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People are too "angry".

Updated on August 29, 2014

There's always tomorrow

You need to set yourself free

There seem to be a lot of angry people in the world.

I know I have had my ups and downs, but basically overall, I am happy.

The best happiness that i learned about is happiness that doesn't help for you to depend on someone else to make you happy nor does any specific "thing" makes you happy.

It is true, that people and things can bring an "extra" happiness into your life, but if your constantly dependent on other people and things to fill yourself with happiness, then your really never going to have self satisfaction of real happiness.

If you ever notice in some of the poorest countries you see people smiling and they hardly have anything. They just keep smiling through all adversity and smile everyday.

Alot of people tend to get upset at other people's happiness.

In my own life I don't let things like that bother me, because if I did I wouldn't be going out and doing the things I wanted to do.

I learn to just shrug off things and I am just like, whatever.

Nothing stops me from doing things I love.

I think I have written before how much I like fitness centers, the mountains, the oceans, animals and other things so I don't let any negative person stop me from doing what I love.

I know that in loving what I do, people get angry and you know I think the best thing is to just wish people the best and pray that someday they too will truly be happy and content with themselves.

I am not going to stop doing things I love and loving what I do because it makes people upset, because these are the things that will always be part of my life.

When you "choose" to do the things you do and you pick a life that you want and your not happy with the results, you shouldn't take your anger out on other people because your failing to make yourself happy because you had the free will to pick your own life in the first place.

Change is always good and you can always change your way of life.

I like the free spirit that I am and maybe I don't know how much I really want to tame that free spirit I have inside of me.

You don't have to have "gold" to live a "golden" life or lifestyle.

Remember that your free will to do with your life is placed upon what your decision making is and sometimes some people just get stuck in which they will never get out of a life that they will indeed be miserable for the rest of their lives, hence they will always be angry at others that have something more than they have, "happiness".

People sometimes forget to breathe and take a step back and view the world.

We sometimes forget with being so busy of the beautiful wonderful things in this world.

Maybe the beautiful things in this world may just be tiny like sunsets and sunrises, campfires, oceans, mountains and other things.

We do forget the things that are already here that is free to look at and observe.

Sometimes we just need time to "stop" and just look without "talking" and just see for ourselves there is much to life.

The world is so very huge and not many people get to see a lot of the earth in their lifetime.

It is good to keep learning about history and to know that in learning history we don't want to do the mistakes of the past so that there might be a better future for all of us.

Maybe the world doesn't work as we here that we are all "one", because people may not be open enough to realize how big the universe really is.

There are billions of people on this planet and somehow or another we are indeed connected.

It is best to keep living the best way we could and that getting up every morning and realizing each day is just like they say a "gift". We should just accept the gift, and open it up and know that this "gift" is really precious to all of us.

We should use our "gift", our "present" that we receive in the morning and make the best every single day.

Some days maybe a little off than other days, but the ones that hit the bullseye that makes our days awesome are the ones that we are going to remember the most.

This gift, this present we can never give back so we have to try and use our present wisely everyday while we are here.

Maybe at first when we get our morning present, it maybe off and the day could be rough, but there is always tomorrow. Yes just like Annie said, "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, your always a day away".

You may never know that a bad morning could turn into a beautiful and terrific day with a great evening that would end really, really good.

Just sit back and wait, when your having a bad moment cause the next moment could end up flipping your frown upside down.

You can never tell which way your life may go, even if you have plans, sometimes you have to change them to pursue your dreams and your goals, in order for the plans to work.

Your goals, when reaching them believe it or not the path to get to them may not be the way you planned to reach them but does it really matter the way you obtain your goals as long as your goals are accomplished?

Never let anybody's else's unhappiness ever get to you and keep doing your thing.

You are the person that holds the key to your own happiness and never anyone else.

So don't worry about other people that aren't happy with themselves.

Well don't worry at all.

Just keep doing your thing and yes, everything always seem to workout.

Maybe they don't workout the way you thought the would.

But in the end, they always do.

Just be happy and just be you.


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