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People Can Be Cruel

Updated on February 14, 2011

With Mark Twain being one of my favorite authors, it is no wonder that I have, like him, become more observant of human nature. Being in the grocery business, I have a grand opportunity to see and observe others from nearly every walk of life. I have seen people treat others in a very cruel way and found it odd that women seem to be much crueler than men.

I recently read an article on how people treat or mistreat each other, and found it interesting that some people actually enjoy being purposefully mean to others as some form of “control” over their potential adversaries. Being mean has its different degrees. It can range from hiding someone’s glasses to having their car towed for no go reason. It can even get worse, being completely up to the perpetrators imagination.

But the funniest example of how utterly cruel people can be was when I heard about a journalist that was writing about his fears and phobias. This person expressed that he had an innate fear of spiders and insects and a myriad of other creepy crawly things. Within a week, he had received hundreds of packages at his office, each containing some sort of insect or spider, and he even got a couple of snakes. I also learned that he had to take an FMLA leave of absence because of a possible nervous breakdown. And though it may be cruel of me to think that his predicament was humorous, I can’t help but think that even he will someday look back on that whole thing and have a good laugh.

So with that story being told, I feel that I should be honest here and admit to my own fears and phobias. Aside from being a tad claustrophobic, I have an incredible fear of money…cash especially. I can tolerate the presence of loose change, but I am deathly afraid of large amounts of cash, large bills especially, but a big wad of twenties has been known to throw me into a seizure. I can’t understand it; I have been that way since birth.

I try to keep an open mind about my fears, and I feel that facing your fears is the best way to overcome them.  So if any of you out there would like to test my theory and help me face my fears, please do so as soon as possible. Send all packages to: Del Banks, c/o Post Office General Delivery, Ball Ground, GA 30107


© 2011 by Del Banks


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