout" wasn't a workout at all; he was just surviving.  To do the same type of physical workout in modern times, one must go to the gym and do deadlifts, squats, pushups, pullups, rows, and some cardio.  The historic farmer had no need of extra exercise to be in superb health--his body learned what was needed for his daily activity and accommodated him with needed muscle and stamina.

Pattern Exercising is about telling your body that you need more muscle and better stamina.  The modern day farmer uses machines and technology, so his body does not sculpt itself to what his predecessor's was like.  Yet, if we can trick our body into thinking that we needed more muscle, needed more endurance, needed more flexibility, then it would give us what we need and the gradual sculpting of our bodes would be a more lasting result than any crash diet or exercise program.

Pattern Exercise Results

Have you seen results using Pattern Exercising?

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How To Trick Our Bodies

As described in an article over at Ezinearticles (, the primary edict of Pattern Exercising is "a little at a time, many times a day."

  1. Choose an exercise that you like to do
  2. The exercise should not require any equipment (you should be able to do it anywhere)
  3. It is best if it works out your core (like push-ups, sit-ups, or squats)
  4. Set a schedule to do 1 set of the exercise 3 - 5 times throughout the day
  5. Spread it out...For example, when you wake up, at lunch, after work, before bed
  6. Push yourself enough to get your heart rate up each time, but don't go crazy
  7. Repeat this schedule every day to teach your body that you need these muscles and stamina

Is it really tricking our bodies? No, not really. We are really just doing what gym-buffs do, except they go 3 times a week and spend 3 hours each time, supplementing with protein shakes and such. I myself have occasionally gotten on the gym kick and mixed up a protein shake or two, so I am not really mocking this, but now with a baby and a busy lifestyle, I find myself in the gym less often and in my family room more often. Dropping down and doing 10 push-ups every 3 or 4 hours is the ideal fit for my life and I hope to see better results long term.

Equipment Isn't Evil

Just so you don't get the wrong impression--using exercise equipment isn't against the concept of Pattern Exercising.  It is just a matter of convenience that recommends picking exercises that do not require equipment.  If you decide on bicep curls as an exercise, you will get discouraged quickly since you will rarely have dumbbells on hand and you really cant do effective curls without weights of some sort (at least not in 10 reps or 30 seconds).

If you have push-up equipment (like Perfect Push-Ups), that is perfectly fine for use when you are doing Pattern Exercising at home.  Don't bring them with you to the office thinking you will use them there.  Push-Ups are a great exercise because you can do them effectively with or without equipment.  The same is true for other exercises like sit-ups and squats.

If you want to use equipment, go right ahead, but never tie yourself to it.

Let's Do It Together

Pattern Exercising is not a scientifically proven, lab crafted technique.  It is common sense exercise, empirically proven based upon the declining health of our advanced technological age. 

Nevertheless, it will take all of us to make this a good Hub and to make this a beneficial exercise.  Report your results in the comments section.  Let us know

  1. What exercise you are doing
  2. How many reps per set
  3. How many sets a day (when are you doing them too)
  4. How long have you been trying Pattern Exercising (in weeks)
  5. Results?
Have some input?  Think there is a better way to do it?  Share it with the community.  Use the polls to gives us feed back too.  This really should be Group Pattern Exercising; let's all get healthy together!


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