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Peace of Mind or Piece of Mind

Updated on April 1, 2019
Celso Cumayas profile image

Celso Cumayas is a graduate of Bachelor of Laws and Mechanical Engineering. He is a Conflict Management Consultant & Real Estate Management.

Peace of mind matters more over mere piece of mind.

Peace of mind is something you could not ask for more.
Peace of mind is something you could not ask for more.

What really matters to you, "peace of mind" or just a "piece of your mind?"

Peace of mind is more important than a mere piece of mind. This is especially true over your wealth coupled with a troubled mind due to health issues which money can no longer address or help.

"Life is difficult!", according to M.Scott Peck the author of the book "The Road Less Travelled". We are still privileged enough that even though we are poor but at least we are healthy. That already means a lot, compared to wealthy people but having health issues that even their wealth can no longer save their life. There are instances that even the air we breathe is free but to some extent, due to health reasons and other medical conditions, they have to spend money to pay the air stored in an oxygen tank. That's the irony of life - everything is fair when it comes to the two (2) constants, time and death.

More than anything else, your options will determine what future you'll have and your status in life. Your attitude will determine your altitude in life as well. If you figure yourself in a conflict, it's not only an unproductive conflict but also destructive. There'll be an absence of peace of mind in your life. Actually, having a conflict is not a problem. Conflict becomes a problem when it is poorly managed. When is a conflict considered unproductive? If and when it is physically, emotionally or socially destructive to you. However, because of basic human dynamics conflict is inevitable. Sad to say that 90% of the conflict is caused by the wrong tone of voice and 10% caused by a difference in opinion. So, as much as possible just managed your conflict peacefully to the extent that it will no longer become a problem in the future or pose as a threat of recurring. By then. you'll have peace of mind and not a piece of mind.

You may have all the money that the central bank or the federal reserve has, but without peace of mind, you may end up committing suicide. No wonder a lot of businessmen having experienced financial reverses tend to hold a piece of their mind instead of peace of mind settled no less than tying a knot at the end of their rope and hang on.

During my stint as a court mediator, I have handled a case in December 2010 with a Php 3,000,000.00 account portfolio - a bouncing check case which was successfully mediated and settled. The private complainant is very well-off and she almost has everything that her heart desires. However, there are really things that money cannot buy. She ended up wanting more to extend the life that she has been taking care of when she was diagnosed with having terminal cancer and was told to live in a month only by the attending physician.

To her shock, tears began to fall unnoticed. She started to think and figure out how is she going to spend the last 30 days of her life knowing that her wealth can no longer help her to save her life. She began to realize that timely medical intervention is no longer an available option. There is one thing that came across to her mind, she immediately goes to the chapel of the hospital and began to pray imploring help from one up above. As if she is going to personally file a Motion for Reconsideration not prepared by her lawyer but by her and not in a form of pleadings but in a form of prayers and the same not to be filed in court but to Him, God Almighty.

The dispositive portion of the pleading prays and reads as follows: "WHEREFORE, premises considered, I respectfully pray for the kind indulgence of the Lord God that I'd be given the privilege to extend my life span beyond a month with a peace of mind, with a promise and manifestation that from now on I will share all my blessings and wealth to those helpless and in need."

Upon hearing this testimony directly from her, the hair on my skin starts to move. Her conscious submission of herself to the jurisdiction of the Lord God saves her life beyond a month or two and a year or two. To this date, her fervent prayers are granted with a miracle and her Motion for Reconsideration was granted and approved without prejudice. She now lives happily with peace of mind with her family until now and continues doing charity and philanthropic works.

For her and to other similarly situated men and women, peace of mind is something that you could not ask for more.

© 2019 Celso Cumayas


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