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Personal Development Plan Ideas

Updated on October 18, 2015
Success starts with a plan
Success starts with a plan

Your Personal Development Plan

Personal development plan refers to a process of creating a plan of action which is build up on one’s person values, interests, goal settings, awareness and reflection, also a plan for professional development in the context of career and education, both relations with people and self-improvement included.

A Personal development plan includes a person’s aspirations, competences, and strengths and weakness for completing the plan for self-development and it also about the career. It includes possible risks and opportunities, work positions, priorities of person’s lifestyle, etc.

We can say simply, that personal development plan is a timeframe plan of all that one person gathers through some period of life, such as skills, goals, objectives, or what is achieved and what needs more development to be achieved.

A Personal development plan can help you to:

- Get the directions of where you are and what you want – it increases your self – awareness

- Get to know your personal skills and experiences, strengths and weaknesses that you have, and to understand which one you need to get rid of, and which you need to achieve and work on their development

- Choosing the directions of your life path

- Keeping the wish and strength to achieve and accomplish every step from the plan

A Personal development plan can give you answers to some of the most controversial and hard questions, such as:

- What do I want from my life?

- What kind of person I want to be?

- Do I know and am I clear about my goals and achievements?

- Are my decisions right according to where I want to be?

Personal development plan can be individual or mentored process.

Personal development plan can be easy if you make it. You need to go through the plan steps and follow them. I will now present you a simple of step by step plan for personal development. You can use this and make the best out of you.

There is no other way.
There is no other way.

Your Steps

Step 1

Find out what are your priorities for personal development – what is your life purpose, such as, what you want to do, what is the meaning of your life, are you ready to work progressively on your personal life, what are your dreams - find the motivation and inspiration for your personal development

Step 2

Identify your opportunities for personal development - Do you believe that you can do it, what are your values and beliefs, what you stand for, how this plan for personal development will help to change your life.

Step 3

Create a plan – guideline of actions ( write down your targets – monitor and review them as you accomplish, one by one); write down the most important goals for different areas of your life and check their accomplishments at regular interval of time; personal development goals can refer to career, finances, physical/body achievements, personal improvements, social skills, etc.

Step 4

Monitor your process of personal development - current, wished and achieved ( completed ) goals and objectives - set up a plan for short term, medium and long term goals and objectives - this is a measurable characteristic of personal development plan that helps you see are you going on the right way and what have you accomplished in some period of time

Step 5

Evaluation - evaluate from time to time your personal development and performances - celebrate your success of completing the set goals and dreams

Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade

Tools Of The Trade

For planning your personal development you will need help and different tools, that will make it easier for you create the plan and to complete the goals you want. From different tools you can get ideas for how to work on your plan, so you can achieve every single target and dream.

Firstly, the important thing that you should consider helpful, is the event. Events are important for your career and education goals because you can improve yourself with attending different seminars, meetings, conferences for the areas in which you want to make progress.

Another thing is your own research. Find books, magazines, attend classes and find educational material from books or online reviews that will help you on your personal development plan.

Sometimes the personal development process is not individual. From time to time you will need some help and support from mentors and supporters, that will coach you on how much you need to work on yourself, will give you help and support when hard times come, and will celebrate when you accomplish every of your goal, target, objective or dream.

So, don’t wait anymore! Take this plan and write down where you are and where you want to be in two, three or five to ten years from now. Write the things you want to change and the thing you want to achieve. Give your best and work hard, the effort and time will be worth it.

A personal development plan is the right thing for everyone who wants to work on themselves, on their lifestyle and life goals. Don’t procrastinate though, if you don’t take action now then believe me, you will always look to put it off. You will gradually begin to see it as being unimportant and not worth while doing, but this is the greatest pitfall to success, in any endeavor! Failing to take immediate action even when you are not ready. People are constantly working it and working it, thinking about every way that it can go wrong, where it might not work, what may happen if it does work, stop thinking about it and just do it! Figure it out along the way and you will begin to learn so much more about yourself in the process.

Tony Robbins


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