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Personality vs medical doctors

Updated on May 11, 2010
One of the reasons I do things
One of the reasons I do things

My doctor has no personality, boy have I heard that one a hundred times. I sometimes wonder why a person would spend 8 years going to school to become doctor and not have any walking around sense.

Did you ever look on a web site and there is a hundred answers to your question in reference to a medical question. I know doctors are trained to address just a specific medical problem, its not he can just place a computer into a port like a mechanic does and bingo he knows whats wrong.

Let me ask you one thing he or she should know about being a doctor. If your going to a specialist who only works on one body part , you would think the doctor would have this area pretty much known. Not true though, now I may be wrong but if I can find out a problem with me having no medical experience how in the hell could a specialist not know.

Is there a level just above people where doctors place themselves so as not to mingle with the common folks. No, I don't think this could be possible they are people aren't they? Is medicine motivated by money, surly not why would these people spend so much time learning about us as humans not to treat us like humans. I guess my question is why do we have find out little things for our selves then tell the doctor about them first?

I really think its just a guessing game for them, now before you get your rear in a bind I know they are smart people and like to think of themselves just a step under God sometimes, but my life is simple I was taught to believe certain things and people when I was a kid, like Doctors they know all about your body and will fix you if you every get sick. Policeman you can always trust a policemen, son if you ever get lost find a nice policeman and he will bring you home. Teachers, we put the trust of our young impressionable children in the hands of teachers to teach our children Reading, Writing and Arithmetic don't you remember this as a young person.

I know the world seems to be upside down these days and no one cares about your problems. I would have you know that among the rank and file people there are problem solvers and problem makers. The problem makers are those that try to take over every known situation known to mankind and come off as the great fixer.

Problem solvers are a hand full of us who have spend a life time watching and quietly shutting off the switch when needed. And my point is, we as individuals must accept responsibility for all life around us and all problems around us.Get involved with and help with neighbor hood problems, community problems and be aware of the area around you and your children for there is no superman or mortal man who is all knowing and all seeing. Place your faith in God and your life in your hands, learn as much as you can.


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