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Perscription Drug Abuse: A Informative Article, Guidance, and Help

Updated on July 21, 2020


Opioid addiction is still a big problem. It's 2020 and while the war on pain pills has worked, there's still a lot of abuse out there.

Men and women deal with opioid addiction in many ways and I won't judge what helps you or your loved one. Some can quit cold turkey, more power to you. Some people have shifted from pain pills to marijuana, data and studies have shown just how helpful marijuana can be. In fact, we're learning that cannabis has a lot of upside and for some, it's helping them.

What I've learned studying this for 10+ years, education and therapy are a big key to success. You can take a medication that helps, but without therapy and changing your mindset, it will be tough for you to stay sober.

Since we'll be focusing in on prescription drug abuse, I want to address every scenario possible.

For parents/family, prescription drug abuse is a disease. It has to be treated that way also. In this article, you will learn what to look for, what to expect, and what you need to do when it has gone too far. If you know someone that is addicted to pain medicine, you can follow the same guidance as parents. I will teach you what to look for and how you can get the individual help that he.she needs.

For friends, you care about your friend or you wouldn't be here doing your research. I recommend working with your friend's family, the spouse, mother, father, sibling, others that your friend cares about. Your friend is not in their right mindset, so don't be surprised if they say things to you for trying to help. They will deny your help again and again, until they're faced to hit rock bottom.

For addicts, the world may seem to be closing on you and this may be the reason you have found this article. Do not be scared to take this very important step. Your life can begin today. I know your pain and I know just how you feel. In this article, I am going to explain to you what you need to do to get your life back on track. We are going to find you the help you need and deserve. We all make mistakes and the first step is admitting that you need help with this problem, this disease.

To all, prescription abuse is a world wide epidemic that is continuing to grow with everyday that passes. You have to treat drug abuse as a disease. Why? Because it is! If you are willing to follow the guidance that I am going to give you, you will get control of your life back. Any addict knows, when you are on drugs, they run you. Your life revolves around them. Pay close attention at all the guidance that is given in this article.

Drug abuse can also lead to depression and other mental and physical issues. This is your chance to regain control of your life.
Drug abuse can also lead to depression and other mental and physical issues. This is your chance to regain control of your life.


In today's society, prescription pills are found everywhere. It is obvious that they come from doctors, but they are also brought into the country illegally also. There are many people that sell their prescription medicine for money. It is illegal, but it is true.

For example, in Mexico, they can be bought straight out of the pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor. The point is they are everywhere and very easy to get on the streets. Most addicts that have been abusing pain pills for years likely have a doctor that they go too. Others can buy it off the street with money. Women can get them for sex. I know this is graphic, but they are always going to be on the streets.

When you become an addict, it doesn't happen overnight. At first, someone will take one for whatever reason. More then likely, they will feel very good. They will begin to like that feeling and they will continue to take them. Very soon after, they will notice that one pill doesn't make them feel like they use too. They will then take two and the feeling returns and so on. At this time, the body is getting use to them and the addict is beginning to build a tolerance. It is just a natural reaction for the body.

After a few months of use, an addict will experience physical and emotional changes. Here are some signs to look for if you suspect someone is taking prescription pills.

  1. Mood Changes
  2. Lack Of Patience
  3. Become Angry or Violent
  4. Sudden Rage
  5. Isolation
  6. Spending All Their Money
  7. Trading Items
  8. Physical Changes To Body
  9. New Friends
  10. Skipping School/Doing Bad In School
  11. Multiple Phone Calls

In the first stages of addiction, an addict may become angry or violent quicker then they normally would. This is just a natural reaction when they don't have the medicine. They may become impatient in any event. They will usually experience sudden mood changes. It will be like there is something bothering them, such as general life. This is what they will want you to think, when in fact, it is because of drug abuse.

Some addicts will isolate themselves. They may being to spend a lot of time behind closed doors. This may be because they are shooting up pills or heroin. If you feel that they may be shooting drugs, make sure you check their arms, legs, groin area, around the neck, and feet. They can shoot the drug up anywhere a vein is.

For a parent, your child may ask for money a lot more or they may begin stealing it off of you. This usually means that they are using drugs. An addict will begin pawning off items or selling them also. They may be trading them off for drugs as well. Nearly any drug cost a considerate amount of money. Keeping an eye on how much money they have is the ideal thing to do.

You may notice changes to their appearance, such as black marks under the eyes or sudden loss of weight. This is almost always a sign of someone using drugs. If you have noticed this, take certain action immediately. You may also see them hanging out with new friends. You can observe their features also. With some people, it is very difficult to tell if they are doing drugs. You also don't want to accuse someone that is not. Addicts usually associate with others that do drugs. This is always true. Phone calls are almost certain to come. With technology as it is, texting and Facebook are also ways to communicate back and forth.

For parents, your child may begin doing bad in school or cutting school. Most parents know their children very well and should be able to pick up on their child's change of behavior or lifestyle. Be assertive and step in immediately if you feel that your child is abusing pain pills and heroin.

Here are some of the physical traits that addicts feel when they are in withdrawal. Withdrawal is the body's reaction to not having the pills or drugs they need. Once they are addicted, they eventually have to have the drugs everyday or they experience symptoms of withdrawal.

  1. Cold Sweats
  2. Vomiting
  3. Cold/Hot Feeling
  4. Restless Legs
  5. Headaches
  6. Stomach Pain
  7. Fever
  8. Diarrhea
  9. Back Pain
  10. Can't Sleep
  11. Can't Move
  12. No Energy

Once an addict is at this point in their life, there is only one way to make the severe pain stop immediately, taking the drug. Even if they go without the drug, it can take several days, weeks, and even months to feel better. But do know this, if an addict quits taking the drugs immediately, it can cause medical problems. Do not quit cold turkey. If an addict is in withdrawal and quits taking the drugs, it can even kill them. Make sure they are taken to the nearest emergency room.

Some addicts try to approach the "wing method", but this doesn't work. This is when an addict takes less then what he normally takes. It doesn't help and it only gives them a reason to keep taking the drugs.

When an addict is in withdrawal, they will literally feel like they are about to die. That is how bad the pain is. The pain is very severe. Touching them will hurt. At this point, there is an option. Read below to learn about it.


Addiction can happen to anyone of us. There is no particular reason why a person can become addicted to drugs. Many people have became addicted to pain pills by getting them from a doctor. They can accidentally become dependent on them without even knowing. It usually takes a few months to become addicted to them, but it can easily happen without the person really knowing. When you are prescribed pain medication, you have to make sure you take it as prescribed.

It usually takes a few months for addicts to experience physical pain from drug abuse. People that hasn't experienced withdrawal for themselves can never understand the immense physical pain an addict goes through when they go without the drug. Do understand, when an addict is at this state, interaction is the last thing that they want.

If you can catch someone in the early stages of addiction, the side effects may be much less compared to an addict that has been addicted to pain killers for years. For these addicts, it is much easier for them to quit taking the medication. Withdrawal is usually much less severe as well.

Pain medications have the power to change someone completely. It can change their entire life around in a very short time. Once the process begins, nothing matters but the pain pills. They will do anything that they can to get their medication. They can become very physical and emotional. They can have major mood swings and act out in rage. All of these are signs of an addict.

Once you have taken these pain pills for years, it can be very difficult to quit. An addict's mind is trained to live around the pills that he is addicted to. It honestly takes professional help for them to learn how to cope without pain pills in their life. Below is detailed directions on what you need to do and who you need to take your addict to. If you are an addict yourself, this is your way to a new start.

Suboxone is taking under the tongue as seen in the image. It comes in a tablet and film.
Suboxone is taking under the tongue as seen in the image. It comes in a tablet and film. | Source


Before Suboxone came out, Methadone was the counter drug of choice. After seeing what it has done to people, I promise, methadone is not the drug you need. Methadone is giving in a clinical setting and it is supervised. Still yet, methadone is very dangerous and it can cause many side effects to your body. I will not recommend it.

To everyone, Suboxone is the drug that all addicts need. Now listen, Suboxone is not trading one drug for another. Yes, it is a pill. Yes, the addict will feel a lot better when it is taken. Yes, it is abused. But, when taken correctly as prescribed, it will save and change your life. Addicts, when you begin taking Suboxone, your pain will go away within 30 minutes to an hour. Most doctors want you in withdrawal so they can supervise you while you take the Suboxone. With Suboxone, you put it under your tongue and it dissolves into the vein under your tongue and it enters the bloodstream.

Once you are on this medication, if you ever tried to take other pills, you will not feel the effects from them. Suboxone blocks your pain receptors. It will be all for nothing. But, Suboxone will take away your cravings for other drugs. It is the way it is designed. Once you are stable on the dosage of Suboxone, you will feel much better.

Now, Suboxone can only be prescribed by a Suboxone doctor. You can search online to find a doctor in your area. Even though the Suboxone does all the work, you still have to put in an effort yourself. It is absolutely necessary to see a physchiatrist that specializes in drug abuse. Without it, you will not get the full help that you need.

This is exactly why you have to understand that drug abuse is a disease. Since you have been an addict, your lifestyle has been different. Talking to a psychiatrist will help you deal with sobriety because you will be living a sober life. Things are going to change for you and the change can be difficult. I am no psychiatrist, but I can tell you what I learned while I was in treatment.

You can't hang around people that abuse drugs anymore. Anything that reminds you of abusing drugs needs to be eliminate from your life. The psychiatrist will tell you everything that you need to know when you begin going to them. It is absolutely crucial to your success. Without it, you will not get the proper help you need.

You have to avoid triggers. These are something in our lives that remind us of using drugs. For some, it may be a straw or a needle. It could be certain drinks, foods, or even people. You have to learn how to avoid these things in life. For example, if you know drugs are going to be at a party, don't go. You have to learn how to avoid these situations. As I stated before, you will learn all of this when you talk to a psychiatrist.

There are Suboxone clinics out there where you can find help. There are also doctors out there that treat patients in a office based setting. Most Suboxone doctors require you to see a psychiatrist, but some do not. It is very important for you to see one, whether required or not. It is absolutely crucial to your success.

Most doctors require you to have withdrawal symptoms before you can be treated. Some do not. If you are abusing Xanax or Valium, you will not be prescribed Suboxone. The mixture of the two drugs can cause death. If you are abusing downers, you need to quit them prior to seeing a doctor.

At this point and time, Suboxone comes in two forms, a tablet and film. There have been a lot of complaints about the strips because they are said to wear off quicker then the tablets. The Suboxone keeps you from experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It is normal to feel an energy boost from Suboxone when you first begin taking it. You may also experience trouble going to sleep and headaches.

It is very important to talk to a drug abuse psychiatrist. Suboxone alone will not cure you. It is the combination of the two that will help you regain control in your life.
It is very important to talk to a drug abuse psychiatrist. Suboxone alone will not cure you. It is the combination of the two that will help you regain control in your life. | Source
1215 Quarrier St Charleston, WV 25301:
1215 Quarrier St, Charleston, WV 25301, USA

get directions

CPG Inc. Dr. Ralph Smith and Dr. Chura Singh are two prescribing doctors that work at CPG. CPG offers help to addicts through their Suboxone program.


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