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Perform the Ardha Chandrasana II Variation in Yoga

Updated on September 3, 2020

In Yoga, the Ardha Chandrasana is translated in English as the half moon pose.

In Yoga, the Ardha Chandrasana is translated in English as the half moon pose. The moon, which the name comes from is believed to play an important role in an individual’s life. Because Hatha Yoga focuses on both the sun and the moon as two vital elements in the body, it makes it much more important to utilize these energies to do good things for the body. As with every asana, stretching is essential. With the stretches involved in performing this asana, the body becomes healthier and a lot more agile. Stiff joints loosen up and the different muscles are strengthened. Proper digestion is facilitated and a lot of stress related problems are greatly eased as well. Although the Ardha Chandrasana is a pose that can suit anyone regardless of age, it is not recommended for people who are suffering from problems of the shoulders or the back. Here is how to perform the Ardha Chandrasana II Variation in yoga.

First step. Stand up straight with both feet together and your arms positioned on both sides of your body. As you breathe in, move both of your feet outwards, separating them from each other with a distance of about 4 feet.

Second step. Now lift up your arms to shoulder level, positioning them in such a manner that your palms are facing towards floor. Extend your arms to as far as they can go, allowing your shoulder blades to open up.

Third step. Breathe out while rotating both your right leg and foot towards the right direction. Use your hip as you rotate your left foot a little towards the right. Take in a deep breath and hold it.

Fourth step. As you breathe out, press downwards with both your right hand and foot. Stretch out your right leg to straighten it so that both are positioned firmly on the floor. While you are doing this, raise you left leg until it is aligned with your torso and slightly parallel to the ground.

Fifth step. Maintain this Ardha Chandrasana position for a few seconds before going into the variation. To do this, raise your right hand away from the floor, transferring your weight this time on your right leg. Position the palm of your right hand over your right thigh. Remain in this position for a minute or so, taking normal breaths as you do. Come out of the position by reversing the previous steps you took. Repeat the process on the other side of your body by switching the right with the left and vice-versa.

The Ardha Chandrasana is best done where there is a wall to provide a means of support especially for individuals who have stiff bodies. Blocks may also be utilized while performing this yoga pose. Other health benefits include relief from pain brought about by arthritis, proper blood circulation, maintaining the proper balance of the body, and renewed energy. It is also good for women who are pregnant, facilitating an easier childbirth process because the hips become more flexible and the body more pliant.


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