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Personal care during monsoon

Updated on August 7, 2015
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Safety during rainny season for you skin,

Wet and damp clothes and shoes breed fungal infection in fold area of our body such as armpits ,groin and between the toes .Good anti -fungal soap is the best remedy for such conditions in monsoons ,but these soaps have disadvantage of being dry in nature thus they dry our skin .so some people restrict its use to the fold areas

Staying dry is the best possible way to keep away from fungal infection .thus it is always advisable to carry a raincoat or an umbrella during rainy season as rains are mostly unpredictable ,it is always safe to keep spare pair of shoes and dress at your work place .

If in case you do not have a spare pair of shoes at your workplace ,it is good if we take out our shoes and socks as soon as we are at our desk and allow air to circulate .those who are prone to fungal infection can use medicated powder such as nycil or any other medicated powder to spray on to the infected area.

Athlete's foot is a bacterial and fungal infection affecting people whose feet stay wet and are exposed to dirty water .The skin turns whitish or greenish .It itches and there may be foul smelling discharge ,you can prevent this by washing your feet or hands thoroughly with hot water and medicated soap and then dry them well.

Scabies is another common infections that occurs during monsoons ,it is caused by mite infestation and is contagious ,if a body's itch intensifies at night and you may see red bumps or rash on your hands and wrists ,underarm ,abdomens groin and buttocks .in such cases rush to the medical help or dermatologist.

Moreover during rainy season we sweat profusely but the body is not exposed to air itchy pustules of prickly heat appears on the body,these boils are caused by bacterial infection in the root of our hair .Prickly heat could be controlled and soothed with liberal use of talc but we must be careful while using talc as it do has disadvantages to our health .An Indian herbal remedy of multhani meitti  paste(fullers earth )with water could be applied on the affected area .once the place having infection .becomes dry one can wash away the area with cold water

If you really take care of yourself then you should be ready to enjoy the fun in rain ..


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