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Perplexed? It is a sign of progress!

Updated on September 21, 2013

Problems confronted by ancient man!

When perplexed, we will explore new avenues!

From the beginning of civilization, man has confronted with many odds and problems in life. From the cave man to the modern man, every one is assailed by the problems. The problems with ancient civilization is 'survival' whereas in the present times, every man is facing multitudes of problems, most of which are only 'man made'.

It is normal for everyone to become perplexed when they are confronted with some problems! This sets him into thinking how to get over this problem? This is the first sign of progress. Yes, introspection is the first step. There is no easy way to solve the problems. Think over it but do not worry how this is going to end. Great innovations have happened before since problems are in place from ancient time.

As i have said, it is 'survival', for the primitive man. For survival, he needs food, water and shelter. Only after a lot of struggle, the primitive man got access to food. It was the period of 'hunting and gathering'. Those hunters risked their life to chase the animals for food. It was hot weather. Many dangers confronted him in the form of other ferocious animals. Hence, he had to save his skin and hunt the animals. Each such adventure gave him some new insight and he tried to avoid the known troubles that will meet him on the route. Of course, mankind has survived in spite of all odds. At that time, the population was negligible.

As man started settling as communities, new avenues were searched for survival. Man has learnt to cultivate crops and tended milch animals. When the struggles of the ancient people got reduced due to settlement as communities, he had to face some new problems due to higher population. He has to safeguard the land and houses, he has to save the grains for the rainy day and he has to search for fodder for the milk animals in the vicinity. As more and more communities started settling down, the demand for lands grew. Competitions started and resulted in altercations with the new communities. Law and Order problems arose from those times. Initially the elders guided the communities and each village or settlement had some henchman to deal with the problems of the community.

With more cluster of settlements, large land holders became the leaders and this eventually led to big towns and cities and finally shaped into rulers and kings. The kings needed army to guard their borders. Also to maintain law and order and to prevent thefts and other offences, police personnel were employed. When the territories grew, he needed ministers and a general to supervise various functions. The King started collecting taxes from the peasants and traders. Treasury system started for accounting the taxes and disbursing salaries. Thus the ancient civilization grew into the modern one.

Industrialization led to automation of key industries. Countries started flourishing. Different types of governments were tested as trial and error methods. When the Kings became dictators, people revolted against the king. The king had to employ 'body guards' for personal safety. He needed to spy the activities of disgruntled people lest his kingdom will be usurped in civil war.

Today, there are great strides of progress in each and every sphere of life. Technologies led to newer innovations. Communication technology in the past fifty years led to the boom of IT industries. They needed people with exceptional skills. The average man educated in general streams started struggling to eke out a living. This resulted in unemployment of many young people.The government could not accommodate all the candidates. Hence the unemployed youth were searching many other avenues for job.

Hence, the educated unemployed candidates faced lot of stress in day to day life. This led to tensions in many minds. When they were thus perplexed to find some other sources, some enterprising young men started their own business or establishment after getting loan from the banks etc., The government too encouraged 'entrepreneurs'. Many small scale industries with minimum capital has been founded.

Thus, the perplexions in each individual has acted as 'catalysts' for exploring newer venues to tide over the crisis. Had there been no problems to individuals, there won't be any progress at all. Each obstruction or problem has acted as a stepping stone for further progress in the life of individuals. Hence if you are perplexed, there is opportunity for progress!


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