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Perfect Anti-Aging Workout Routine for Women

Updated on July 12, 2016

There is perhaps no one in this world who does not want to look younger than his/her actual age. Women try a lot of things to look younger, such as using anti-aging products, and taking an age resistant diet. However, it is also true that the best solution for aging could be following a workout routine. If a person is fit, he will look younger, and the regime will actually work as an anti-aging serum by boosting the process of collagen production from within.I am 34 years old and follow a regular workout plan. Believe me! I feel much energetic than many others of my age and also look much younger than my actual age.

The important thing is to know the best workout routines which can prevent the process of aging. That is why, I felt like sharing the secret of youth with my readers so that they can try these workouts and enjoy longer youth.

Anti-aging exercises for women

Here are some of the most important anti-aging workouts, which women should try to stay fit and also for maintaining a youthful look.

Cardio Exercises – Cardio is one of the best-known exercises that helps our body to respond in a positive manner. According to the U.S. guideline, a woman needs 150 minutes of cardio exercise in a week. This, however, can be stretched more, because if you wish to be younger, you will have to bank more on cardio.

This is more important for women above 40, because at that age, your estrogen levels fall, and you tend to gain more weight, especially around the middle part of the body. Cardio can help to a great extent for preventing the same. You can also follow an aerobics routine, six days a week, and it is important to push yourself as much as you can because that is helpful for losing weight. Also, take intervals in between, because taking intervals help in increasing the women’s ability to lose weight.

Strength Training Exercises – As the process of aging is continuous, it is important to understand that the process is also affecting the health of bones and muscles. With the growing age, bones and muscles of the body become frail. Thus, you can have more problems in your joints and other places, which will make you feel older. This is where sculpting or strength training comes to the rescue. Thus, you can try squats, but make sure you do them properly. You can grab two dumbbells and try squats with bicep curling, or you can do some pushups. You should do this exercise at least three days a week, and 20 minutes per day.

Use dumbbells of about 5 to 10 pounds of weight, especially initially, and increase the weight when you found it too easy to lift. Strength training is also good to change the expression of a few genes. If you follow resistance training for 26 weeks, you will be able to trick your tissues to behave in the same way when they used to act when you were younger.

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Even men can benefit from cardio and strength training exercises and can look much younger than their actual age. Also, it is advisable to cut on the consumption of alcohol as it is also known to be a significant factor in boosting up the process of aging.

Contrary to the popular perception, high-intensity activity is better for your health at the older age. For impact exercises, however, which increases your intensity, you also need to build bone density. Try stepping forcefully or jump if you want, however, be careful of your body weight and other factors too, and do not go insane.

We also need to manage stress that we are facing on a daily basis. Today's life is not only stressful but even the external environment of the present time is not favorable enough that is making us grow older at a faster pace. Pollution is hampering our environment on a daily basis and is affecting our lifestyle in a negative way. We actually need to deal with these challenges that are coming on our way every day to stay younger. Only a healthy diet and a perfect workout regime can help us to deal with this mess in a positive way.

Apart from physical exercises, there are other ways to look younger, such as anti-aging products! It might be a good idea to use them, such as the best anti wrinkle cream. Vitamin C serum for face or a hyaluronic acid serum can also be found easily on the market, and they can be used along with the exercises. Isn't it a great way to keep the signs of aging at bay?


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