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Peace within self

Updated on October 19, 2011

There is is much talk about heatlh and wellness. The mental health aspect is not given much focus, but who am I to speak aboout these issues.There is peace and happiness which first begins with a level of calm in the mind, many of us achieve that with a level of faith. We r part of a huge universe and for us to connect, that is achieve a perfect level of peace we are to be like an empty vessel in good working conditions of course, our bodies and mind need to be ready for the work ahead. Healthy body and mind. . Just allow loving nature to just fill us with all its beauty and glory.

There will always be struggles and trials, but we get strength from the beauty arround us, those we love, those who love us, thankfulness cause we have life, that we can appreciate with our eyes, ears to hear and all that we take for granted. Appreciate nature.

My friend used to compain about taking care of the home, the family and house chores this can be never ending and boring but guess what she came to the realization that she would have better control of feeding her family healthy foods, she would notice any irregularities by doing the dirty laundry, she is home to be intuned what goes on in the life of her children,including being updated on their school assigments. She wanted to get out to persue a finnancially rewarding career. Now she veiws her God given tasks as a vocation, building solid children who will help keep a harmonious balance of life in this world. Her blessings are many and comes in different formats because she is thanfull she can better understand her role in this life. She is more at peace with herself now.

Some may say life is rough and hard, if we dere to free our minds, from the bondage that imprisons us is a big step towards acheiving that peace. Do not alow our past to hold us back, look foward to tomorrow and embrace all the love and warmth that we are sure to attract.

Many days we wilI awake and its a hussle right away not much time to pray but remember to thank God for life. This life can be a hussle but with a desire to become the best persons that we can by learning ,leaving behind the undesirable and understanding we are not in total control. Yes we have liberties but there is also discipline. We can conquer, we can continue to live in peace. Upon this foundation , we can continue to consentrate on the physical things that we put into our system ,how much we exercise our muscles. How well we take care of these engines, our bodies.

We are part of a supernatural universe and we can connect best as we empty ourselves from the things that weigh us down, physically, mentally emmotionally. Let us be filled with the Great Spirit of love who has blessed us so abundantly. If we take the time to connect to him, with guidance from the Great ones who came before us we can acheive peace on this earth, amidst the noise and chaos.

After listening to many sisters and brothers in a recent forum, I have come to the conclusion that by giving love, and by that I mean just being the best you can in every situation, by doing what is in your guts to do, there is a level of peace that is received that peace allows for healing to take place inside. We all are victims of hurt and pain and express it differently. Only love and fear exists, if one cannot give of love there is a fear issue. Make peace with where you r now in this moment as you r reading here, accept you sistuation, accept that it is perfect, no matter what ur stuggle is. It is a perfect time for you to accept your situation. Make peace with your situation at this moment. It is only then that the necessary allignment can take place to allow you to propel foward. No one can do it for you but yourself and your faith. When you make peace you begin to open up to the lessons to be learnt and strength to be gained. Practice makes perfect!

When we are able to give love without attachment, that is of our selves and material things if necessary, then we are protected from being hurt. Alot of our hurt and pain comes from expectations that we dont receive from others.


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