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Phlebodium Aureum: The Tree of Life?

Updated on July 23, 2013

So Many Benefits

Since the dawn of man, there has been a quest for a magical plant that solves all of mankind's suffering and restores youth and vitality. One recognizes the need for such an herb whenever they see a once proud and productive human being that has fallen to the curse of an aging mind and body.

Obviously there is no plant or potion that can restore an elderly person into a teen ager overnight, but phlebodium aureum is a pretty good candidate for a miracle herb. This unassuming fern's chemistry carries the promise of controlling aging and illness in the skin, brain and immune system of human beings, tackling autoimmune diseases, and protecting people from the damaging rays of our sun.

In some cases, it can even reverse the damage that aging causes. Lets take a look at some of the miraculous achievments that this herb can claim.

In the skin:

Phlebodium Aureum has been proven as an effective treatment for psoraisis, vitiligo and ultraviolet light damage to the skin. It increases the integrity and structure of cell walls and, in the case of psoriasis, it actually regulates immune function and prevents the "building up" or thickening of the skin of the affected area. At low doses, when ingested, it provides protection from ultraviolet light, actually blocking its absorbtion. Essentially, it is a sunscreen that you can take as a capsule. At moderate doses, it prevents the skin from aging, but higher doses, even more magic happens. When used at high doses, Phlebodium actually causes a reverse in the loss of elastic fibers in the skin, thereby eliminating wrinkles and crow's feet. It even reverses some of the damage caused to the skin by ultraviolet radiation. Within six months of treatment, the skin has the elasticity of a very much younger and healthier person.

If this impresses you, read on.

In the brain:

Because of its photoprotective and anti-psoriasis properties, the plant was being administered to Alzheimer's patients in Spain as well as patients with senile dementia. A magical thing occurred: the patients' cognative ability actually improved as did their motor skills! Further studies revealed that the fern not only halts degeneration of brain cells and protected healthy ones, but it actually promotes repair of damaged brain cells!

In the Immune system:

Phlebodium is also an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulator, making it a powerful treatment against Lupus, Crohn's , Parkinson's disease or just about any other autoimmune disease. In the case of Lupus, for example, it not only regulates an over active immune system, but also prevents polymorphic light eruptions associated with the disease. It is effective as against inflamation by blocking the TNF-alpha mechanism as well. Beyond this, it is neuroprotective as well.

For cancer:

Several studies have shown this herb to be effective against tumors of various types, not only in their prevention, but in the elimination of them as well.

Historically, native cultures used the herb for many ailments, including liver/kidney infections, lung ailments, as an expectorant, blood detoxifier, digestion health and a general tonic. In essence, this humble fern which has been overlooked by western medicine for so long may be the one natural source for an entire medical revolution. As far as toxicity is concerned, there is none, it could be considered as a food source. The only identified problem with this herb is that it is a potentiator for digitalis and therefore should not be taken if you are currently taking this drug.

This herbal marvel is truly a miracle across the board and I have no doubt that we will be hearing a lot more about it in the years to come.


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