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Pimples In Mouth

Updated on February 8, 2011

Acne is something everyone wants to get rid of.  While you may be used to pimples on your face, if you begin to notice pimples in mouth you may be confused and worried.  Oral blemish formations are the most unattractive and uncomfortable type of pimple you can find.  If you find lesions in your mouth that resemble a pimple, you may suffer from pimples in mouth.  Because they are not as common as acne on the face a pimple in mouth can be misdiagnosed.  Understand how oral pimples are formed and how to treat these unflattering pimples to eliminate acne. 

What Causes Oral Acne?

Just like any other type of acne, these lesions are caused by clogged and infected pores that gather under the skin and become irritated and inflamed.  When a plug begins to form and the clog builds, a pimple will form.  While the mouth is not the most common place for pimples to form, some individuals with increase oil production will suffer from this type of acne.  

How to Treat Pimples in Mouth

Treating oral blemishes are much more difficult than treating blemishes formed on the face and the body. Because acne formations are in the mouth sufferers cannot use typically over-the-counter acne medication, such as a blemish cream or toning lotion, as these medications clearly state not to be ingested. If you are tempted to pop your internal oral pimples it is strongly recommended not to. The fingernails can open skin and caused bacteria to build up in the pimple. Because the mouth is a source for bacteria you could be making things worse by popping your pimples. Avoid constantly touching the blemish, as it will quickly spread if it is bothered.

One of the key ways to get rid of oral acne is to keep the area free of food particles and other things that will cause bacteria to spread. Prevent putting too much pressure on the blemish when you are brushing your teeth to ensure bacteria does not enter deep into the pores. Avoid using over-the-counter ointments that are not intended for oral use. Using hard items can worsen the problem and do more harm than good.  One option, although it may take some time to start working, is a product called Acnezine, as it cures acne from the inside out, and does not require any topical solution. While there really is no medication that can be applied directly to the sore it is recommended that you keep the area as clean as possible and blemishes should go away within 10 to 14 days if the area is kept clean.

If your sores and lesions spread and become worse it may be a good idea to consult a dermatologist for treatment options. Sores and lesions are painful and can affect your way of living. If you are suffering from these types of blemishes, cleanliness is the key. You must refrain from squeezing the pimples in hopes of popping them. Popping lesions in the mouth can cause serious infections. An oral pimple must be handled differently than any other form of acne on the face and the body. Do your research and find the most effective way to clean these lesions so they can heal.


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