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Personal Safety. Being prepared.

Updated on October 22, 2015

Personal Safety, Be Prepared

Always be Aware of Your Surroundings
Always be Aware of Your Surroundings | Source

Safety Awareness

YOU have taken the first step to being prepared. Knowing how to avoid potentially high risk situations is the first step in safety awareness.

Criminal Minds

Criminals will Always Pick Weaker Targets
Criminals will Always Pick Weaker Targets | Source

Criminal mind

In a criminals mind, there are two types of victims, hard targets and soft targets. A hard target does not look or behave like a victim. A soft target is a victim waiting to be targeted.In the broadest sense of the word, criminals think in terms of, survival of the fittest. They prey on the unprepared and whom they perceive to be the weak.

Here are a few Do's and Dont's

Be aware of your surroundings
Fight when running is an option
have an emergency number on speed dial
carry a lot of cash or valuables ( jewelry )
get to know your neighbours
walk alone in high risk areas
learn self defense
be predictable eg: jog the same path,
carry a personal safety device
park your car in a deserted location
Personal Safety Tips

Fox 40 Classic CMG (Cushioned Mouth Grip), Purple

Personal Safety

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Personal Safety Tips for Children.

  • Teach them to trust their instincts for trouble.
  • Do not talk to strangers.
  • Do not go out alone (day or night).
  • Insist your child tells you where they are going and with whom.
  • Enroll your child in self defense classes (it instills discipline and a faster reaction time in case of violence).
  • Openly teach your child about the dangerous posed by strangers.
  • Meet all your childrens friends.
  • Teach them to not open the door to anyone they do not know, but rather get an adult to open the door.
  • Teach them when in doubt run.
  • Have them memorize your phone number, work number, house address and work address.
  • Also teach them about places of safety, police station, hospitals, fire stations. In an emergency tell them walk in there and ask for help.
  • Give them some emergency cash, for phone calls or cab fare, explain what the emergency money is for. Check regularly that they still have it on them.
  • Get your child fingerprinted.(knock on wood I hope you never have to use them).
  • Take a photo of your child every 3 to 6 months.

Teach your child 2 code words

  • The first code word is to let you know they are in danger

(eg: if they are in party and do not feel safe, or if they are in the company of someone they want to get away from)

  • The second code word is to be said to them, to let them know the person saying it is trustworthy.

(eg: if there is an emergency and you ask someone to pick them up from school, that person would have to use the code word )

These code words are only to be used in emergencies.

Never leave your Drinks Unattended

Beware of Someone Spiking Your Drink
Beware of Someone Spiking Your Drink | Source

Do Not Park in Deserted Car Parks

Tips for Parking in Safe Locations
Tips for Parking in Safe Locations | Source

Personal Safety Tips for Adults.

  • Trust your Instincts. If you feel you are in being watched, or in danger, chances are you are right.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Make it a habit to always be aware of the people around you.
  • Learn self defense. Learning how to defend yourself is one of the most important things when it comes to personal safety.
  • Avoid withdrawing cash from an Automated teller machine at night.
  • When drinking in a club, watch your drink, don't leave your drink unattended.
  • If you like to exercise outdoors, find a partner or join a club.
  • Avoid dark empty lanes, car parks, anywhere where help would be hard to find.
  • Walk facing oncoming traffic.
  • Carry some form of safety device ( pepper spray, stun gun, personal alarm ).
  • Use your personal safety device as soon as you feel threatened. A personal alarm is what I recommend.
  • If you find yourself confronted by an opponent who wants to cause you harm, look for a way out, run, scream for help,try to attract as much attention to yourself as possible.
  • If a mugger has a weapon and you can get away with giving him your money, give it to him. Throw your wallet or bag in the opposite direction of where you plan to run. Most muggers just want your money.

I cannot stress this enough, every case of personal violence is different, these tips are designed to prepare you, but as different situations call for different responses be flexible. Your one and only aim is to get away with as little harm done to you as possible, use your own judgment to accomplish this goal.

Safety Tip For Joggers

Do Not Jog in a Deserted Park Alone
Do Not Jog in a Deserted Park Alone | Source

Lock Your Doors And Windows

Home Safety Tips
Home Safety Tips | Source

Tips for Home Safety

  • Never leave a spare key somewhere outside your home.
  • When you move into a new home change the locks on all the doors.
  • Use good quality dead bolt locks.
  • Get good door hinges, there is no point having a great lock with a flimsy door hinge.
  • Get an alarm installed, most importantly use it after it is installed. In many cases people get lazy and do not activate their home alarm systems.
  • Secure your windows.
  • Install a peephole.
  • do not open the door to stranger, even in uniform. Call their office to verify their identity.
  • Do not trust door chains, they are easily broken.
  • If you can afford it consult a security firm to advice you on how to make your home safer.

If you think someone has broken into your home, call the police tell them your address, who you are, how many of you are in the house, and how many intruders you think there are, do NOT hang up the phone, leave the line open so the police operator can hear what is happening. try to get away, run to the nearest safe location. If this is not an option. Lock yourself in a room with a sturdy door. Barricade the door. Do NOT try to confront the intruder.

Practice calling the police with a family member or friend (Do NOT practice by actually calling a police line), you would be surprised how many people panic and do not give the police the information they need.

Crime and You

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Going on Vacation

  • When going on vacation cancel your newspaper delivery, get neighbors to keep an eye on your house, don't leave a lot of cash and jewelry in your house while on vacation.
  • Make sure the garage is well secured if not, move valuable items, bicycle,and motorbike into your house while on holiday.
  • Get a friend to house sit.
  • Hire a professional house sitter.

Always make sure that your car doors are locked

Car security
Car security | Source

Car safety

  • Never leave your car doors unlocked, whether you are in the car or away from your car.
  • Always have your car keys in your hand before approaching your car.
  • Visually check your car interior before getting in.
  • If your car breaks down, stay in your car and call for help.
  • Never pickup a hitchhiker.

It is Time to Call the Police.

  • When you feel you are in danger or a crime is about to be committed against you.
  • When a crime has been committed.
  • If a crime was nearly committed against you, but you managed to get away without any harm coming to you,call the police. A crime unreported is a crime waiting to happen to the next innocent victim.

Assisting The Police

  • Find out about safety seminars organized by your local police dept.
  • Organize neighborhood watches and crime prevention rallies with the help of the police.
  • If you have been a victim or witness of a crime, take mental notes of important details.

Safety Tips Poster

A Short List of Essential Personal Safety Rules
A Short List of Essential Personal Safety Rules | Source

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